7 Animals That Depend On Humans And Other Related Facts!

Animals can be a great companion for humans, and some animals can bring danger to humans. However, even though there are dangerous animals, the vast majority of animals are still helpful to humans. 

Some animals can solely survive by themselves, but some animals depend on humans.

What are the animals that depend on humans? Animals that depend on humans are:

  • Chickens
  • Cattles
  • Dogs
  • Sheeps
  • Cats
  • Pandas
  • Horses 

There is still much more to learn! Let’s go deeper about this topic, and let me discuss other related facts that you need to know!

These Are The Animals That Depend On Humans

All animals are programmed to survive without humans, but some animals only survive for a few years and don’t reach their maximum life spans because they are weaker than other animals.

These animals need humans, and they depend on humans to survive much longer. Who are these animals?

Below are the different animals that depend on humans to survive much longer:


Animals That Depend On Humans

Chickens are great pets because they can show empathy, and they have compassion towards humans. They can speak to each other, and they can dream about something. Sometimes they dream about their owners. 

There are many species of chickens around the world, and the largest species of all is the jersey giant chicken. Other large chicken breeds are the Brahma, Cochin, and Orpington.

Chickens don’t have enough strength to defend themselves from various predators. They need human protection to grow and live more. Also, chickens have no survival instincts, and they need humans to survive.

Humans who feed on chickens don’t butcher small chickens because they believe that even though chickens are built for food, they still have to experience living and growing. They butcher large chickens that are old and will die very soon. 


Animals That Depend On Humans

There are two types of cattle, a female called cows and a male called bulls. If some of you are confused about the difference between cows and bulls, then the answer is above. 

Cows are less aggressive than bulls because cows are women, and we all know the women are gentle and kind, but not all female animals are gentle and kind, and that’s a different story. 

Cattles need humans, especially cows. Why? Because if cows are not milked, it will continuously produce milk that will cause extreme pain on their breasts especially if they don’t have a calf who will feed on them and consume their milk.

Cows need humans to get the milk they store inside their breasts. It is not only beneficial for cattle to stay with humans, but it also benefits humans because of the different things cattle provide for us.


Animals That Depend On Humans

Dogs are part of the canine group, and they are the usual pets for animal lovers like me. There are many breeds of dogs that live on Earth. There are small and large dogs. You may be asking why dogs are included in this list.

Dogs are included in this list because even though they have sharp teeth and some dogs have robust physiques, their defensive mechanisms are not enough to survive in the wild. That is why they need humans.

That is why you will see many dog movements where they adopt stray dogs and keep them in a safe shelter. Stray dogs will end up to be dead sooner than dogs who are in the hands of humans. Dogs that are in the human’s hands become more healthy and most likely to live longer. 

Small dog breeds indeed need to be in humans’ hands. Why? Because they are small and they cannot survive on the streets and in the wild. Small dogs are like babies that don’t grow, and they are a breed of dogs that solely depend on humans for survival. 


Animals That Depend On Humans

Sheep are also awesome animals! They have a 360-degree vision and their wool grows forever, that is why they are the supplier for human coats. Sheep have rectangular pupils and have an excellent sense of smell. They are smart and can self-medicate!

However, even though sheep have these unbelievable abilities, they still need humans to survive. They are prone to dangerous predators like wolves and foxes because they are weak even though they live in groups. Sheep need a shepherd to survive.

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Cats are small types of lions, and they are the smallest Felidae species. They have the same personality as the lions when it comes to being independent. Cats are more independent than dogs, and cats love to be alone sometimes. 

However, even though cats are independent, they still need human company even if they don’t show it. Yes, cats need you for food and safety, but there are more than that. Cats love humans so much, even if they are not too blunt to show it. 

Cats may also always look angry. Even though cats look angry, they are still compassionate animals and have empathy for humans. 


Animals That Depend On Humans

Pandas are cute animals from China. They can camouflage, and their eyes are different compared to the usual bears. Mother pandas also protect their cubs in the first month. Pandas are a great helping hand for humans. 

