Can Magpies Be Pets? Everything You Didn’t Know About Magpies

Are you living in Australia or the United Kingdom? If yes, are you wondering about getting a pet magpie? If yes is your answer again, you have to keep reading. 

We have gathered all the information that you need to know before you get a pet magpie and how can you maintain it once you have already decided to get one. We also included the supplies that you need for your pet magpie. But first, let us know if they are good pets.

Are Magpies good pets? Yes! In countries like Australia, Europe, and the United States, magpies are common pet birds. Magpies are good pets because they are social and intelligent birds. However, never take a wild magpie to keep it as a pet. It is not only dangerous but also cruel. 

Now that you know that magpies are good pets, let’s take a look at other important things that you need to know about pet magpies. We answer the most common questions of people about pet magpies the best we can.

Things To Consider Before Getting A Pet Magpie

Below are the different things that you should consider before buying a pet magpie:


Magpies need space like any other bird. Why do they need space? Because that space is where you will put their large cages. Four foot or larger cage is required for your pet magpies to feel comfortable.

Before getting a pet magpie, check first if you have enough space for their cage. Never get a magpie if you don’t have a space for their cage. They might feel uncomfortable living in a tight place.

Is It Legal?

Before you buy a pet magpie, be aware that in some areas it is illegal. Check your local area if it is legal to have a pet magpie at your house to avoid some charges and monetary fines. 

Never get a wild magpie that you saw on the streets. Doing this can be dangerous because wild magpies can hurt you. If you saw a baby magpie that has been abandoned by its parents, bring it to an animal shelter or else at your house.

Shiny Things

Do you have many shiny things at your house? If yes, make sure to keep it away from your pet magpie. Why? Because magpies are afraid of shiny things. Some people use glassware or other shiny things to prevent wild magpies into their gardens or crops. 

However, if you plan on keeping a magpie as a pet, then you should avoid buying shiny things or putting shiny things near them. Your pet magpie can get stressed if you let your shiny things hang around their cage.

Other Pets

Do you have any other pets, such as dogs or cats? If yes, you have to consider this too. If you have other pets, you have to make sure that the cage of your pet magpie cannot be reached by your other pets. Dogs and cats can eat a little bird, so keep your pets separated from your pet magpie. 

If you have other pet birds, it is not a good idea to keep your pet magpie with your other pet birds. Your pet magpie and your other birds might get stressed, fight all the time, and die inside the cage. Magpies should be put in a cage with their fellow magpies.


If you are planning to get a pet magpie, you have to ensure their safety. Put their cage away from your pet dogs or pet cats. Make sure also that your pet magpie’s cage is also away from little children. 

If you put your pet magpie outside the house, you have to make sure that their cage is very protected because other birds may come around and kill your pet magpie. Remember that prevention is better than cure. 


If you are going to have a pet magpie, you have to stay committed. Owning a pet requires commitment because pets are like human babies. You have to stay committed once you decide on having one.

Never get a pet magpie if you are not sure to commit yet. It will only be a waste of time, and your pet magpie will have a cruel life. It is better to let your pet magpie free rather than keeping it as a pet and abandoning it once you feel bored.


If you are getting a pet magpie, make sure you get a pair. Magpies also love to have attention. They are very social and love to interact with other magpies. If you are always away from home because of work, make sure you keep your magpie accompanied. 

They Have Strong Beak

Magpies have a strong and very sharp beak. If you want a pet magpie, you have to consider this as well. If you want to handle your magpie, make sure to have protected gloves to avoid them from swooping your hands.

Are Pet Magpies Safe?

Magpies can be pets. But not all magpies are safe for people, especially the wild magpies that live in outside trees. 

Magpies that live in the wild should not be kept as pets. You should avoid getting a wild magpie that you saw on the streets or parks. They will attack you, and it is very hard to catch a wild magpie. Lastly, it is illegal to get a wild magpie in some places.

