Himalayan Cats & Shedding: Here’s What Exactly Will Happen

If you are considering getting a Himalayan cat you must be asking yourself: how much shedding to expect from this cat breed? Well, we are here to let you know and to give you facts only. 

How much do Himalayan cats shed? Himalayan cats can shed moderately but expect heavy shedding from them during spring and summer. When summer and spring have passed away, the Himalayan cats will grow their new coats. It happens during fall and winter to protect themselves from being cold. 

However, there is much more to tell you about this topic. Let’s get deeper about this topic!

Himalayan Cats Shedding Info

Himalayan Cats Shedding

Himalayan cat is a breed of a cat when a Siamese and Persian cat is combined. They were created by British cat breeders for over ten years.

Himalayan cats are easy to keep. They are lovable cats that love being quiet. Himalayan cats are quiet, but they are still energetic when playing. They are friendly to everyone that makes them easy to keep.

They are great for owners that love quiet and playful cats. However, one thing owners complain about this Himalayan cat is that they shed, and they shed heavily during summer and spring season, said the owners. 

Himalayan cats shed moderately, but when summer and spring come, they shed a lot. They shed a lot during these seasons to ready themselves for their new coats in the fall and winter seasons. Himalayan cats grow their new coats in winter and fall to protect themselves from cold.

If you want to keep your Himalayan cat’s hair off your couches, floors, and carpets, you have to brush them twice or thrice a week. It is impossible to avoid shedding on your Himalayan cats without doing nothing and being passive. 

Himalayan cat’s fur can get tangled, that is why brushing them is extremely important to remove their excess hairs that might get tangled as well. 

Himalayan cats have lots of furs, that is why they need to take a bath regularly to keep their coats clean. If you don’t want a messy cat roaming around your house, you have to take your Himalayan cats to shower every other day to keep their fur clean. 

Proper grooming is essential for this cat breed to make them clean as possible. You have to put time and effort into grooming your Himalayan cat to reduce their shedding and to avoid their fur from getting tangled, which is painful for them. 

Himalayan cats have the same thickness of fur as Persian cats. So it is possible to execute the grooming routine you use for your Himalayan cat to your Persian cat. 

My Himalayan Cat Is Shedding Too Much

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Himalayan cats normally shed, but they shed heavily during summer and spring to ready their new coat for the winter season. 

However, if you find your Himalayan cat shedding extensively even though it is not spring or summer yet, then there might be something wrong. 

Yes, Himalayan cats shed, but they do not shed a lot during the winter and fall season. That is why it is alarming to see your Himalayan cat heavily shedding even if it is not the season to shed that much yet.

It is very essential that you pay close attention to what is going on with your Himalayan cat because it is not normal to see them shed a lot during the winter and fall season.

Here are the common reasons why sometimes Himalayan cats start shedding more than usual, and the reason why they shed a lot even if it is not summer or spring yet.

  1. You give them low-quality food
    One reason why your Himalayan cat is shedding too much is that you give them low-quality food. They are like humans. When they don’t eat nutritious food, they will not be at their best and healthy state. Their body won’t function well including their hair.

    Foods that have low nutrients can lead to excessive shedding and fur loss of your Himalayan cat. Make sure that you buy the best food that has healthy nutrients for your Himalayan cat. 

    An easy solution for shedding due to low-quality food is to simply buy higher quality food for you. Choose a portion of food that promotes healthy skin and coat to avoid your Himalayan cat shedding excessively. 

  2. Your Himalayan cat has allergies and pests

    The second reason why your Himalayan cat excessively shed is that they have allergies. You should expect your Himalayan cat to shed twice a year to prepare their new coat for cold seasons. 

    If your Himalayan cat is heavily shedding outside of those seasons, they might have allergies. Like humans, Himalayan cats can experience seasonal allergies. The allergies that might trigger the allergy of your Himalayan cat are:

    • Pollen
    • Ragweed
    • Dust Mites

    Some skin allergies include: 

    • Rashes
    • Itchiness
    • Bald Spots

    To relieve your Himalayan cat of its allergies, you have to cover them with a warm, damp cloth over your cat’s body. Take your Himalayan cat to the vet if their seasonal allergies are severe.

    On the other hand, your Himalayan cat might excessively shed if they have parasites inside their body. Use a metal comb and special shampoos to help rid your Himalayan cat of their parasite friends.

