Airedale Terriers & Shedding: How To Stop Them From Shedding Excessively?

Do you love to have an Airedale terrier? Then you might be wondering: what are the personality traits of this dog and how much shedding you should expect from them?

How much do Airedale terriers shed?
Airedale terriers don’t shed too much, and they are a low shedding breed of dog. But they still require lots of grooming to prevent their hair from getting tangled and knotted. They shed a lot during spring and fall. So during these seasons, expect that your Airedale terrier will shed a lot and get ready for clean up!

However, there is much more you need to learn. Let’s get deeper about this topic and let me tell you some tips on how to lessen your Airedale terriers shed excessively. 

Airedale dog Terrier shedding

Do Airedale Terriers Shed?

Yes, of course, Airedale terriers shed even though their fur is not that thick. They have dense coats, and they usually don’t shed excessively, but yes they shed. 

The first time I saw an Airedale terrier was when my friend and I met in the park. My friend brought his Airedale terrier with him to meet me. I was amazed at that time, and I said to myself that I will also soon buy a cute Airedale terrier. 

The first thing I noticed from this dog is that it shed a lot. When I touched my friend’s Airedale terrier, I noticed that there was a little bit of fur that stuck into my hands after I removed my hands from the dog. 

Like I have said in the introduction above, Airedale terriers shed but they don’t shed too much like other dog breeds. 

How Much Do Airedale Terriers Shed?

When you look at the Airedale terriers, you will typically think that this dog breed will shed a lot because of its dense coat. 

However, this myth is not true and shall be abolished. 

The Airedale terrier is one of the breeds of dogs with thick and dense coats that won’t shed a lot. However, there will be times in a year where they will shed a lot because of seasonal changes. 

Even though this dog does not shed a lot, you still have to brush their hair weekly to keep your house free of dog hair. You can also consider grooming your Airedale terrier to keep them fresh and clean. They are good for owners that have no experience of grooming a dog because this dog is easy to groom the breed.

Most dog lovers often get mistaken because they tend to think that dogs with dense or thick coats will shed excessively. However, this is not true for Airedale terriers. Even though they have dense hair, they won’t shed a lot. 

Airedale terriers are hypoallergenic breeds, which means that these dogs are good for dog lovers that have allergies because they produce less dander, or dead skin cells, and shed less fur than dogs like Akita dogs.

We should expect that this dog will not shed a lot outside their excessive shedding seasons. You may notice some hair on your couches, mattresses, or carpets, especially during spring and fall, where they shed excessively. 

That is why I recommend that you brush your Airedale terrier’s hair to prevent excessive hair falling from them. You should also consider brushing them during their main shedding seasons to make their shedding unnoticeable. 

The Airedale terrier is the better choice for dog lovers, that are looking for big dogs that have dense coats but never shed excessively. 

This dog is also good for kids that love to cuddle with their pet because the hair of the Airedale terrier will not easily fall from their bodies even though they get engaged in an agile play with kids. 

Expect heavy shedding from your Airedale terrier during spring and fall. They will shed their undercoat when the seasons change. 

Airedale terrier shed and shed a lot during these seasons because they need to make room for their new coat that continues to grow. They need to cut out their dead hair to make room for their new hair. 

When Do Airedale Terriers Shed The Most?

Like the other dog breeds that shed, Airedale terriers will shed more than usual during their primary shedding season because they need new coats that will be used during cold seasons. 

Airedale terriers will shed a lot during spring and fall. This shedding is essential for them to regulate their body temperatures. 

Airedale terriers will also shed most during these seasons because they need to cut out their dead hair and make some space for their new hair. 

They need to be brushed and have regular bathing during their shedding season to reduce their hair from falling. One to two baths per week is okay. Never over bathe your Airedale terrier because it softens the coarse terrier coat.

How To Reduce Shedding Indoors?

There are many ways that you can do to reduce the shedding of your Airedale dog terrier. You need some equipment to execute these ways properly.

Airedale dog Terrier shedding

Brush Your Airedale Terrier’s Hair

Yes, you have to brush your Airedale terrier’s hair regularly. It is the most effective way to reduce the shedding of your Airedale terrier’s hair. 

You need a proper brush when brushing your Airedale terrier’s hair. Slicker brushes, shedding blades, Matbreakers, and Love Gloves are the best for brushing your dog’s hair. 

