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Why Don’t Animals Wear Clothes? (Kinda Obvious)

by Rob Byron

There are lots of animals in the world, and almost all of them don’t wear clothes. The only animals that we will see wearing some garments are our pets. Dressing up pets became a trend all over the world. When you go to Facebook and Instagram, you will see many cute dogs and cats wearing their beautiful garments.

However, overall, animals don’t really wear clothes even 6,000 years ago. They were naked until now. So, what is the reason why animals don’t wear clothes? Let me give you an answer.

Why don’t animals wear clothes? Animals don’t wear clothes because they don’t need them. Animals can tolerate cold temperatures. They have different strategies to keep themselves warm during winter. Also, animals live in the climate that suits them, which is why they don’t need clothes. 

There are other things you can learn from this topic. We are going to dig deeper into this subject and answer all questions related to this. Now if you are ready, let us go! 

First, let’s take a look at the other reasons why animals don’t wear clothes. 

These Are The Other Reasons Why Animals Don’t Wear Clothes

All animals before usually don’t wear clothes at all, including our pets. Our pets’ ancestors did not wear clothes before. However, today is different.

Because pet owners today want their pup or kitty to look cute and stylish, they start dressing them up. That is why you will see lots of pets on social media wearing their cute little garments.

Even though our pets are wearing clothes, it is just a small percentage of animals that wear clothes. Almost all animals in the world do not wear clothes, and they do not need them. And even if they want to make one for themselves, they cannot do so. 

The first reason why animals don’t wear clothes is that they can’t make themselves a nice and cute attire. Animals’ brains are not capable of creating clothes or sew clothes. Also, animals’ hands are unique compared to the hands of humans. The hands of humans are capable of sewing fabric to make clothes. 

The second reason why animals don’t wear clothes is that they do not need them. Animals have evolved to be able to cope with their environments without a need to wear clothes. Animals have either fur, feather, toughened leathery skins, shells, etc. These are the things that will protect them from cold weather. 

Animals can still feel cold when they do not wear clothes like us humans. However, they can tolerate more intense cold temperatures than we humans. Why? Because they have evolved other strategies to keep them warm without needing clothing. 

For example, penguins. Penguins huddle together to prevent themselves from freezing to death. Another example is the hermit crabs. Hermit crabs will seek a shell (not their shell) to cover themselves up during the cold season. 

Animals have other ways of insulation. Land animals will use their fur to keep them warm, while birds use their feathers. Reptiles don’t need to be warmed because they don’t need to stay warm as mammals do. 

We, humans, have evolved to rely on clothing to keep us warm. We don’t have any other choice but to make clothes to prevent ourselves from freezing to death during the cold season.

Can Animals Wear Clothes?

Yes! Animals can wear clothes! Most pets are wearing clothes because their owners do so. Dogs and cats are the most common animals to wear clothing. Other domesticated animals, like horses, can also wear clothes if their owners wore them. 

Almost all animals can wear clothes, but only a few of them are enjoying it. Some animals and pets are fine with wearing clothes and playing dress-up, while others are getting irritated when their owners assert them to wear one. 

Pets are animal species that usually wear clothes. They are worn by their owners during winter to prevent them from freezing. But even though our pets won’t wear clothes, they can still keep themselves warm because of their thick coat.

Why Do Humans Wear Clothes But Not Animals?

The reason why humans wear clothes but not animals are because humans have no fur or feathers to rely on during the cold season. We are clever and creative enough to create clothes, while animals have no creativity at all. 

Animals do not need to wear clothes because they tend to live in a climate that suits them. They have various kinds of ways to prevent themselves from freezing to death. The only way humans can do to prevent freezing to death is to create attire that is suitable for cold weather, like a jacket or hoodie.

Why Animals Don’t Feel Cold If They Don’t Wear Clothes Like Humans?

The truth is, animals can feel cold when they don’t wear clothes like us humans. However, animals can tolerate cold weather more than humans can. Why? Because animals have evolved other strategies to keep them warm without wearing clothes. 

The vast majority of mammals have thick fur that acts like their coat or jacket. It protects them from intense cold temperatures. The thickness of their coats depends on the environments they evolved in. That is why polar bears who live in cold temperatures tend to have thicker fur than the lions in Africa. 

However, some animals can get surprised by the weather. If it suddenly snowed in a country or place that has never snowed before, animals may get surprised. When this happens, animals can still tolerate it. Some animals will find a warm place and hide from the cold. 

Should You Put Clothes On Your Pets During Winter?

During winter, your dogs love to play outside in the snow. As a loving owner, you don’t want your dog to get cold. That is why you wore your pet dog some clothes. However, is it essential to put clothes on your pets during winter? 

Mostly, the answer is no. Most dogs have enough fur to keep them warm outside the house during the winter. Even cats have enough fur to keep them warm outside the winter. It is not essential to put clothes on your pets because they can tolerate colder temperatures than you.

But if you insist, you can still dress them. However, make sure that your pet won’t get irritated or hurt while wearing their clothes.  

Do Pets Like To Wear Clothes?

It depends on the personality of your pet. Every pet is different. Some dogs enjoy clothes, and some do not. It is better to test things out to see if your pets like wearing clothes. Try to dress your pets and if it seems like they don’t like it, never dress them again. 

Some people said that it is cruel to dress our pets because most of our pets don’t enjoy it. These people do not recommend putting a costume on a pet if it appears unhappy or trying to disrobe it. If a dog or cat tries to disrobe it by themselves, they might get injured. 

Pictures Of Animals With Clothes

Below are the pictures of cute animals that have clothes!

Why Don’t Animals Wear Clothes
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why don't animals wear clothes
why don't animals wear clothes
why don't animals need clothes
why don't animals wear clothes
why don't animals wear clothes

Final Words

Animals don’t wear clothes because they do not need them, and even though they want one, they cannot sew and create a garment. Only humans have the intelligence and skills to produce beautiful clothes, and we need it too because we are not capable of tolerating intense cold temperatures. 

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