  3. Your Himalayan cat is stressed

    The third reason why your Himalayan cat is shed excessively is that they are stressed. Like us humans, Himalayan cat’s bodies react differently to their environment and surroundings when they are stressed.

    When your Himalayan cat is stressed, they usually shed a lot. To make them less stressed put them in a safe and comfortable environment. Never put your Himalayan cat in a place where they will feel stressed and uncomfortable. 

    Besides shedding a lot, another sign that your Himalayan cat is stressed include: 

    • Hiding
    • Trembling
    • Acting Aggressively
  4. Your Himalayan cat is getting older

    Like us humans, when we grow old we lose our hair on our head. Same with the Himalayan cats, they shed a lot when they are getting older. Older cats will not be able to groom themselves well. 

    The Himalayan cat’s inability to groom themselves may result in shedding excessively. The best solution to avoid your old Himalayan cat from shedding excessively is to help them out. Comb their hair every day, and take them to bathe. 

  5. Your female Himalayan cat is pregnant

    The last reason why your Himalayan cat is shedding too much than usual is that they are pregnant. They have hormonal changes during their pregnancy. These hormonal changes can lead to shedding more than normal.

    If you have a female Himalayan cat, expect heavy shedding when they get pregnant. They will shed excessively on their belly due to the prominence of her nipples, which where her kittens will feed. 

How To Reduce Shedding Indoor?

If your Himalayan cat is shedding too much then it can be a headache, especially if they scatter their furs on your mattresses, floors, sofas, and carpets. It will be a lot of mess! So what should you do?

If your Himalayan cat is shedding too much than normal, it is a great idea to use a special shampoo to limit the amount of hair that ends up on your sofas, mattresses, floors, and carpets. Also, you can use a de-shedding tool to get the hairs outdoors or in the shower. 

Baby Himalayan Cat Shedding?

Himalayan Cats Shedding

When do Himalayan kittens start to shed? You should expect your Himalayan kitten to shed when they turn around five to six months. During that time, they change their kitten coat for an adult coat. 

When this time comes, you have to brush and groom your Himalayan cat daily. 

If you don’t groom them often, your Himalayan kitten’s hair will fall all over your furniture, carpets, and sofas. You need to have a good routine and schedule for brushing your Himalayan kitten so that they can get used to brushing because, during their first time, they might act scared. 

It is essential to teach your Himalayan cat that brushing the coat is a good thing and something you can enjoy together. 

Make sure that your Himalayan kitten will take a bath once or twice a week so that they won’t shed too much during their shedding season. When they grow up, make sure that you stick to their bath schedule because they will still shed, especially during summer and spring.

Get a de-shedding glove for your Himalayan kitten so that while showering, you can comb their hair as well. It will make your life much easier because you might struggle a little bit with your Himalayan kitten in the beginning when you first introduce them to the shower. 

You can also use the de-shedding glove on your matured cat that is shedding too much and if they act aggressively during bath time. It will also make your life easier when you are bathing a naughty cat.

Frequently Asked Question

Are Himalayan Cats Hypoallergenic?
Himalayan cats are not hypoallergenic. They have thick fur, and they shed moderately, spreading those allergens everywhere! Himalayan cats are not a good idea for cat lovers that have allergic reactions. 

Are Himalayan Cats Low-Maintenance Cats? 
Himalayan cats are not a low-maintenance cat. They have thick fur, and they shed moderately, and they can shed a lot during the summer season. If you are a cat lover that is looking for a low-maintenance cat, then Himalayan cats are not right for you. 

Final Thoughts

I hope you learned a lot, and you gathered all the information that you need to know about the Himalayan cat breed and shedding. 

I would like to say to all of you guys that wanted to keep a Himalayan cat that it is not that easy because of their shedding issues, and they are not hypoallergenic. 

You need to have patience and consistency if you want to have a Himalayan cat. They need extra care, and they need understanding as all pets need. 

You should brush your Himalayan cat if you want to keep the amount of cat hair falling from your cat at a minimum in your house. I wish you good luck, and I hope you can decide if you are going to get a Himalayan cat!

Marian Haaz
Marian is a cat adoption expert. She has rescued and adopted several cats herself and helped find homes for dozens of stray cats and dogs.
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