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How Strong Is An English Mastiff? (Bite Strength + Other Facts)

by Rob Byron

Do you have an English mastiff? Have you ever wondered how strong an English mastiff is? If you have an English mastiff, then probably you have some idea how strong they are. 

We researched everything about how strong the English mastiff is, and we added some more interesting facts about this powerful dog breed. 

How strong is an English mastiff? English mastiff is incredibly strong! They can bite with around 500 pounds of pressure, which is so painful to think! They are one of the toughest breeds of mastiff, and they are much stronger than the pit bulls and German shepherds.

Let’s take a look at some other facts about this English mastiff and more information about how strong and powerful they are! Let’s dive into it!

How Strong Is The Bite Of An English Mastiff?

English Mastiffs are gentle and loyal dogs, but it depends on how well they are trained and how often they socialize with other people and other dogs. 

Even though they can be friendly, they can still be dangerous, especially for strangers. Some people said that pit bulls are the strongest biters. However, the myth is not real. The pit bulls are not the strongest biters. 

An English mastiff will bite around 500 pounds of pressure. It is much stronger than the pit bulls and German shepherds. 

How Strong Is An English Mastiff

How Much Weight Can English Mastiff Pull?

The English mastiff is not only powerful when it comes to biting, but they also have a body that is strong enough to pull some weights. 

While I am browsing and researching, I found a forum where they talk about their English mastiffs. They brag about how much their English mastiffs can pull. That is why I have concluded how much weight can English mastiff pull.

How much weight can English mastiff pull? The English mastiff can pull 6900 pounds, which is 3130 kg. English mastiffs are inevitably powerful! Also, they have physique bodies that make it evident that they are capable of pulling such weight. 

Do English Mastiffs A Dangerous Breed?

The English mastiff is a very territorial breed of dog. They are powerful dogs that can weigh about 200 pounds. English mastiffs are also loyal and friendly to their owners, but they can be dangerous to strangers.

Are English mastiffs a dangerous breed? Yes, they can be menacing, especially for strangers. If the English mastiff lacks social life and training, they can act aggressively towards other people and dogs. There are reports between 1982 and 2014 that 28 attacks were resulting in five deaths. 

English mastiffs can be more dangerous than pit bulls, even though pit bulls are responsible for around 82% of all deaths from dog attacks in the United States. Why?

Because English mastiffs have a stronger bite than pit bulls and they are much larger than pit bulls. The only reason why there are less reported attacks of English mastiffs than pit bulls is that English mastiffs are much more patient than pit bulls. 

However, you still don’t want to mess with an English mastiff. English mastiffs will attack you if the English mastiff doesn’t know you and if they sense that you are a potential threat to them or their owners. 

Never approach an English mastiff unless you know them well and they know you well. They might go in a defensive or offensive mode any time to defend themselves and their owner. Also, they are territorial dogs so you never want to step on their territory unless you want to get bitten.

Where Are English Mastiffs Banned?

Even though English mastiffs can be friendly, they can still be perceived as dangerous dogs by some people because of the strength of their bites and because of their aggressive attitudes. They are banned from these locations because of some reports of kids and people getting bitten: 

English Mastiffs Are Banned In These locations:

  • Ireland
  • The British island territory of Bermuda
  • Some cities in Washington U.S 

How Strong Is An English Mastiff

English mastiffs are banned in few places only because even though they can be dangerous, they are not as vicious as pit bulls. 

However, some condos, apartments, villages, and cities might ban English mastiffs even though they are not banned in the whole country. 

Condos, cities, and apartments usually ban English mastiffs because of their large size. Most homeowners’ associations impose weight restrictions to keep large breeds of dogs out, including the English mastiffs. 

If you fail to comply with the places where English mastiffs are banned, they might charge you monetary fines. So before owning an English mastiff, make sure that they are not banned in the location where you live. 

Can A English Mastiff Kill A Wolf?

English mastiffs are inevitably powerful dogs, and they can attack anyone. They are large dogs and have powerful bite strength that can cause severe injuries. Also, English mastiffs can kill people, and there are few reports of English mastiff attacks that result in death. 

