Can Scorpions Sting Themselves? This Is The Answer!

Scorpions are one of the most lethal animals in the world. They have tails that release a strong poison that can kill both humans and other animals. However, there is one question people ask in forums and social media. What is that question? The question is: Can scorpions sting themselves? Very good question, right? But what is the answer? Is it yes or no? 

Can scorpions sting themselves? Scorpions can indeed sting themselves since their tail is long enough to reach their head or other body parts. However, their poison does not affect them. Scorpions are immune to their own venom. That is why stinging themselves is useless. 

Today, we will talk about scorpions. I will give you the reasons why scorpions sting themselves and other various questions related to our subject. Now, if you are ready to learn more about scorpions, let us move on!

Can Scorpions Kill Themselves With Their Own Venom?

Like I have mentioned above, scorpions can sting themselves. Yes! It is possible since the tail of scorpions is long enough to reach their own body or head. However, can scorpions kill themselves with their own venom? Here is the concise answer!

The answer is no! Scorpions can’t kill themselves with their own venom or poison from their tail. Even though scorpions sting themselves twenty to three hundred times, they will still not faint or die. 

However, what we still don’t know is the reasons behind this kind of act. We still don’t know why scorpions sting themselves. Is it because of frustration or depression? Let us find out in our next subheading! 

Why Do Scorpions Sting Themselves?

Scorpions can really sting themselves since their tail is long enough to reach their body or head. However, this happens very rarely and the reason why it happens, which most people know, is false! 

This belief comes from an urban legend that affirms that when a scorpion is in danger, to avoid suffering or pain, scorpions sting themselves. It has real observations. However, the interpretation is still wrong.

Scorpions are poikilothermic, which means that they cannot regulate their temperature. That is why scorpions depend on the environment’s temperature. This is the reason why their bodies get hot and quickly dehydrated if they are surrounded by fire. 

When scorpions are surrounded by fire, their body gets hot and quickly dehydrates, which provokes frantic spasms and contractions of their tail. When you see this kind of activity, it seems that scorpions are stinging themselves. 

What really happens is that the raising of temperature provokes the denaturing and the coagulation of the proteins in the interior, provoking convulsions in their body, making their body in arch-shape, and finally dying. 

Also, the sting of scorpions cannot go through their hard shell even though there are chances scorpions sting themselves. Even though scorpions sting themselves accidentally, they are still immune to their own poison or venom.

Do Scorpions Kill Themselves In Fire?

No! This myth is not true! Scorpions don’t kill themselves in the fire. They don’t commit suicide to avoid the pain fire can cause them. However, the fire can kill a scorpion if they have been exposed to fire for lots of time.

Can Dead Scorpions Sting You?

Yes! However, not all species of scorpions can do that. Some species can sting you even though they are already dead. One of the species of scorpion that can sting you even if they are already dead is the bark scorpion. However, other species can still tend to sting you even though they are already dead.

Final Verdict

Scorpions can sting themselves since their tails are long enough to reach their body or head. However, even though their tail reached their body or head, they are immune from their venom and their shell is too hard for the sting to go through their body.

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