Why Do Some Cats Like To Be Alone?

If you have a pet Cat in your house, you will notice some things that will intrigue you like they scratch your mattresses, hide their poop, and many more!

Cats are adorable and playful, and they love doing things that most pet animals don’t do. However, there is something that they usually do, and it freaks the owners out.

When you are petting your Cat, he/she will leave you immediately without any reason and go somewhere else. Sometimes they lie down alone on the other sofa, or sometimes they go somewhere else where it is quiet, and they are left alone. 

Then you ask yourself, do Cats like to be alone?

Why do Cats like to be alone? Cats are solitary and calm animals, and they love to be alone sometimes. Yes, they will sometimes crave your attention, but they will often take some time for themselves alone. Spending too much with people makes them stress, which is why they will find some way to be alone. They love to feel peace, and they need a quiet moment to feel relaxed.

However, there are some things that you should still consider because even though Cats like to be alone, too much lonely time may have negative effects both on their mental and physical health.

6 Things You Should Do Before Leaving Your Cat Alone

Are you planning to go on a vacation on the weekend, or you are going to work, and you have a pet Cat that will be left alone? Do you think they can be left alone even if they are solitary animals? 

I don’t think so. So, these are the things that you should do before saying a short bye-bye to your pet Cat before you leave them. 

The other things you should do listed below are must and should never be forgotten. However, some things listed below can be ignored if you have a better idea like getting a pet sitter.

Consider Getting A Pet Sitter

Even though Cats are solitary animals, they still need someone who will pour their food, get them water, and pour their litter box. If you are going away for a very long time, then probably you need a pet sitter to do all these things.

I don’t suggest bringing your Cat to the boarding facility. Why? Because Cats are territorial animals. You will make them feel anxious and stressed if you place them in an environment where they are not comfortable and unfamiliar.

Cats love routines, and before you leave them with a pet sitter, you have to instruct the pet sitter what are the routines you do with your Cat. Tell them the feeding routine, playtime routine, and the lonely time routine. 

If you know someone who is a good pet sitter, try having contact with them before you leave your Cat alone. However, if you have no money or you don’t trust anybody to take care of your Cat, there are some things you can do below. 

Don’t Forget To Scoop The Litter Box

Cats need a clean litter box where they can poop and pee peacefully. If you are going away for a long time, then you probably need to scoop the litter box. If the litter box is not clean, you will be frustrated with the results. 

Cats are clean animals, and they usually dig to hide their dirt because they know with themselves that their poop smells nasty. If your cat gets used to using the litter box, then you have to always make sure that it is clean. Otherwise, they will find another spot around your house.

Leave Enough Food And Water For Them

This is crucial, especially if you don’t know how often your Cat drinks and eats. Cats will die of starvation and dehydration if you forget to leave enough food and water for them when you leave them. 

Know the eating routines of your pet Cat and take note of how much food they consume so that you can have an idea of how much food you will leave for them. Also, know how long you will leave your Cat alone. If you think it’s too long, then leave some extra food and water.

If you have enough money to spare, try buying a water fountain and food dispenser for your Cat. It will be helpful if you will leave your Cat alone so try to consider buying one. 

When I leave my Cat because I am going to work or the gym, I always make sure that he will eat with me during breakfast so that he will not reduce the food I will put minutes before I leave him. I also make sure that there is enough water to keep him dehydrated.

Leave A Toy For Your Cat

Even though Cats love to sleep most of the time, they still need some stimulation or playing time. If you are going to leave your Cat alone, make sure to leave a toy for them so that they can still get exercise and entertained even if you are away. 

What are the best Cat toys I might suggest? Hmmm, let me think….

I would suggest a toy ball, mouse toys, and other safe Cat toys that can entertain your Cat when they are alone. I don’t suggest you leave a toy that needs human control like a laser toy, especially if you will leave your Cat 100% alone. However, if you are going to get a pet sitter, a laser toy will be great.