When September arrives, the local government of Australia starts to warn people about swooping magpies because this is when female magpies start to lay eggs. During September to November, it is the time where magpies started to become like a missile. They hurt any people or other animals that enter their territory to protect their eggs. 

Magpies that have been raised around humans since birth are more tamed than wild magpies. They become more docile when they are kept as pets.

So in conclusion, pet magpies that have been raised since birth or kept as pets are safe, but wild magpies are not, and you should not attempt to get a wild magpie to make it as a pet.

What Supplies Do You Need For Your Pet Magpie?

Below is the list of things that you will need to keep your pet magpie safe and comfortable at your house:

  • Four-foot or larger birdcage
  • A house inside the cage where female magpies can lay eggs
  • Wooden Perches
  • Food 
  • Water bowl
  • Toys
  • First Aid
  • Tray for birdcage

Before you bring home your pet magpie home, you should set up the cage first. I suggest a bigger cage for your pet magpies, especially if you are going to get two or more magpies.

Magpies are social animals, and they need lots of attention. That is why I suggest you get a pair of magpies if you are planning to have a pet magpie so that they won’t feel lonely. Magpies love to play as well, so it is a good idea to buy them toys to keep them busy.  

You should also buy a wood perch for your pet magpie so that they can hang around and relax. Lastly, having a house or hiding area inside the cage of your pet magpie is essential because this is where they will hide when they feel scared or if the female magpie is ready to lay eggs.

Types Of Magpie That Can Be Pets

Can Magpies Be Pets

There are various types of magpies, and all of them can be pets. However, to give you a more specific answer, we listed below the four types of magpies that are good to be kept as pets. These four types of magpies are well-known for being great pet birds.

  1. Eurasian Magpie
    The Eurasian magpie is a common magpie that can be seen throughout the northern part of the Eurasian continent. They can be seen in any resident or park. Eurasian magpies can be a good pet bird.
  2. American Magpie
    The American magpies can be seen in many parts of the United States. There are many magpies in the United States, and the American magpie is the common type of magpie that can be seen in the United States. If you want to buy an American magpie, make sure that you buy a large cage because they are big. 
  3. Oriental Magpie Robin
    The oriental magpie robin is a medium-sized bird. They have a mix of white and black. The oriental magpie robin can be seen in Southern Asia, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan. They can also be seen in Southeast Asian countries. Oriental magpie robin is a great type of magpie that can be kept as a pet. They will sing to you every morning if you have one. 
  4. Azure-Winged Magpie
    The azure-winged magpie is very wary and cautious like crows. They are also related to the crow family. The azure-winged magpie has a similar size and shape as the Eurasian magpie. They are small magpies, and they can be great pet birds. 

Are Females Or Males Magpies Better Pets?

Magpies are social and intelligent animals. If you plan to have a pet magpie, you may be wondering what gender you will get. Should you get a female or male magpie?

Magpies are social animals, and they will not do well if they have been left alone inside the cage. If you are going to get a pet magpie, make sure that you buy a pair. Male and female magpies are best when bought together and put in the same cage. 

Never buy a pet magpie that is both males. They might fight over territory, food, and water inside the cage. If you already have a male magpie, make sure to buy a female magpie to keep your male magpie accompanied. 

Magpies can develop a lifelong friendship with their owners if they have been treated well by their humans. Like I have said, magpies are very social birds that love to be with other magpies and to be with their owners.

How Long Do Magpies Live?

The life expectancy of a pet magpie is between 25-30 years old. Some magpies can live over 30 years old, depending on their lifestyle and environment. 

Magpies that are living in the wild will live shorter than pet magpies. The reason for this is because the pet magpie is safe inside the cage, and their owners take good care of them. However, if the owner is abusive or irresponsible, the magpie may die earlier than wild magpies. 

Because magpies live long, you should expect that they will build a lifelong relationship with you and with their other fellow magpies. Pet magpies love to have a friendship with humans. However, wild magpies should be left alone because they are not used to human companionship.

