Can Fear Kill A Hamster? The Truth!

Hamsters are one of the favorite pets of many people around the world aside from dogs and cats. These little cute monsters are very cuddly and fun to watch, especially if they are exercising inside their cage. It is much easier to take care of a pet hamster than dogs and cats since you only have to feed them and clean their cage regularly, which is why many people like them as pets. 

There is one question most hamster owners ask, especially the beginners. The question is: can fear kill a hamster? We all know that we humans can get a heart attack if someone scares or shocks us, which can lead to death especially for those people who have a heart problem. However, what about hamsters? Can they get a heart attack and die because of fear? Let us find out! 

Can fear kill a hamster? Technically, yes! Fear can kill your pet hamster. Hamsters are capable of having a heart attack just like us humans and that can cause them to pass away. Also, if hamsters are put in an environment where fear is abundant, they are prone to illnesses, which can also be the cause of their death. 

Today, we will talk about hamsters and the reasons why hamsters die because of fear. Aside from that, I will also answer various questions related to our subject. If you are ready to learn more about hamsters, let us move on!

Why Do Hamsters Die Because Of Fear?

Fear is not just fear. It can kill human beings and animals, especially those animals and human beings that have heart disease or problems. Like I have said above, hamsters can die because of fear. However, why do hamsters die because of fear? Let us find out!

Why do hamsters die because of fear? Hamsters die because of fear because they are prone to getting a heart attack. Aside from that, hamsters die because of fear because too much fear can make them stressed. If a hamster is stressed, it can get various illnesses, which can lead to death soon. 

So, if you don’t want your hamster to die very soon because of fear, you must avoid doing things that might scare your pet hamster near its cage. These cute little creatures can be easily scared since they are very vulnerable to prey. They are very defensive and small. So, always make sure that your hamster feels safe inside your house. 

What Happens When You Scare Your Pet Hamster?

Like I have said above, hamsters make great pets. However, hamsters can get startled easily. So, if you try to scare your pet hamster, it may scratch or bite you in an effort to run away or get back to its house or cage.

If you want to avoid this from happening, you must interact with your pet hamster, learn to identify its body language and create a low-stress environment. You need to make your hamster feel safe and avoid scaring it so that it will not get stressed. Stress can lead to various illnesses that might kill your pet hamster. 

Can Stress Kill Hamsters?

Yes! Stress can kill your pet hamster. I have told you about this above already but let me explain it here for you to understand why stress can kill your pet hamster. 

Stress is not a disease. However, stress is a condition that can dramatically affect your hamster’s lifespan by weakening its immune systems, which can lead to various illnesses. Your pet hamster can get stressed if there are lots of scary things around them. So, what should you do?

What you can do to avoid your pet hamster from getting stressed is to provide a stress-free environment for your pet hamster. Avoid loud sounds, other big pets like dogs or cats, and other things that might scare your pet hamster. Every hamster has a different fear and you must identify that by reading their body language. After identifying the fears, you must avoid them.

What Are The Other Things That Kills A Hamster?

Aside from fear, hamsters can die because of other things. Hamsters can die for several reasons. Usually, it is a medical condition that kills a hamster. Even old hamsters pass away because their bodies simply don’t function well like they used to be when they were young. 

Aside from fear, hamsters can die because of injuries and diseases. However, most diseases are preventable, but not all are noticeable. If the disease is not noticeable, it might be hard for you to figure it out. So, if you want your hamster to be healthy, you must provide healthy foods and a stress-free environment. However, if the problems are noticeable, bring your pet hamster to the vet immediately. 

Final Verdict

Fear can kill your pet hamster. That is why you must avoid things that might scare your pet hamster. Hamsters can get startled easily and they can get a heart attack because of it, which can lead to death. However, even though your pet hamster might not die because of a heart attack, exposing it to fear often can stress your pet hamster. Stress can lead to various illnesses that will kill your pet hamster very soon.

Jake Willhoite
Jake runs and has had cats and dogs his entire life. As a kid his family adopted several dogs from the local shelter which set him down the path of animal rescue.
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