How Strong Is A Tibetan Mastiff? ( Bite And Pull Strength + Other Facts)

Have you ever seen a Tibetan mastiff? If yes, then probably you know how big they are and how adorable they may seem. 

But aside from being adorable and being cute, Tibetan mastiffs can be a monster and dangerous. Tibetan mastiffs are savage dogs that are hiding behind their cute masks. They have a powerful physique body and large teeth. 

How strong is a Tibetan mastiff? Tibetan mastiffs are more powerful than Pitbulls and German shepherds, and they can bite around 500 to 550 pounds of pressure. Tibetan mastiffs can be dangerous to humans and other small breeds of dogs. 

However, there is much more to learn about these cute huge dogs about how strong they are. There are also many misconceptions about the Tibetan mastiff, and we are here to tell you what it is!.

Let’s jump right into it!

How Strong Is A Tibetan Mastiff Bite?

How Strong Is A Tibetan Mastiff?

Tibetan mastiffs are tough and big dogs that have stronger bites than any other dogs. Some people said that pit bulls and German shepherds are the aces when it comes to strong biting force. 

However, they are all wrong! Tibetan mastiffs are stronger in all aspects than those two types of dogs. They have a strong bite force, and a tough muscular body makes them capable of pulling large weights.

A Tibetan mastiff will bite around 500-550 pounds of pressure, which is more than an average dog bite, and more than the Pitbulls and German shepherds.

Tibetan mastiffs are strong biters, and it was proven that they are much stronger than the Pitbulls even if the Pitbulls have the locking jaw system.

How Much Can A Tibetan Mastiff Pull?

Tibetan mastiffs not only have a strong bite force, but they also have the muscular strength to become fully capable of pulling heavyweights. 

They are big dogs, and they grow larger and larger while their age is increasing. The older they are, the larger they become. However, old Tibetan mastiffs are less active than young, fully grown Tibetan mastiffs.

How much weight can a Tibetan mastiff pull? The Tibetan mastiff can pull an average of 390 pounds. Bigger and stronger Tibetan mastiffs can pull weight over 7000 pounds which is 3175kg! However, some people claim that Tibetan mastiffs can pull more than 8000 pounds.

This shows that Tibetan mastiffs are powerful dogs in the world! Well, it is not quite surprising because if you will check on google the pictures of fully grown Tibetan mastiffs, you will know why they are powerful dogs. 

How Big Does A Tibetan Mastiff Get?

The Tibetan mastiff can grow huge depending on their age. They look adorable while they are little. But when they grew up they became more intimidating and scary for other people. 

However, even though they can grow as large as a lion, they are still considered good pets if they have been trained while young.

So, how big does a Tibetan mastiff get? A male Tibetan mastiff can grow at least 26 inches tall and can weigh between 100 to 180 pounds. While a female Tibetan mastiff can grow at least 24 inches and can weigh between 70 to 130 pounds.

They look huger because of their thick fur. Sometimes people think that Tibetan mastiffs have a relationship with a bear because they look like a bear when they are full grown.

Are Tibetan Mastiffs Dangerous?

Tibetan mastiffs grow taller than any other dogs. They have sturdy and thick coats that make them look bigger and powerful than a lion. Yes, Tibetan mastiffs can be cute when they are young. However, they may be dangerous to people, especially strangers that they don’t know. 

Are Tibetan mastiffs dangerous? The short answer is yes. Tibetan mastiffs can be highly dangerous and ferocious dogs. They are also territorial, which is why it is not a good idea to enter their personal space if you have no relationship with them.

You don’t want to mess up with this big fellas unless you want to get bitten. If they sense harm or threat, they will most likely attack. However, Tibetan mastiffs usually play in defense mode rather than offense mode, but they can still be on attack mode if you invade their space. 

Tibetan mastiffs also have a sense of humor personality, and they are also loyal, compassionate, and they can show affection to their owners. However, they can be a complicated breed, and they have strong compulsions to protect their families and loved ones. 

Tibetan mastiffs are intelligent dogs with strong self-awareness. They are powerful protectors which makes them dangerous to strangers or animals that look like an intruder or a threat. If they feel that their families are in trouble, they will do everything to protect their families. 

Tibetan mastiffs are also developed for working purposes because of their strength. They are strong-willed, self-reliant, and tough dogs that demand respect and will most likely take control of everything by themselves. 

Tibetan mastiffs are not like any other dogs that are dependent on humans. They are responsible like cats, but they are as playful and ferocious as any other dogs. 

So if your neighbor has a Tibetan mastiff, you have to make sure that you don’t enter their personal space to avoid getting bitten. 

How Strong Is A Tibetan Mastiff?

Where Are Tibetan Mastiffs Banned?

The Tibetan mastiffs are banned in some countries and places because they can be dangerous to children and people. Also, Tibetan mastiffs are prohibited because there are many stories where people are getting bitten. 

Tibetan mastiffs are banned in these countries:

  • Malaysia
  • Maldives
  • Bermuda Islands
  • Australia
  • France
  • Some parts of the U.S

However, even though some countries don’t ban Tibetan mastiffs, various locations like condos and apartments can ban Tibetan mastiffs for several reasons. 

Tibetan mastiffs are big dogs, and they are too loud. Places that have many people living bans Tibetan mastiffs because they can disturb the peoples living in that certain place. 

Also, some places ban Tibetan mastiffs because they can be dangerous to humans and children. There are cases reported that happen occasionally where people are getting bitten by Tibetan mastiffs. 