What Should I Feed My Pet Magpie?

Wild magpies eat different foods in the wild such as grains, fruits, meat, insects, and vegetables. They also love to eat small rodents and frogs. Magpies are omnivorous birds, and it is very healthy for them to eat the food that they normally eat. 

When you are planning to keep a magpie as a pet, you have to make sure that they have a balanced diet. You need to feed this bird with foods that are nutritious for them. The foods I suggest are:

  • Dog biscuits
  • Small lean meat
  • Worms 
  • Dead frogs
  • Wild bird seed
  • Millet
  • Pet foods for birds
  • Berries and other fruits
  • Etc. 

Magpies will eat almost everything, because like I have said, they are omnivorous, which means that they eat both plants, fruits, and meats. 

However, there are still foods that you don’t want your pet magpie to eat because they are dangerous. The foods are:

  • Junk foods
  • Coffee
  • Candies
  • Bread
  • Sausage
  • Other preservative foods

How Old Should Kids Be To Keep A Pet Magpie?

Magpies are wild animals, and even though they can be good pets, children of a specific age should not keep a pet magpie. If you are a kid that wants to keep a pet magpie, ask for the permission of your parents first. 

Kids that are not responsible and mature enough can’t take care of a pet magpie. Magpies can be high-maintenance birds that need lots of attention and things to keep them healthy. Also, you need to have lots of money to maintain your pet magpie. That is why I do not recommend children to have a pet magpie unless their parents support them to have one. 

However, even though the parents support the children to have a pet magpie, the kids like you should make sure that you are going to be consistent and willing to put any amount of time in taking care of your pet magpie.

Should You Catch A Wild Magpie And Make It As Pet?

I know many of you want a pet magpie so much. However, you should never try to attempt to catch one, especially if it’s a wild magpie.

If you want to get a pet magpie, you should look for a legal breeder. The magpie that you will find in the wild may attack you and bring diseases into your household. They can infect you and your other pets if you have one.

I don’t recommend you to catch a wild magpie to make it as pets. I know that you are a pet lover, but you must leave the wild magpie alone. If you see magpies in your backyard, never catch them. Just give them food and water, and leave them where they are hanging out.

Alternative Pet Birds For Magpies

If you are not sure about getting a pet magpie, then we have some alternatives for you. If you love to have a pet bird at home that isn’t wild like magpies, these are the four bird breeds we suggest you get: 

  • Canaries
    The canaries are shy little birds that can be a great alternative for a magpie. They have charming chirps, and they love to interact with their owners. However, they don’t usually like to be handled. 
  • Parrots
    Parrots can be loud or quiet, depending on their personality. They can be good pets, and they can talk to you or imitate what you say, which is so much fun to hear. Parrots can be caged or not, as long as there are wooden perches they can step on.
  • Budgies
    Budgies are gentle and docile birds, which makes them a great alternative for magpies. They are very easy to tame, and they love being handled. Budgies have beautiful colors. If you are getting a budgie you have to make sure that you buy a pair to keep them accompanied.
  • Cockatiels
    Cockatiels are also gentle like the budgies. They are also affectionate, and they can fit in small houses or apartments. Cockatiels love to interact with their owners and other cockatiels. 
  • Finches
    Finches are not just a good alternative for magpies but parrot too. They are a perfect pet bird for owners that want to have a feathered pet but want low-maintenance birds only. Finches do not usually talk, but they are still friendly and energetic birds.

Final Verdict

Magpies can be a good pet. However, they still have some wild personalities that can be dangerous to owners that have no experience and too little kids. They can also be dangerous to your other pets. 

Before getting a pet magpie, make sure that you will be consistent and have enough money to maintain your pet magpie. If you think you can’t take care of a pet magpie, never get one in the first place because your magpie will feel miserable, and I think that they are better in the wild in this case.

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