Do Hamsters Cry?

Hamsters execute lots of different things which is strange for us humans, especially for hamster owners that are on the novice level. If you watch your pet hamster for a while, you might notice that your pet hamster looks like it is crying. This is an example of strange things hamsters do. Yes! This is a little odd for newbies if they see their pet hamsters do it. However, do hamsters really cry? Here is the answer!

Do hamsters cry? No. Hamsters don’t cry and if you do see any liquid or moisture around your hamster’s eyes, it’s usually because of humidity. That is why you will not see your pet hamster cry over something like a bad experience. Hamsters don’t cry when they lose their favorite food or if their friend dies. 

However, even though hamsters don’t cry like us humans, they can make crying noises when they are scared, in pain, sleeping, or if their friend dies. So, when hamsters cry, you will never see tears going down from their eyes. However, when hamsters cry, you will see and hear them making crying sounds. They do this to tell you what they are feeling. 

Do Hamsters Really Cry?

When your pet hamster’s eyes tear up, it might look like your pet hamster is crying. However, if you notice some liquid around your hamster’s eyes, it just means that the environment that they are standing in is a little humid. 

Our pet hamsters don’t cry like us humans. The reason why is because hamsters were not born to execute something like that. However, even though our cute little monsters don’t produce tears, hamsters can make various crying noises to show how they are feeling at that moment. You better watch out for this!

When your pet hamster cries, it usually sounds like squeaking and it can also sound like your pet hamster is screaming. When you hear this noise from your pet hamster, it usually means that your little friend is either scared, in pain, has injuries, is stressed, or your pet hamster is grieving. 

So if you see or hear your pet hamster making these noises, then something might be making your pet hamster uneasy. Hamsters sleep a lot just like lions. While your pet hamster sleeps, you might also hear your pet hamster producing cry noises. Yes! Your pet hamster can cry while sleeping. Your pet hamster might be experiencing pain or dreaming while sleeping. 

Some people said that hamsters can dream while sleeping. So if our beloved hamsters can dream, then it means that they can have nightmares just like us humans. Those nightmares can make your pet hamster cry because nightmares are invariably scary. However, aside from nightmares, your pet hamster may also cry while sleeping if your pet hamster is experiencing some injury or illness. 

Why Will Your Hamster Cry?

If your pet hamster makes crying noises to tell you what they feel at that time, what causes your pet hamster to make these loud, crying sounds? Here is the reason why your pet hamster cries out loud. 

One of the reasons why your pet hamster produces crying noises is because your pet hamster is new to its environment and not familiar with its current surroundings. This usually happens on pet hamsters that are brought into the house for the first time and they are in a place that they usually don’t recognize. It can be a new cage that they are not familiar with. 

When this happens, your pet hamster needs time to settle in and that can be a really frightening experience for your pet hamster, which causes them to cry out loud. Also, your pet hamster can cry out loud when they don’t know their owner is. So, to identify if your pet hamster knows you already, try going near their cage or carry them and see if your pet hamster will not cry. 

Also, your pet hamster can make crying sounds when your pet hamster is scared or if they are feeling pain. So, if something makes your pet hamster scared recently, then you might hear some crying sound. The same goes if there is something wrong with your pet hamster. If your pet hamster is injured or feeling sick, it might cry out loud. 

Lastly, your pet hamster may get scared while your pet hamster is asleep, which can cause your pet hamster to cry. However, bad dreams are not common in hamsters. Your pet hamster may also cry while asleep when they hear scary sounds while sleeping. 

What To Do When Your Pet Hamster Cries Out?

If your pet hamster is crying, then you might be wondering what you should do. Well, there are lots of things you can do when your pet hamster cries out. Let us check them out!

If your pet hamster is settling in its new home, give your pet hamster some time to get used to its new home. Your pet hamster will become more familiar with its home as time goes on. While your pet hamster is getting used to its surroundings, you can also let your pet hamster get used to you by being around your pet hamster often. 

However, when your pet hamster cries out loud when you come close to them, then you must back off and give your little friend some space. It can be difficult to realize if your pet hamster likes you or not. However, these crying noises do not mean your pet hamster doesn’t like you totally. It just means that your pet hamster is not yet comfortable with you. 

So, during this situation, what you need to do is to introduce yourself to your pet hamster gradually and slowly until your pet hamster gets used to you being around. When you execute this, go at your hamster’s pace that way your pet hamster can be more comfortable and make it easier for your pet hamster to be around you. 

If your pet hamster is crying because it is scared of something, then you must try to remove the things that make your pet hamster afraid. There are lots of things that can make your pet hamster uncomfortable. It can be other pets or loud noises that come from the television or your mobile phone. 

To calm down your pet hamster, get rid of these things that are around them that are causing them to be so frightened. When your pet hamster looks like it is crying because your pet hamster seems to be in pain, then you must go to your local vet. In that way, your pet hamster can be given proper treatment. 

Lastly, if your pet hamster is crying while sleeping, the best thing you can do is to leave your pet hamster for a while. You should never pick your pet hamster up and try to comfort it because your pet hamster may lash out at you because of fear. If you leave your pet hamster while crying when sleeping, your pet hamster will usually be able to calm down and stop crying out all on its own. 

Do Hamsters Get Depressed?

Yes! Hamsters can get depressed. According to lots of studies, hamsters can experience happiness, sadness, optimism, and depression. The reason why hamsters get depressed is if they are exposed to danger often. So, if you don’t want your pet hamster to get depressed, avoid things that make your pet hamster uneasy and scared.

Final Words

Your pet hamster will make crying noises from time to time and it is normal. Most of the time, when your pet hamster cries, there is nothing to worry about. The only time you should be worried about is when your pet hamster cries out loud because it feels some pain. In that case, you must bring your pet hamster to your local vet. 

You have to identify what makes your pet hamster cry out loud. Once you do, you can help your pet hamster make the situation better. If your pet hamster cries out when you come near them, it is normal too, especially if your pet hamster is new and not used to their environment. 

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