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Why Do Lions Eat Testicles? (There is a Good Reason)

by Rob Byron

Lions are one of the ferocious and dangerous animals in the jungle. In fact, they are called the kings of the jungle, which seems exactly right for their attitude and appearance. Lions will eat anything that has meat. Lions will eat buffalos, elephants, giraffes, donkeys, kangaroos, and other animals!

Usually, lions don’t eat other big cats and other carnivorous animals because of some reasons. That is why lions prefer to eat the vegans in the jungle or also known as herbivores. Yes, it is normal for lions to eat the meat of these prey. However, there is one thing that they also eat from these preys, specifically males. 

That one thing I am talking about is the testicles of their prey. Yes! Lions eat the testicles of their prey. However, what is the reason behind it? Why do lions eat the testicles of their prey? Here, let me give you an answer!

Why do lions eat testicles? The reason why lions eat testicles is that it is tasty and nutritious for them. Usually, when lions have caught their prey, lions will first eat the softest part of their prey’s body. And one of the softest parts of their prey’s body is the testicles. Lions will only do this to their male prey since female prey have no testicles. 

Yes, for us humans, this seems disgusting. However, for lions, it is not. They love it since it is tasty and it will give them the nutrients that they need. That is why when you watch lions on national geographic, you will notice that only bones are left on a lion’s prey. It is because they eat all of the meat of their prey including the testicles of it if it is a male animal. 

There are other things you can learn from our topic. The answer I gave you is concise, and there is a longer answer. I will also answer various questions related to our subject. So, if you are ready, let us move on! 

Reason Why Lions Eat The Testicles Of Their Prey

Like I have mentioned above, lions eat the testicles of their prey because, for them, testicles are delicious. Aside from that, lions also eat the testicles of their prey because it is nutritious for them. 

The other reason why lions eat the testicles of their prey is that it is one of the softest body parts of their prey. That is why sometimes, lions will first target the testicles of their prey after or when they are catching it. However, usually, lions will first target the neck of their prey so that it will have a hard time breathing. 

Aside from lions, other predators such as hyenas, wolves, and other big cats eat testicles too. The most common attack in the animal kingdom is soft tissue, which is easiest to deal debilitating damage quickly. Those are the throats, armpits, abdomen, groin, and testicles. It is the most vulnerable and difficult to protect parts of the body. That is why it is an easy target. 

After the damage is done, these predators feed on the lower belly first, which is the clearest path to the nutrient-rich major organs. This is where the testicles of male animals are placed. That is why sometimes, carnivores will either eat the testicles of their prey when their prey is dead or still alive. 

Do Male Lions Eat The Testicles Of Their Prey Too?

Yes! Male lions may also eat the testicles of their prey. However, usually, female lions are the ones doing this more often. You will only sometimes see lions eating the testicles of their prey and the reason why is not yet sure. Lions usually eat the testicles of their prey when their prey is dead already.

How Do Lions Hunt Their Prey?

There are two well-known methods lions execute to catch their prey. The first method is by stalking their prey. If you have a pet cat around your house, you have probably seen this behavior already. This is the primary way lions hunt. They have to stay hidden so that their prey won’t see them and run away from them. 

Lionesses have a great advantage with this kind of method over male lions since the body of lionesses is slimmer. Also, lionesses work together when they hunt their prey by surrounding their prey while staying hidden. Once the lions catch their prey, they will use their powerful claws and teeth to crush the necks of their prey. 

The second method is straightforward. This happens usually when male lions join the hunt with female lions. This method does not involve hiding or stalking. Lions will go for the prey and corner the prey. Once the prey has nowhere to run, they will fight the prey and kill it.

Final Verdict

There are three reasons why lions eat the testicles of their prey. The first is because the testicles of male animals are delicious for lions. The second is because the testicles of the male animals are nutritious for lions. And the last reason is that the testicles of male animals are easier to crush or destroy.


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