About Us

Animaldome.com was started because of deep love for animals. We love animals, and we are assertive to learn more about animals, and share it with you through blogging!

We decided to build up this blog site about animals for us to share our knowledge about animals with you! Another goal of this website is to spread awareness of what is happening in the animal world today. Lastly, we also want to help people with their different pet problems!

Below is my picture and below my picture are the cute pictures of our pets! Check them out!

Heather B.

Heather is a facility manager for a local animal rescue. This is an animal rescue non-profit where that facilitates the adoption of animals by rescuing them from local kill shelters.

Rob B.

I’m the site manager and do volunteer work with A New Leash On Life in Huntsville, AL. Our youngest daughter is currently at UAH going for a Marine Biology degree, so we are heavily invested in the animal community. My passion started by growing up in South Florida where we both started with volunteering at the local manatee facilities in the area. Since then we have done quite a bit to help out local animal rescues and stay actively involved with the well-being of all animals.

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Meet The Zoo

Asul The White Cat

Yumi The Siamese Cat

Cookie the Boxer

Cookie the boxer

We fostered Cookie for two weeks before permanently adopting her. She has been a great companion to our other dog and cats.

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