Can Panthers Be Kept As Pets? 16 Impressive Panther Facts

There are many pictures of a black panthers with their owners on the internet. It looks like panthers are good pets because of these pictures. Do you think it is a good idea to keep panthers as pets?

However, It is illegal to have a panther as a pet in most countries. The reason why is that a panther is a dangerous and aggressive animal that can kill people and other pets. Only zoos and reservations can get permission to own a Panther. 

Below are the lists of very interesting facts about these awesome panthers. After reading these facts listed below, you will understand why it’s never a good idea to keep a Panther at your house and in the neighborhood.

Why Are Panthers Not Good Pets?

Many people wanted a pet panther because they think that it is a good idea to have one. They want a pet panther because panthers are inevitably cute while they are still a cub. However, people don’t know how dangerous panthers can be when they grow up. 

If you have managed to own a pet panther, this is still not a good idea. The reason why is that it will burn lots of your money from your bank account in maintaining a pet panther, and it can be dangerous for your family and loved ones.

Panthers are not like the house cats that you can give cheap food and shelter. They have lots of needs that only the jungle can provide. Yes, you can have these things as well, but keep in mind it can be expensive to do so.

A panther raised from birth by humans is considered tame, but keep in mind that it will always retain its wild instincts. That is why panthers cannot be trusted. It would take a hundred years and hundreds of panthers for them to be fully domesticated. 

So to make it clear, panthers are not great pets for three reasons: 

  • The first is they have many needs which can be expensive. 
  • The second is it’s illegal to keep one, and you may get monetary fines if they caught you. 
  • The third is because panthers are dangerous animals that can hurt people and other pets in your neighborhood. 

We have no reason for taming a wild animal. I think we humans should primarily try to preserve these animals than convert them into something they are not. Keeping a panther as a pet is a bad idea not only because it is hard to maintain them but because it’s also cruel.

Can You Train A Panther?

It is hard to train a pet panther. They can be tamed, but their wild instincts are still inside of them. Remember, those wild animals never listen to others. They only listen to their instincts. Yeah, sure, you can tame a panther for some time. But when you make one mistake and threaten them, they will act wild and can injure you. 

How Much Does A Panther Cost?

One panther can cost $900-$2500. The price depends on the size, gender and age of the panther. Yes, it may look cheap compared to other exotic animals. However, their needs are the ones that will burn your money down. 

Panthers have many needs. You need to buy tons of meat for their breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You need to buy a license so that you can legally keep them as pets. Also, you need to build them their own house. They can’t live in your home because it can be dangerous.

This is the main reason why you can only see a panther in the zoo. Zoos have lots of money, which is why they are capable of maintaining a pet panther. If you want to see a real-life panther, go to the zoo. Never think of getting one for the sake of seeing one. Zoo tickets are much cheaper than owning a panther.

Is It Legal To Own A Pet Panther?

You can own a pet panther if you have managed to get a permit to own one. However, even though you have managed to have a permit, you will never maintain or take care of them as the zoos and reservations do. 

In the United States, many states have laws that prohibit dangerous exotic animals, including the panthers. All you can do to have one is to get a permit from them. You can only have a permit if you have proven that you can maintain and take care of a pet panther. 

Usually, rich people and zoos are the only ones that can get a permit to own a pet panther. Why? Because they have lots of money, which means they can take good care of a pet panther.

How Dangerous Panthers Are?

Panthers can be dangerous if they are threatened. They can effortlessly slaughter a human being!

Panthers can kill buffalo and elephants. They have powerful bites, which can give you severe injuries and kill you. Yep, you could try running away from them, but Panthers can run faster than you!

How Fast Panthers Run?

Panthers can run up to 50 miles per hour for short periods. They have flexible spines enough to curve while they run, making it easy for them to hurtle around rocks, bushes, and other things blocking their way. 

Panthers can also shift directions effortlessly. That is why they can catch their prey that is running zigzags. You can never outrun a panther because they are inevitably fast!

How Powerful Is Their Bite?