So before getting a Tibetan mastiff, make sure that your local area allows people to have one. Ask someone around you who is already living there for a long time if it is legal to own a Tibetan mastiff to avoid charges and monetary fines. 

These Are The Animals That Peoples Says Tibetan Mastiff Can Kill

Because Tibetan mastiffs are so powerful and huger, they are often compared with other large and wild animals. Let’s talk about it, and let’s compare the Tibetan mastiffs to these five wild and large animals. 

Can Tibetan Mastiff Kill A Lion?

Lions are big and powerful animals, and they are naturally born hunters. While the Tibetan mastiffs are also huge, they are not bigger than lions. Tibetan mastiffs are not hunters, but they are workers. 

Can a Tibetan mastiff kill a lion? The answer to this is no. Tibetan mastiffs cannot kill a lion because they have no match with the strength of the lion. Also, lions are bigger than Tibetan mastiffs, which makes them effortlessly take down the Tibetan mastiff. 

However, even though Tibetan mastiffs have no chance of beating a lion, they will still fight with the lion especially if the lion wants to eat them. But if there are three or four Tibetan mastiffs that plan to take down one lion, then the lion has no match.

Can Tibetan Mastiff Kill A Wolf?

Now let us try to compare if the Tibetan mastiff can kill the wolf. 

Wolves are naturally born predators, and they kill to survive. They are naturally born to hunt and to fight. While the Tibetan mastiffs are domesticated animals that are usually used for work and for guarding a house. 

Tibetan mastiffs can grow up to 26 inches, while the wolves can grow up to 30 inches. The gap between their lengths is almost the same. However, wolves still have more fighting skills than Tibetan mastiffs. 

So can a Tibetan mastiff kill a wolf? Possibly. There is a possible chance that a Tibetan mastiff can kill a wolf depending on the situation, the current status of the animals, and the scenario where they meet. If the Tibetan mastiff was raised in the wild, then there is a high chance he can kill a wolf. 

Can Tibetan Mastiff Kill A Pitbull?

Like I have said above, Pitbulls have weaker bite force compared to Tibetan mastiffs. Also, Pitbulls are smaller than the Tibetan mastiffs. However, both breeds of dogs have a fighting mechanism to defend themselves. So who will win?

Can a Tibetan mastiff kill a pitbull? In my personal opinion and based on their characteristics, I would say yes. Even though Pitbulls are powerful, they have no match with the strength of the Tibetan mastiff. Also, Tibetan mastiffs can effortlessly take down a Pitbull because they are much bigger than Pitbulls. 

Can Tibetan Mastiff Kill A Leopard?

Leopards are also a predator that is naturally born to hunt. They are also fast that can run a mile in just a few minutes. Leopards also have an impressive defense mechanism to protect themselves from huger predators, and they use their claws to hunt. 

Tibetan mastiffs are born to protect humans and to help humans on some tasks. They also have effective defense mechanisms, and they are strong enough to take down an intruder. 

Can a Tibetan mastiff kill a leopard? I would say yes. Why? Because the Tibetan mastiff was born to protect humans. They protect temples and communities from predators in the past. There are also some reports of a Tibetan mastiff killing large cats like leopards. 

Can Tibetan Mastiff Kill A Hyena?

Hyenas are also a strong predator. They have impressive tactics to hunt, and usually, they hunt in groups as wolves do. Hyenas love to steal prey from other carnivorous animals. 

Can a Tibetan mastiff kill a hyena? If there is any dog that can kill a hyena, then it is the Tibetan mastiff. However, it will be a difficult task for the Tibetan mastiff to kill a hyena because hyenas are aggressive, and have a strong muscular body structure and strong jaws. 

If the Tibetan mastiff is trained to kill or to hunt, then there is a high chance that they will take down a hyena effortlessly. 

Is A Tibetan Mastiff A Good Guard Dog?

Tibetan mastiffs are well-known because of their guard dog attitudes. They are territorial, and they might be aggressive if not trained well while young. However, Tibetan mastiffs are also compassionate and loving dogs. 

Tibetan mastiffs are good as watchdogs because of their ability to hunt. They have an impressive defense and offense mechanism that makes them dangerous to intruders.

Is Tibetan mastiff a good guard dog? I would say yes to this question. Why? Because, as I have said above, Tibetan mastiffs have good offense and defense mechanisms that make them a good guard dog. 

Is A Tibetan Mastiff A Good Family Dog?

Even though there are some reports about Tibetan mastiff attacks, there is still no doubt that they can be a good family dog because of some footage people put on the internet. The gruesome reports only happened occasionally, and Pitbulls are still on the number one spot for most dangerous dogs even though they are smaller than the Tibetan mastiff. 

Is A Tibetan mastiff a good family dog? Yes! Even though they might look scary because of their intimidating look, they can still be a good family dog. When Tibetan mastiffs are raised with children or exposed to people, they become more docile to people. 

Also, Tibetan mastiffs are territorial, and they love to guard their home. That is why Tibetan mastiffs are good family dogs because they will protect their families against intruders and strangers. 

Final Words

In conclusion, Tibetan mastiffs are powerful! They have a stronger bite force than any other breed of dog and they can pull more weight than any other powerful dog. Also, Tibetan mastiffs are bigger and longer than other dog breeds, which makes it easier for them to take down enemies.

Tibetan mastiffs are also adept as a guard dog and family dog because of their territorial personality. They are a great companion for the family though they might look scary at first glance. However, it might be hard to take care of a Tibetan mastiff because they shed and they are big. 

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