Bathe Your Airedale Terrier

You have to bathe your Airedale terrier regularly. I don’t recommend you over bathe your Airedale terrier because it softens the coat’s terrier coat. 

Use the right shampoo as well for your Airedale terrier. I would suggest you get an anti-itch shampoo so that you can limit the amount of hair that falls on your sofas, carpets, and mattresses.

Cover Your Furniture And Other Things In Your House

If you are too sensitive about the things inside your house, and you don’t want your Airedale terrier to contaminate your things with their hairs, then I suggest you cover them. 

Cover every essential piece of furniture around your house. Cover your mattresses, sofas, and cabinets to prevent your Airedale terrier’s hair from falling into these various things. 

Also, you may consider covering your cat seats as well, especially if you always bring your Airedale terrier when you go outside the house or if you take your dog for a walk. 

Vacuum Often

If you are a stubborn person, and you don’t want the work you will put into covering your furniture process, then I have another idea for you!

I would recommend you to vacuum often, especially during the primary season of shedding. You need to use the right vacuum as well. Because not all vacuums were created equal, and some might be better than the other.

Give Your Airedale Terrier A Healthy Food

If your Airedale terrier shed too much even though it is the season for shedding too much yet, then there could be a problem. 

One reason that might cause your Airedale terrier to shed too much is the food you give them. 

You have to consider buying a portion of good and healthy food for your Airedale terrier to reduce their shedding. Low-quality food will not only ruin your dog’s health but also their skins and coats. 

Airedale Terrier Puppies Shedding?

All puppies have their puppy coat. Airedale terrier puppies have also a puppy coat at some point in their lives. 

When the right time comes, they will start to shed. You have to be ready for this because, during this time, your Airedale terrier puppy will shed a lot. 

Even though Airedale terriers will grow large soon, they are still inevitably small during their puppy years. So even though they will shed too much during this time because they need to say goodbye to their puppy coat over a couple of weeks, you will still be able to handle it effortlessly.

You need to have patience and prepare the things you will be needed during the time your Airedale terrier puppy will start to shed. The puppy will not understand what is going on that is why you need to be there with him/her during this time. 

Airedale puppies lose their puppy coat between four to six months of age like any other dog breeds. The changes might be dramatic, so you have to be there for your Airedale terrier puppy. 

Other Related Questions

Below are the different questions that most people often ask. It is related to our topic, that is why I decided to answer these questions to give you more information about the Airedale terrier.

Do Airedale terriers hypoallergenic?
Yes! Airedale terriers are hypoallergenic. That is why this breed of dog is the best dog for owners that have allergies. Even though they have dense coats and might shed, they are still the best dog for allergic people. Airedale terriers produce less dander, dead skin cells, and they shed less fur than other big dogs like German shepherds.  

How big do Airedale terriers get?
The male Airedale terriers stand 23 inches tall, while the females are slightly shorter than males. Airedale terriers get big, and so their coats. It may seem that this dog is hard to maintain because they are too big and have a dense coat. However, you should not worry because even though they are big and have dense coats, they don’t shed a lot. 

Are Airedale terriers high maintenance dogs?
Yes, Airedale terriers are high maintenance dogs. You have to brush and bathe them regularly and bring them to the vet, outside for a walk and exercise. Their food is also expensive to keep them healthy. Airedale terriers are dogs that are not suitable for owners that are too stubborn and have no commitment.

Do Airedale terriers have double coats?
Yes, the Airedale terriers have double coats. They have a double coat with a curly topcoat and soft, dense undercoat. The Airedale terrier’s topcoat and undercoat have different colors, and owners usually comb the coat of the dog weekly to keep the harsh and vibrant color of the topcoat.

How smart are Airedale terriers?
Airedale terriers are smart dogs! They can effortlessly learn new things and tasks. Airedale terriers can remember the name of their owners easily during their puppy years. However, they can still be hard to train if not started while they are young. 


Airedale terriers might shed, but they don’t shed excessively. However, even though they don’t shed excessively you still need to make time for their grooming. You need to have patience with dogs like this because they grow big and might have denser coats when they reach the adolescent stage. 

If you want to know more about dogs, go to the dog sub-category under the pets category on the menu above. I hope you have learned something valuable today, and I hope that you take care of your Airedale dog terriers!

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