Albino Ferrets: Why Choose One

Ferrets are quickly becoming one of the best choices when picking a new family pet. In addition to being highly interactive, ferret’s mesmerizing physical attractiveness makes it an irresistible companion pet. If you are looking for extra special color, an albino ferret might be the perfect option. Let us take a look at some facts about albino ferrets that can help you make the right decision.

Unique Look

What makes albino ferret unique is its distinguished pink nose, which truly separates it from commonly colored ferrets. In addition to their noses, albino ferrets can also be easily distinguished by its red eyes. Ferret lovers also consider albino ferrets easier to find especially in dark rooms or areas because of their white coating.

Morning Animal

If you are a morning person, an albino ferret can be a great companion pet for various activities such as jogging or running. Albino ferret is more active in the morning and prefers high energy activities during this time. After a few hours of tiring activities, expect your pet to take a quick noon nap to recharge its energy.

Highly Curious

Aside from being highly active, the albino ferret is also known to be very curious about everything in its surroundings. This is the reason why it needs a few hours each day outside from its cage to explore its environment. However, its high curiosity can sometimes become a problem when it starts to chew or nibble anything it can put in its mouth. To prevent this problem, you can train or teach your pet about what it can and can’t play with. It is also recommended to provide toys that it can nibble or chew instead of home items like furniture and fixtures.

Another solution is to fully ferret-proof your home. Aside from chewing, albino ferret also loves to dig and make burrowing holes. Sometimes, it will force its body into a small hole without fully knowing that it can sustain injuries. Certainly, ferret proofing your entire home is necessary to avoid injuries and accidents.

Just like with all animals, owning an albino ferret means having big responsibilities. Although there will be a lot of fun and memorable times, problems and issues will also arise. Below are some of the challenges you must face when caring for an albino pet.

Extra Maintenance

Because of its white coating, the albino ferret will be more prone to accumulating coating dirt. Add the fact that this animal is very active and loves to burrow its body on dirty holes, you will surely need more time to maintain proper grooming. Although you can bathe your pet, it is not recommended to do daily baths because it will make its skin drier. In addition, daily bathing, especially in very cold locations, can make your pet sick with common cold and fever.

The recommended way to keep your pet’s coating clean and free of germs is to use antibacterial wipes. If wipes are not available, you can opt for a soft cloth dumped in the lukewarm water. Make sure to wipe away dirt and germs all over the body especially on areas that are prone to parasite infection such as the spaces between the toes and area behind the head.

If you have money to spare, you can buy antibacterial spray or powder specifically made for ferrets. These effective products are readily available in local pet shops. If your pet develops skin allergies, immediately bring it to a vet to get proper treatment.

Health Issues

Although considered a very healthy animal, an albino ferret can be highly susceptible to various health issues including poor eyesight. Due to the fact that it has red eyes, many people give the incorrect notion that it is born with poor eyesight. The fact is, all ferrets will experience a detrition with their eyesight as they mature.

To minimize early eyesight deterioration, always make sure to feed your pet with high quality and clean meat. In addition, have your pet checked by a vet once or twice a year, or if you observe symptoms of any possible sickness.

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