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Can Giraffes Be Domesticated? (With Other Facts!)

by Rob Byron

Giraffes are one of the most interesting animals in the animal kingdom. Why? Because they are animals that have the longest necks, awesome personalities, and colorful tongues.

One of the common questions about giraffes is if they can be domesticated. So, can giraffes be tamed and live with humans? Let me give you an answer.

Can giraffes be domesticated? In the past, giraffes have been domesticated. However, in today’s world, there are many alternatives for giraffes. That is why we don’t bother to domesticate them. In simple words, giraffes can be domesticated, but there’s no reason for us to do so. 

However, there are other facts you can learn about giraffes. There are also other reasons why giraffes should not be domesticated. I am going to tell you the truth if giraffes are friendly to humans and if it’s possible to have one as a pet in your house. Also, we are going to answer various questions related to our subject. If you are ready, let’s go!

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Why Giraffes Should Not Be Domesticated?

Giraffes are great animals! Because of their large bodies, they might have a use for us humans if we domesticate them. However, as I have mentioned above, there are many better alternatives for giraffes. That is why we don’t try to domesticate them. If we will domesticate giraffes, what will be their purpose?

Humans only domesticate animals that have use and purpose. We don’t domesticate animals that are not calm-tempered and will not benefit us. 

Giraffes are docile animals. They aren’t exactly wild beasts that need to be tamed. Giraffes are not like lions, tigers, and bears. However, even though giraffes can be tamed effortlessly, we have no use for them. 

If we are going to domesticate giraffes as our transportation, it might be possible. However, we already have horses. Giraffes are not as fast as horses. This is why we humans prefer to ride on horses than riding a giraffe.

If there are no horses available, we have donkeys. There are better animals to use as transportation than giraffes. 

Giraffes have been domesticated 10,000 years ago. But in today’s world, there is no reason why we should domesticate giraffes because we have better alternatives available.

Also, if we are going to domesticate giraffes, it will be hard to build a house for them and to maintain them because they are high-maintenance animals that require lots of money.

The zoo is the only place that can maintain giraffes if we plan to domesticate them. In the zoo, they have lots of money and lots of equipment to maintain a pet giraffe.

However, except for entertainment, we have no reason why we should try to domesticate giraffes and let them live with us. Let’s just leave them alone in the jungle and not use them as a source of money.

Can Giraffes Be Tamed?

Yes! Giraffes can be tamed. They are docile animals, which means they are easily taught or handled. Giraffes are friendly and gentle animals, which is also the reason why we can tame them easily. 

However, even though giraffes are gentle giants, they are not always as graceful and docile as they appear. Giraffes have some dark sides too. If you threaten a giraffe, they might attack and throw a deathly kick at you.

They might have some angelic personalities, but they can unleash their dark sides too if someone threatens their lives. 

Can Giraffes Be Ridden?

No. Giraffes cannot be ridden like horses. The anatomy of giraffes is not very well suited to riding. Giraffes have a steep back with a bump right at the base of the neck. If you want to ride a giraffe, you have to use some specialized saddle so that you won’t slide off while riding. 

People can’t ride a wild giraffe because it would be dangerous. They also cannot ride even on a domesticated giraffe because it will be impossible. If you could tame a giraffe to mount the saddle, you would face a couple of problems. 

The first problem is their neck is so long. Which means their head is above you. So how can you put the bridle? The second problem is the back of a giraffe slope down towards its tail. If that’s the case, how can you put the saddle on them?

Why would humans want to ride a giraffe if there are better alternatives? Right? Giraffes are not for transportation, and they are not made for riding. We have horses, donkeys, and camels. These three animals are faster than giraffes and safer to ride on them, so why should we bother to try to ride a giraffe. Right? 

If you don’t believe me that you cannot ride a giraffe, why don’t try it for yourself? You could try it if you find a giraffe. But remember, if you fell off, the giraffe might kick you. However, I still don’t advise you to do it because it’s dangerous. 

Is It Possible To Have A Pet Giraffe?

Yes! It is possible to have a pet giraffe. However, you need to think about it first because it requires lots of money to maintain them. You need to have lots of money to give them a suitable and large house, their daily food,.and lots of money for their license. 

Only zoos and animal rescue places are allowed to have pet giraffes. Why? Because these places have lots of money to pay the needs of the giraffes and to pay the licenses needed to be permitted to have a pet giraffe.

For normal people, it would be impossible to have a pet giraffe. Giraffes are wild animals that require special needs that cost lots of money.

Like I have said above, you need to give them a large shelter with a high ceiling, and enough space for them to roam around. Also, the cost of their food is not like the cost of your dog’s food. 

Giraffes are not ideal pets because they are very high-maintenance animals. You can’t just keep a giraffe in your bungalow houses like your dogs and cats.

If you really want a pet or want a companion in your house, why don’t you buy a dog or a cat? These animals are great pets, and they are easy to maintain compared to a pet giraffe.

How Much Does A Giraffe Cost?

Buying a giraffe is not like buying a dog or a cat in a pet shop. You need to have a special license to be permitted to have one and that license costs tons of money. But if you are as rich as Elon Musk, maybe you can afford to have a pet giraffe. 

The cost of one healthy giraffe is $40,000-$80,000. This doesn’t include the cost of their foods, their house, their vitamins, and the license you need. 

If you really want to have a pet giraffe, you need to be as rich as the billionaires around the world. However, even the billionaires don’t think of buying a pet giraffe even though they have lots of money because it’s illogical to do so.

How Do Giraffes React Toward Humans?

Generally, if a giraffe was born in captivity and used to human interaction, they are more likely to be friendly and less aggressive toward humans. They became accustomed to being around humans. Unless they have a reason to be afraid, giraffes are gentle and loving animals. They are capable of being friendly to humans! 

Giraffes that are domesticated love to eat at the hands of little children. If humans have handled them regularly, we can touch them. However, giraffes can be dangerous too. Both giraffes living in the wild or captivity can be aggressive. 

Wild giraffes that are not used to human interaction are more dangerous to approach than domesticated giraffes. However, that doesn’t mean that the domesticated giraffes are a hundred percent safe. Domesticated giraffes can also be dangerous if not handled correctly or have been threatened. 

When giraffes have been frightened, they may feel the need to defend themselves. They defend by kicking the threat. Giraffes can give great harm, injury, and death when they defend themselves.

Mother giraffes are more aggressive, especially if she is with her calf. Domesticate or not, we should never approach a mother giraffe with her calf. 

So to make this clear, let me tell you a concise answer. Domesticated giraffes are more friendly and less aggressive to humans than wild giraffes. However, this doesn’t mean that domesticated giraffes won’t act aggressively. They will act aggressively if they’ve been frightened or threatened by humans. 

Do Giraffes Like To Be Touched?

Usually, giraffes don’t like to be touched. But if giraffes have been domesticated and used around humans, they will tolerate being touched. As long as you give a giraffe food, they are your best friend.  

Wild giraffes don’t like to be touched and most likely kick the human that touched them. If you try to approach a wild giraffe to touch it, they will often run and keep their distance away from you. If you chase them after they keep their distance away, they will run away fast or will kick you if you get too close. 

Final Thoughts

Giraffes can be domesticated, but there is no valid reason why we should pursue domestication. Some animals are better alternatives for giraffes. Let’s leave the giraffes alone in the jungle and work together to take care of this planet to preserve their species. 

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