Do Scorpions Recognize Their Owners?

Having a scorpion pet is awesome! Even though they are not that cuddly, many people love to keep them for some subtle reasons. There is one question that bothers me about scorpions. What is that? I wonder if scorpions know how to recognize their owners. I got the answer using my research skills, and I will share it with you!

Do scorpions recognize their owners? No. scorpions do not recognize their owners. Scorpions have no brains. That is why they are not capable of recognizing their owners. Scorpions usually hide if their owners come near to their aquariums. However, it still depends on the species. Some species of scorpions are flighty, and some are not. 

There are other things you will learn from this article. I will answer various questions regarding our topic and list down the seven scorpion species that can be pets. Now, if you are ready to learn more about pet scorpions, let us proceed!

Can Pet Scorpions Feel Affection?

The straight answer to this question is no. Scorpions have no developed brains as other animals do. Scorpions are capable of feeling irritation, and they can know if they are damaged. However, they cannot suffer from that feeling because they don’t have emotions.

Because scorpions have no feelings, they never feel alone. Scorpions spend most of their time alone. They hunt, sleep, eat, drink, and die alone. That is why if you plan on getting a scorpion, you don’t have to worry if you will buy one or two scorpions because one is enough, and it will not get depressed.

Can Scorpions Be Tamed?

Many species have been domesticated through selective breeding. Honeybees and silk moths have been domesticated, so there is no surprise if it is possible to domesticate scorpions. 

Taming a scorpion seems to be an impossible task. However, in reality, we humans can domesticate scorpions, but it will be hard. We need to use our patience and time to tame a scorpion.

However, even though it is possible to domesticate scorpions, scorpions cannot be trusted a hundred percent as no animal truly is. Different species have different temperaments. Some are calmer, while some are aggressive. That is why taming may be easier or harder depending on those factors.

People look down on arthropods when it comes to intelligence. However, arthropods like scorpions can learn some simple skills, like knowing what is a threat and what is not in their environment. 

If you always handle your arthropods, it can cause stress. That is why if you want to tame a scorpion, you have to make the handling session short, not long to make your scorpion stress. Use protective gloves because they will surely sting you during the handling session. 

Once your pet scorpion has been tamed, the scorpion should be relaxed and willing to walk on your hands without running away, pinching, and stinging you. However, I would highly suggest that you should not try this with highly venomous scorpion species. 

Don’t worry because later on, I will list down the eight harmless scorpion species that you can keep inside your home. So keep reading!

Why Do People Keep Scorpions As Pets?

Lots of people around the world love to keep exotic pets, from pythons to tarantulas, and sometimes scorpions too. People love to keep these kinds of pets for so many reasons, which I don’t find rational. Yes, I don’t like keeping these kinds of pets because I am scared to get bitten. Anyways, let us move on. 

I ask one of my friends who has lots of exotic pets in their house. I asked him what his reason for keeping such pets. Then he said that he loves the thrill of it! According to statistics, it is the main reason why many people love to keep exotic pets like scorpions. They love thrills!

Owners often keep these pets in a small terrarium, which means an aquarium with no water. They will be kept inside the terrarium where owners can see what they are doing inside. Owners will sometimes take them out of their terrarium to stretch out their bodies and play with their owners. 

Some owners get addicted to collecting exotic pets. They get lots of it and keep it in a room full of terrariums. Like I have said, I am not a big fan of exotic pets because it scares me, and I don’t love this kind of thrill. Back to the question, let me give you a concise answer:

Why do people keep scorpions as pets? People keep scorpions as pets because they love thrills and collecting various exotic pet species. Scorpions are dangerous animals, especially if the species is immensely venomous, which gives people more thrills and excitement!

Readers that desire to keep an exotic pet should make sure that the laws in your current area permit people to have such pets. You may get monetary fines if you don’t know the rules or if you insist on keeping an exotic pet even if the laws say no. So be a mindful and compliant citizen!

However, not all owners get monetary fines for not abiding by the rules. Why? Because they have lots of money! Money will always find a way to obtain the pet of your choice! However, I still don’t recommend it because it is better to follow the law to avoid any possible accidents an exotic pet can cause. 

7 Scorpion Species That Can Be Pets

Scorpions can be great pets even if they may not look cuddly because they are indeed interesting pets. Scorpions are quiet, clean, and low maintenance. The scorpions you see in your neighbor’s or friend’s house are the species of scorpions that are not so dangerous. What are those species?

If you want to get a pet scorpion, look for these seven scorpion species. The scorpion species listed below are not so venomous and dangerous. Let us check them out! 

Emperor Scorpion

For new owners, emperor scorpion is what I recommend. In fact, this is the most universally recommended scorpion to keep as a pet. 

This scorpion is compliant, and its sting is not deadly like other scorpion species. Some owners said that emperor scorpions are more likely to hurt you with their claws than their sting. However, emperor scorpions don’t usually become aggressive unless they are threatened.

Tanzanian Red-Clawed Scorpion

The other best species of scorpion that can be pets are the Tanzanian red-clawed scorpions. They are from the same genus as the emperor scorpions. However, they are smaller.

Tanzanian red-clawed scorpions are more aggressive when compared to emperor scorpions. They also sting more! That is why this type of scorpion is not recommended for beginners. Even though they are aggressive, their sting is not dangerous and is only like a bee sting.

Malaysian Black Scorpion

The other scorpion species we will take a look at are the Malaysian black scorpions. They are large scorpions that are harder to find. 

Malaysian black scorpions are more aggressive than the emperor scorpions too, and not good for beginners. They will hurt their owners by using their claws most of the time than their tails. The venom of this scorpion is just mild that can cause localized pain and inflammation. 

Javanese Jungle Scorpion

Javanese jungle scorpions are native to Indonesia and can live up to between five to eight years in captivity. They are aggressive and territorial. Javanese jungle scorpions will most likely use their claws to protect themselves, and they also have mild venom. 

Another thing you will love about this scorpion is that they can be kept in groups. Owners that love to keep multiple scorpions should choose this species of scorpion. However, sometimes they might fight with each other. 

Desert Hairy Scorpion

Desert hairy scorpions live in the southwestern USA. They are nervous scorpions and will attack if threatened. The venom of desert hairy scorpions is more powerful compared to emperor scorpions. That is why they are not great for beginners too. 

The best setup for this scorpion is the dessert setup. You need sand to put inside their terrarium. You need to be creative to keep your desert hairy scorpion happy!

Large Clawed Scorpion

Large clawed scorpions also prefer to use their powerful claws for defending themselves from various threats. Their venom is mildly painful but not deadly. 

Large clawed scorpions are found from Northern Africa and the Middle East in deep burrows of wild deserts. Owners that want to keep this kind of scorpion should have the appropriate soil depth and moisture content. 

Asian Forest Scorpion

The Asian forest scorpion is also good for beginners, and they look like the emperor scorpion. However, they are slightly smaller. They are aggressive and territorial, and their sting is like the sting of a hornet. They also love to defend themselves using their claws. Asian forest scorpions can live up to eight years.

Final Verdict

Scorpions cannot recognize their owners. Different species of scorpion have different kinds of personalities. Some species are less flighty or friendly, while some are aggressive and will hide if they sense you will look at them inside their home. If you want to take care of a scorpion, consider the seven species we have listed above. These scorpions are less dangerous, and the majority of them are great for beginners.


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