Can an English mastiff kill a wolf? Yes! There is a high chance where an English mastiff can kill a wolf, especially if they are trained dogs for hunting. They are strong, have a powerful bite, and are large dogs that make it easier for them to take down a wolf. 

However, English mastiffs that are not born for hunting cannot kill a wolf. Wolves are clever hunters, and they have big and strong teeth. I will bet on the wolf if the English mastiff is not trained to be a hunter and if the English mastiff was raised in a gentle and loving family. 

Also, even though there is a high chance that an English mastiff could kill a wolf, it will still be hard for them to execute it because wolves are much quicker than the English mastiffs. However, English mastiffs can use their strength to take down a wolf and their bite strength to injure the wolf. 

Do English Mastiffs Good Guard Dogs?

Before we dive into a conclusion, let’s first take a look at the various qualities people looking for to say that a dog is a good guard dog:

  • Easy to train
  • Have large Size
  • They are Smart
  • They are Obedient
  • Incredibly Fast
  • Strong
  • Aggressiveness 

How Strong Is An English Mastiff

Let’s check if the English mastiff passes the various qualities that most people are looking for, to say that a dog is a good guard dog. 

Are English mastiffs easy to train? English mastiffs are dogs that can be trained easily like any other dog. They are intelligent, and they can learn fast. Like any other dogs, English mastiffs should be given a reward during training. Rewarding them works well and effectively. 

English mastiff is one of the largest dog breeds. They can grow up to 30 inches, and they can weigh as much as 250 pounds. English mastiff holds the record for the heaviest dog breed. 

Are English mastiffs intelligent? English mastiffs are intelligent, and they want to please their owners. However, even though they are smart, they can be stubborn sometimes. That is why people prefer to train English mastiffs while they are still young. 

English mastiffs are good, loyal, and obedient dogs. They will follow every lead of their owner because they are very obedient. However, owners must command their English mastiffs carefully and calmly. 

English mastiffs are large dogs, and they have robust bodies. They do not run fast enough, which is their weakness. Even though they are tough and smart, they are not as fast as the german shepherds. 

Like I have said, English mastiffs are strong dogs, and they have robust bodies. Yes, they are strong, and they can effortlessly take down any dog. 

If you want the best guard dog, you have to make sure that the dog is aggressive but built-in balance. English mastiffs are aggressive dogs when needed, especially if they sense danger. 

So, are English mastiffs good guard dogs? Yes! English mastiffs can be good guard dogs if they have been trained when they are young. They are capable of learning different guard dogs tactics because of their intelligence. They are tough, aggressive, and obedient dogs that makes them effective guard dogs.

English mastiffs are more effective as watchdogs than guard dogs. They have loud barks that scare intruders or other people. They do this to tell the intruders that they are not accepted on their territory.

As I have said above, English mastiffs are territorial, and they will heavily guard their territory, which is why they are great watchdogs.

Will English Mastiffs Protect Their Owners?

English mastiffs are loyal, gentle, and compassionate dogs, even though they can be aggressive sometimes. However, I don’t believe some people that are saying that English mastiffs are dangerous. Why?

Because English mastiffs are one of the best loyal dogs! I have seen many English mastiffs from my friends and strangers, and they don’t attack me even if I tried to hold them. 

English mastiffs can be too aggressive and will attack strangers often if they have not been exposed to people or other dogs. 

Remember that English mastiffs are naturally aggressive and territorial. That is why even though they have been exposed to people, they can still act aggressively if they feel some threat for themselves and their owners, and if someone enters their territory.

They love their owners, which is why they need to act aggressively to protect their owners.

So will English mastiffs protect their owners? Yes! English mastiffs will protect their owners if they feel some threat to their owners. However, they will not typically protect their owners by attacking.

English mastiffs will usually impose their body between their owner and the stranger, and they will bark to scare the stranger away. 

Final Thoughts

English mastiffs are inevitably tough. They have strong bite force, and they have robust bodies that are capable of pulling heavyweights. Even though they look intimidating or scary, English mastiffs are good, loyal, and gentle dogs. You have to make sure that you put time and effort into training them so that your English mastiff will not act aggressively all the time. 

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