Leave A Safe Environment For Your Cat

Before you leave your Cat alone, make sure to check all the gas tanks or things that might explode like, the stove. Hide dangerous chemicals, sharp objects, plastic bags, and poisonous things where it is not reachable for your Cat.

Unplug every appliance and appliances that might cause an accident to your Cat like a paper shredder if you have one. Keep the toilet lid close, and all cables should be organized.

When I leave my Cat alone, I make sure that every appliance is turned off. Also, I make sure that every dangerous thing is not reachable by my Cat. Safety first, and I believe that prevention is better than cure. 

If you want to keep an eye on your pet Cat while you leave them alone, I suggest you set up a pet camera. There are many awesome pet cameras where you can talk to your Cat and more!

Consider Buying Your Cat A Cat Friend

If you are a person who always leaves the house because of work, then you need someone who will keep your Cat accompanied. If you have a Cat who is alone, I suggest you buy another Cat that will be a good friend for your current Cat. 

Having a feline companion will benefit a Cat who spends most of its time alone. However, you still have to be committed to taking care of both of your Cats and never buy another Cat just to ease the loneliness of your current Cat. You have to be willing and committed to taking care of both of them. 

How Long Should I Leave My Cat Alone?

The duration you can leave your Cat alone depends on its personality, habits, health, and age. I would not suggest leaving kittens that are under one month old because they still don’t know how to take care of themselves.

But if you have their mother, then it’s good to go but make sure not to forget the things to consider before leaving your Mother Cat and Kittens.

Below is the estimated time you can leave your Cat based on its age according to petcube.com.

Age Time Alone (Max)
4 months below 2-4 hours
4-5 months 5 hours
6 months 8 hours
Grown-Up Cats 1-2 days

Leaving your Cat alone overnight is not an issue. However, if you are going to leave your cat alone for more than two days, I suggest you call a friend that you trust the most to check your Cat. Why? Below are several reasons:

  • A shortage of water might happen (if you don’t have a fountain)
  • Shortage of food might happen
  • Litter boxes becoming so dirty
  • Cats can get into an accident and get injured
  • Your Cat might do crazy things around your house
  • Your Cat may feel bored (I suggest getting a feline companion)

NEVER leave your cat alone for more than three days without someone dropping by to look out for your Cat. It could turn out into a disaster! 

If you are going to leave your cat alone for more than three days or a week, I suggest you call a pet sitter or a trustworthy friend or relative to look out for your Cat. 

I never leave my cat alone for more than two days and if I have to, I bring him with me. However, if you don’t like to bring your Cat with you, then you can do the things listed above before you leave your Cat alone. 

Signs That Your Cat Is Feeling Lonely

Letting your Cat have alone time is different from abandoning your Cat. Cats love to be alone sometimes, but they will still crave your attention. Yes, you can leave them alone every day for you to go to work, but never forget to spend time with them.

These signs may start to show when you always leave your Cat alone or if you abandon them without noticing it because you are too busy from your work or something. 

Below are the different signs that your Cat is feeling lonely or abandoned:

Too Much Meowing

Some Cats are naturally talkative, but if you have a quiet Cat and he/she starts to become super chatty, it may be his/her way to get more attention from you.

If you notice this change in your Cat, then he/she is feeling lonely. What you can do is make sure to make time with your Cat.

Grooming Too Much

Cats naturally love to groom themselves. However, if your Cats starts to groom themselves minute-by-minute, then it could be a sign that he/she is feeling lonely. 

Why does your Cat do this when they feel lonely? They do this to make themselves busy, especially if your Cat has no friends or toys to be entertained. Also, they do this if they feel you are lacking time for them. 

Destructive Behavior

If your cat starts to destroy things around your house, then it means that your Cat feels lonely. Why do they do this? Your Cat does this to occupy their minds and for them to do something. They will do this to occupy themselves with something while you are away. 

If your Cat shows this kind of behavior, then he/she is feeling lonely. Also, your Cat does this to search for something to do. 

