Can Hamsters Watch TV? Surprising Answer!

Most of us people love to watch content or movies on our TV or mobile phones. Sometimes, we don’t care about our electricity bill and leave our TV on all day without any second thought. 

If you have a pet hamster with you, and accidentally or intentionally left the TV open, you will notice that your pet hamster is paying attention to the TV screen like they understand what is going on inside the television. Even if they are on the cage or sofa.  

Also, your hamster may be interested in what is happening on your mobile phone if you watch Youtube on your mobile phone with your hamster. They seem very interested in the cooking tutorial you are watching on your mobile phone.

However, can hamsters really watch TV? Do they understand what is going on on the TV or mobile phones? Here is the answer.

Can hamsters watch TV? While it seems like your pet hamster is interested in what’s happening on the TV because their ears flicker in response to the sounds of the TV and paying attention, they won’t really understand what is going on the TV. They are just attracted to the light and sound of the TV.

This is not a unique attitude of hamsters. It is pretty common for hamsters to do this and watching TV with your hamster can be a great opportunity for you and for your hamster to bond and for your hamster to build trust with you. 

If you are interested in this topic, you might want to continue reading. Because I will go more in-depth about how much your pet hamster likes to watch TV and how safe it is for your pet hamster in this article. So keep reading! 

Can Hamsters See What’s On The Television Or Phone?

TV and phones have become a significant part of our lives. We do more than talking using our mobile phones. We watch Youtube or Facebook videos. Same on the television. In the current technology of television, you can call your friend, watch Youtube, or browse on Facebook with your television!

Most of these days we often use our televisions and mobile phones to look at hours of content and if your pet hamster is around you, sometimes it seems like they are also interested in what you are watching. 

Your pet hamster can see what is on the television or mobile phone, but not that clear. The bright light of the gadget is the one that amuses your hamsters. However, even though your hamster can see what’s on the television or mobile phone, they can’t understand what is going on. They just love to watch the lights move!

Do Hamsters Really Watch TV?

The question of whether hamsters really watch television may have crossed your mind many times. The concise answer is yes! However, hamsters obviously don’t understand what is happening on the television and can’t fully see what is happening on the television since their eyesight is poor. 

Hamsters love to watch television, but only if they are used to it and feel safe around the house or its environment. 

Your hamster may watch the television inside their cage if their cage is near the television. But if your hamster is outside the cage, your hamster may come to your lap and watch television with you. 

Your hamster may look at you when you change the channel of the television. They might not understand what’s going on, but they can see the pictures and motions. 

Watching television with your pet hamster may be a great opportunity for you and your hamster to have a good bonding experience. If your hamster is already used to you, they will sit comfortably on your lap and pet them to make them feel comfortable. 

However, your hamster should not spend too much on the television because their eyes are sensitive to light and your hamster should do other things like exercising to keep your hamster healthy.

Do Hamsters Like To Watch TV?

It really depends on the personality of the hamster. Some hamsters love to watch television and some don’t and might scare them. 

Hamsters can see the light on the television but cannot see it fully. Why? Because their eyesight is poor, unlike guinea pigs who have good eyesight. 

However, even though hamsters have poor eyesight, many pet owners, including my friend, reported that their pet hamsters love to watch television. 

If your hamster is not watching television, with or without you, it means that they are not used to watching television. However, if they are exposed often, they might start to like it. Sometimes your hamster is just anxious to explore, especially if they are just new to your house. Be patient!

The more comfortable your pet hamster, the more they will turn their eyes on the television. Don’t force your pet hamster to watch the television because it might get stressed. 

Can Hamsters Understand What Happens On TV Or Phone?

Like I have mentioned, many hamster owners reported that their hamster is watching television with them. However, do they understand what is going on?

The straight answer is no! Hamsters don’t understand what is happening on the TV or mobile phones. They are just amused by the light of the TV and mobile phones. Your hamster will see the light, motion, hear the sound, but they will still not understand what is happening inside there. 

Even though your pet hamster has poor eyesight, it can still see the lights and motions of the television. It amuses them! That is why they will sometimes sit with their heads towards the TV even though they can’t comprehend what is happening. 

However, remember that your hamster has sensitive hearing and eyesight. So don’t watch content that is too loud and the television or mobile phone must have low light. It can make them uneasy and scared. 

Can Looking At The TV Hurt Your Hamster’s Eyes?

Actually, there is no report yet. However, some said that looking at the television might hurt your hamster’s eyes. Here let me explain it. 

Your pet hamster is a nocturnal animal, which means they are active during the night. Their eyesight is poor. They rely on hearing and smelling to move around. Hamsters in the wild live in low-light conditions and aren’t accustomed to bright light. 

To conclude, your hamster may hurt its eyes looking at the TV if:

  • The TV is very bright.
  • The TV is the only source of light in your room and all lights are closed.

So if your hamster’s cage is near the television, make sure to lower the brightness of your television and turn on other lights. Even though hamsters love to see what is happening on the TV, TV screens might hurt them if it is too bright. 

Your hamster has sensitive hearing too. That is why if they are exposed to loud sounds, they might get scared or anxious. Again, if the cage of your hamster is near the television, make sure that the sound is not too loud for your pet hamster. The television might scare them instead of entertaining them.

Final Thoughts

Hamsters can see what is on the TV but not that clear since their eyesight is poor. They can only see the objects and motions. Hamsters can also hear the TV because they have a sensitive sense of hearing. However, even though they can see and hear what is on the TV, hamsters can’t comprehend what is happening inside the television. 

There are no reports yet regarding the adverse effects of watching TV can bring to the eyesight of hamsters. Many owners have claimed that their hamsters seem to enjoy what is on the TV. However, you might still want to take some precautions to prevent your hamster from getting stressed watching TV. 

What are those precautions? First, lower down the brightness of the television and open another light when watching TV with your hamster. Second, lower down the noise of the TV. Third, limit the time of your hamster’s exposure on the TV. If your hamster is already exposed to the TV for 30 minutes, move the cage to the other room or put some towel that will cover their cage from the light of the TV. 


Jake Willhoite
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