5 Ways to Keep Your Ferrets Happy

First of all – I take for granted the ferrets are being taken care of health wise, this is of course very important to keep the ferrets happy, i.e. vet care, vaccinations, food, water, clean sanitary environment, etc. Basically all of the boring but necessary stuff, lol

Besides this to be really happy they need:


Ferrets are very social animals they need at least one ferret companion and flourish as part of a group! Therefore, it would be a great idea to buy another ferret. However, only consider this if you can afford to take on and take care of another ferret properly.

(Think about the cost of a new ferret for the rest of it’s life and consider the extra space needed and time involved in looking after any more ferrets.)

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Ferrets also enjoy your company and will get more comfortable and playful with you the more you engage them, so put aside as much time as you can to share with the ferrets and have fun!

Large, Safe Core Environment

The ferrets need a sizable home of their own; this should be indoors, if not within your own home, then the shed or garage and always out of direct sunlight.

Making this core home environment comfortable for them (bedding etc) will make them happier. Also keeping it clean and tidy is important for the health and happiness of the ferrets.

There should be separate areas within this home, to allow them to explore different environments and keep them interested.

Put new toys in there regularly say on a weekly basis (Note* You can take one toy away for a while and reintroduce it another time, so you’re not wasting anything – but they will get bored without these changes), try to have several different toys, also move things around in the home – this will keep them mentally stimulated.

Toys Makes Ferrets Happy

Ferrets are naturally playful and inquisitive creatures, although specific toys are available to buy for ferrets you can also use many household objects for them to play with; shiny objects, balls, cardboard tubes, basically as long as they can’t hurt themselves with it, you can try anything! They do love cat and smaller dog toys too and they are usually more readily available for cheaper prices than your average ferret toy. Some ferrets take to cuddly toys as well, especially if they are lonely, they like to cuddle up to them at night, as they would naturally with other ferrets within a pack.

Play Area And Play Time

Ferrets should have at least one large secure play pen, move the play pen area if possible but make sure it is in a safe environment.

Also put different toys within this area/s, as with their home to keep them stimulated.

If possible – several play areas or even linked separate areas for the ferrets to play in and investigate around is brilliant for them!

You can also play with them! With something as simple as a piece of string; a lot of ferrets will chase it and paw it similarly to how cats behave if you dangle the string over and around them, some will also chase and play with balls, try to display to the ferret with whatever toy or object you use that you are very interested and excited by it, to try and get them interested.

Also you can play with their food… For example – Try getting a raw egg (still in it’s shell – You may already feed them these for the odd treat) but roll the egg for it to chase, or hide it – so it has to find it, it will enjoy the challenge and then enjoy its tasty treat at the end! I also think it’s very cute when they bang them into things to crack the shell open! lol

Some ferrets will even play fight a little with your hand, but I wouldn’t recommend this unless you are very confident and comfortable with the ferret, you don’t want to hurt the ferret or get bitten or scratched, although you could try that with glove on, just gently tickle them, or move your hand towards it then away, if it wants to play it will chase your hand when you move it back. But again I emphasize – Be careful!


Most of all… Just spend lots of time with them! – You will find ways to play with them, think like a ferret! Everything is a possible toy and anything can be exciting!

Hope this is of some help – Have fun! =)

Jake Willhoite
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