Aggressive Behavior

Lonely Cats will act aggressive and will sometimes prevent you from going outside the house if your Cat senses that you will be leaving him/her again. If your cat acts like this, then your Cat is feeling lonely and doesn’t want to get rid of you.

Too Clingy

If your Cat does not show clinginess before, but suddenly becomes super clingy to you, then your Cat is feeling lonely and craving your attention. The signs of clinginess are being too talkative, always following you, tapping you continuously, and doing things to get your attention.

Changes In Behavior

Lonely Cats will change their behavior. If your cat does something that he/she didn’t do before then your cat feels lonely. Your cat might also be bored when you do things with him/her in a repetitive way. You need to create a new activity for your cat if they look bored when they engage in that certain activity. 

Lastly, your Cat might act hostile if he/she feels lonely.

Check the behavior of your Cat and always keep track of changes. If the changes are not good, then you have to make sure what are the reasons for these changes. You are solely responsible for everything that happens to your pet Cat.

3 Best Ways To Do If Your Cat Feel Lonely

If your Cat shows some signs of loneliness, you must act quickly to counter their loneliness, or else it will be unhealthy for your Cat.

Here are the best three ways to do if your Cat feels lonely or abandoned

Spend Time With Your Cat

The first thing you can do when you see the signs of loneliness from your pet Cat is to spend time with him/her. 

You have to spend time with your Cat because it will build a rapport and healthy relationship between you and your Cat. If you are busy during weekdays, make sure to save your time on weekends for your pet Cat.

Adopt Another Cat

If sometimes you are not vacant during the weekend, or there is always a time where you come up to be super busy, then probably you need to buy or adopt another Cat. 

Give your Cat a feline companion if you think you can only spend time with your Cat once a week so that your Cat will keep accompanied and be able to enjoy every day you leave the house. 

Why Do Cats Like To Be Alone?

Buy Them Some Toys

If you don’t have money to spare for a new Cat or you don’t like to adopt one because you have some prejudice for a Stray Cat, then buy your Cat some toys. Toys that can be played by your Cat alone, or toys that you and your Cat can play.

7 Cat Breeds For A Busy Owner Like You

If you always leave your house for work, or if you are a busy human being, then these Cat breeds are best for you!


Ocicat is a cat that is very loyal to its owner. Even though this Cat is loyal, they don’t show clingy traits. They are known for being active, and they do not need much attention from their owners.

Persian Cat

Persian Cats are good for owners that are always busy because Persian Cats can entertain themselves. They are types of Cats that love to nap and don’t need much attention from their owners.

Norwegian Forest Cat

Best Cat for a busy owner and low-budget owner. This Cat is a non-maintenance feline and they love to be alone. All they need is good food, refreshing water, and a smoking clean litter box.

American Shorthair Cat

Yep, another type of Cat that loves to sleep a lot. This Cat is perfect for a busy owner like you because this Cat is comfortable being left alone.

Maine Coon Cat

Maine Coon Cat is an affectionate and loyal Cat, but they are not clingy. They love to be left alone, and they can be left alone without any supervision. This Cat is a well-behaved cat, which is great for owners that are easily irritated.

Russian Blue Cat

Russian Blue Cats are one of the cats that love to be alone. Even though it takes time for them to feel comfortable in a new environment, when they get comfortable, they will stay there for life.

Scottish Fold Cat

Scottish Fold Cat is a playful and most active Cat that doesn’t require much attention from their owners. Also, this breed is quiet, and perfect for apartments, condos, and places that don’t allow loud pets.

Final Words

Cats are indeed loyal, adorable, and solitary animals. They all love to be left alone sometimes, but there are some breeds of Cats that require attention from their owners, and they are not similar to the breeds of Cats listed above. 

However, even though some Cats like to be alone, I still suggest owners spend time with them. Your Cat has a short lifespan, and you may regret that you did not spend time with your Cat the day they die. So make time for your Cat and cherish every moment with them!

Marian Haaz
Marian is a cat adoption expert. She has rescued and adopted several cats herself and helped find homes for dozens of stray cats and dogs.
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