Do Cats Get Tired After Playing? The Truth!

Cats are one of the most active animals in the world. That is why many people love to keep one inside their lovely home. The reason why cats are very active or playful is because of their cousins in the wild. They got the attitude of being playful from lions, tigers, and other big cats out in the forest. However, even though cats are active or playful animals, do cats get tired after playing? Let us find out!

Do cats get tired after playing? Yes! Cats get tired after playing. Every living thing gets tired when they spend too much energy, except plants of course. Most living things that move get tired. That is why we need to eat and drink water. When cats get tired after playing, they usually stop for some time and rest, drink water, or eat food. 

When your pet cat gets tired after playing, let your cat rest. Your cat needs it after an exhausting playtime. Your cat can also get tired by playing with you, not just by playing with other cats. Obese or fat cats can get tired quickly after playing. That is why if you have a fat or obese cat, make sure not to play with it for a long time. When cats get tired after playing, they can get a heart attack if they are obese or not healthy. 

Today, we will talk about cats. We will discuss the signs for you to know if your pet cat is already tired from playing, what you should do when your pet cat gets tired after playing, and many more! This is based on research and my personal experience. If you want to learn more about cats, keep reading! 

Does Your Cat Get Tired After Playing?

Cats are playful creatures. However, cats may get tired after playing and it is completely normal. All living things that move and exert effort lose energy and get tired. That is why we have foods and water to intake so that when we get tired, we can recover easily. 

Cats also drink water and eat food. The reason why they do it is that they need it for them to move and live. When cats are tired after playing, they usually sleep or rest. Sometimes they go to their bowl and drink some water, while some cats eat food. 

In my personal experience, my pet cats do different things when they get tired after playing. Some of my cats rest and then play again after a few minutes of resting when they get tired after playing. But some of my cats play once a day. After the first session of playing, they usually sleep for hours and wake up just to eat food or drink water. 

It is very essential to leave some food and water in your cat’s bowl so that when your cat gets tired after playing, they can drink water or eat food immediately. Also, you must provide a comfortable bed for your pet cat so that when it decides to sleep after getting tired after playing, it can relax there. 

It is normal for your pet cats to play since this is their only way to practice or improve their hunting skills. Playing is inevitable and essential. We all played when we were young because playing teaches us how to socialize with others. Cats play to practice their hunting skills. We play for different reasons and these reasons are essential. 

So, you should never stop your pet cat from playing because you are afraid it might get tired after playing or because you don’t like them to ruin some of your things inside your house. When your cat does not play, it can get boring and get depressed. When it gets depressing, your pet cat can get some illnesses. 

How Can You Know If Your Cat Is Tired Of Playing?

Now that you know that your pet cat is capable of getting tired after playing, how can you know if your pet cat is tired of playing? What are the signs you must look for to know if your pet cat is already tired of playing? Here are the signs! These signs are based on my personal experience.

When Your Pet Cat Drink Water

The first sign that your pet cat is tired of playing is if you go to its water bowl and drink some water. We, living things, need water, even plants, for us to live and survive. We can live for some days without food but without water, we cannot. Your cat drinks water because it gets dehydrated after playing. Water helps your cat to become hydrated again and have the energy to play again.

When Your Pet Cat Stop Playing

The second sign that your pet cat is tired of playing is if your pet cat stops playing. If you are playing with your pet cat and it goes away from you, it does not mean that it gets boring or doesn’t like you. It just means that your pet cat is already tired. However, if your pet cat is playing with your other pet cat, it will walk away if it is already tired. 

Some cats get irritated when the other cat forces them to still play even though they are already tired. When this happens, you may hear some hissing sound from your tired cat. Hissing is one of their ways to say that “playtime is over. I am already tired”.  

When Your Pet Cat Rest Or Sleep

The last sign that your pet is tired of playing is if it goes away, isolates itself, and then sleeps or rest. When cats rest or sleep, they want to be alone. Yes, cats are friendly and social creatures. However, sometimes, cats also like to rest or sleep alone, especially if they get tired because of playing. You must not bother your pet cat when it sleeps or rests. This is their only way to get their energy back.

How Long Do Cats Play Before They Get Tired?

Now that you know the signs that your cat is tired of playing, how long do these signs show up? How long do cats usually play before they get tired and rest? Let me give you an answer. This answer is based on my experience and research. 

Cats that play for five to twenty minutes get tired. Cats are not like us human beings that play for hours! They only play for a few minutes then they go back to sleep or eat. However, they play many times a day. My cat usually plays at least five times a day for five to ten minutes per session. However, sometimes less than that, especially if my cats are sick. 

Can Your Cat Get Tired When Playing With You?

Yes! Your pet cat can get tired when playing with you, not just playing with other cats. Your cat will go away from you when they get tired of catching the laser pointer you bought or catching the toy mouse you bought. 

When you sense that your pet cat goes away from you after playing for some minutes, never prevent your pet cat. Your cat needs rest too. If you try to play with your cat even though your cat is already tired, it might get stressed and get fatigued.

Why Do Your Kittens Play Fight So Much?

Bigger cats don’t play too often but they still play. Kittens, on the other hand, play fight so much! However, why is this? The reason why your kittens fight so much is that kittens are still young and they need to practice their hunting skills. When they grow up, they will use everything they have learned from playing fighting. 

I have created an article about that. It explains broadly why your kittens play fight so much. You can check that article here

What Should You Do When Your Cat Gets Tired After Playing?

Let me give you a straight answer. Nothing. You should allow your pet cat to get its food or water when it gets tired from playing. Also, never interrupt your pet cat when it sleeps or rests after playing. 

However, if your cat got injured because of playing, this is where you need to act now. You must bring your cat to the vet immediately if the injuries are serious. But if there are no injuries yet and your cat just got tired because of playing, it is fine and you have nothing to worry about. 

Final Verdict

So, to conclude this article, cats do get tired after playing. When your cat gets tired after playing, your cat usually rests, sleeps, drinks water, or eats food. Your cat will play at least five to ten minutes before it gets tired from playing. When your cat gets tired after playing, you must not stop them from resting or doing other things to gain their energy back.

Marian Haaz
Marian is a cat adoption expert. She has rescued and adopted several cats herself and helped find homes for dozens of stray cats and dogs.
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