Panthers have powerful bites like the other big cats in the wild. They are one of the scariest and deadliest predators in the jungle! 

Panthers are big cats that have a bite force of around 1,050 PSI. They have the same bite force as the tigers, and they bite twice as hard as the lions. That is why lions hunt in groups, while panthers prefer to hunt alone. 

Are Panthers Aggressive?

Panthers are intelligent animals that are rarely seen by people in the jungle. Why? Because these animals are quiet and cautious. Panthers are powerful, fearless, and aggressive animals feared by people and other prey in the wild.

Do Panthers Attack Humans?

There are no cases of panthers attacking humans. Panthers are afraid of humans, and they avoid humans. They will just run away if they see a human coming. However, if threatened, they will fight until death and can injure a human. 

What Do They Eat?

Panthers are carnivorous animals, which means they love to eat meat from other animals. 

Panthers will hunt and prey on lots of animals in the wild. They can eat a buffalo and an elephant too! Below is the list of their favorite animals to eat:

  • Deers
  • Pigs
  • Wild Hogs
  • Wild Boars
  • Rabbits
  • Dogs
  • Birds
  • Fish
  • Cattles
  • Antelopes
  • Reptiles
  • Impalas
  • Gazelles

Panthers are skilled killers. They have been taught by their parents before when they are still a cub. Panthers may consume 20 to 30 pounds of meat at one time. A mother panther that has cubs will eat more than that. 

Can Humans Eat Panther Meat?

Yes, you could. Our ancestors in the past usually eat the meat of panthers. 

However, in today’s world, you shouldn’t and you probably won’t find any restaurants that will serve panther meat. The reason why is because they are protected by laws. So you would be violating a law if you try to eat them. 

The taste of panther meat is not good. Most of the meat of the predators is not good because of the things they intake in their bodies. 

What Do Baby Panthers Look Like?

Panther cubs are born with their eyes closed. Black panther cubs are also born with eyes closed and covered with spotted gray fur. Panther cubs weigh about 450 to 1000 g. Below are the pictures of baby panthers of different colors. 

Can Panthers Be Pets
Can Panthers Be Pets

Yes, baby panthers are inevitably cute animals. However, this can’t be a reason for you to own one. Even though they are cute today, they will be dangerous in the future once they grow up.

Are Panthers An Endangered Species?

Yes! Black panthers are endangered species. Their population is shrinking along with their habitats. Florida panthers are also marked as endangered species. There are only a hundred panther species left in the wild. 

This is also one of the reasons why the governments prevent people from having a pet panther. Humans are the main threat to the survival of the panthers. 

Where Do They Live Naturally?

Black and white panthers usually live in tropical rainforests of South and Southeast Asia. They live in China, Burma, Nepal, South India, Indonesia, and the Southern part of Malaysia. 

The Florida Panthers live in Florida USA. They live in a warm climate habitat. Florida panthers can be seen in wetlands, swamps, upland forests, and where saw palmetto stands. 

Are Panthers Stronger Than Lions?

Lions can effortlessly kill a panther even though panthers have stronger bite force than lions if both of them are on the ground. But if there are trees around, panthers have a high chance to slaughter the lion. However, overall, lions will win if they fight one on one with a panther.

Alternative Pet For A Panther

There are cat breeds that can look like black panthers and are safer than panthers. The first type of cat that looks like a panther is the Bombay cat. Bombay cats look like black panthers, and they are both related because they are the same species. 

Below are the pictures of the Bombay cats: 

Can Panthers Be Pets

The second breed of cat that looks like a panther is the Burmese cat. Burmese cats can be colored brown, blue, chocolate, cream and brown, and chocolate and lilac tortie. 

Below are the pictures of a Burmese cat:

burmese cats

If you want to learn more about cats, check out our articles about cats here! I have two cats in my house which is why you can rely on me when it comes to cat topics!

Final Words

Panthers can be pets if you have managed to get a license permit. However, I still don’t support this kind of act. Wild animals deserve to be free in the wild. We humans should help each other to preserve these animals, not change them for who they are not. 

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