Pandas are incapable of interacting with the world around them by themselves. They need caregivers to survive. Also, there are only a few species of pandas left right now. They need humans to preserve their species. 


Animals That Depend On Humans

Horses are a great companion for humans, and they are the first cars of humans. Humans use horses as transportation because they are capable of moving fast and they can move farther than humans. With horses, people can travel overland at long distances at a faster pace.

Horses need humans also to survive. They also can remember their owners and love to have some sort of relationship with their owners. Horses have weak defensive mechanisms that make them more prone to predators, which is why horses need humans.

Why Are These Animals Depend On Humans?

Animals above indeed need humans to survive. However, there are still many animals that also need human companions to survive, especially the animals who are in danger of losing their species. 

Endangered wild animals depend on humans, and they need our help so that their species will survive. For example, the kakapo, or flightless parrot, these birds depend on humans for protection and survival. 

Like I have said above, all animals have their defensive mechanisms. So why would they need us if they have their way of defending themselves?

Why do animals need humans? Animals need humans with good intentions for them. Humans with good intentions for animals become a great companion for animals, especially for animals that are endangered and domesticated. Animals need these types of humans for protection, shelter, preservation, and survival. 

Humans that have no good intentions for animals would be better off and better not to exist. Why? Because humans like this destroy the habitat of animals, bring pollution, and they are overhunting which is the sole reason for wiping out some species.  

However, even though some animals need a human companion, most animals don’t need the companion of humans and they do not prefer the company of humans.

Animals That Humans Need To Survive

If some animals need humans to survive, we also need animals to survive. Below are the animals that humans need to survive.


These little flying creatures look dangerous because people only know them for their stings. However, bees are helpful to humans because they are the ones who transport pollen from one flower to another flower, and they do this every day. 

Pollination is essential because it is the reason why we have fruits, and it will help more plants to grow. I can’t imagine Earth without plants, flowers, and trees. Let’s thank bees because of their hard work. 


There are 12,000 species of ants around the planet, and you can find them almost everywhere, even at your house. Ants may be a pest on our eyes, but they also have a purpose in our ecosystem. 

Ants are responsible for decomposition. Also, they are responsible to make the plants grow. That is why they dig into the dirt and build tunnels to allow water and oxygen to reach the root of the plants.


These creatures can look scary, but to be honest with you, bats are not dangerous to humans, like what movies try to put into your minds. There are 1200 species of bats, and they are the second-largest order of mammals on the Earth. 

Because of their ability to fly, it is easy for them to catch insects and easier for them to perform their task to control the population of insects. Bats eat many types of insects that are pests for humans. 

Insects like mosquitoes can carry dangerous and deadly diseases like malaria and dengue fever. Luckily, we have our bats that can eat 1000 mosquitoes an hour. 


Even though frogs can look gross, they still have a purpose on our planet. They serve as bio-indicators because their skin can absorb different substances. They change their skins as an indication if there is some contamination happening. 

Also, frogs play an essential role in the food chain. They can be both predator and prey because they eat insects like bats, and they are also food for other big animals. Tadpoles eat algae that help the water to be clean. 


Fishes are food for humans and other predators like eagles. However, there are more essential purposes fishes have. According to scientists, fish can help reduce the impacts of climate change using their excrement, and their excrement can reduce the acidity of oceans. 

Fishes have healthy nutrients for humans and other animals. They fight hunger and malnutrition because they are the source of proteins and healthy fats. 


Worms can be seen around the world and even at your house. They look gross, but these slimy little creatures can help to reduce the number of wastes people make. 

Worms have a large role in decomposition. Without them, our world would look like a garbage can full of thrashes. They clean dead animals, dead plants, and other human-produced specks of dirt. Worms also help the plants to grow because of their wonderful composting system. 


There are a total of 10,000 species of birds flying around the world. Although they look like floating in the sky chilling, they still have a purpose in our ecosystem. 

Birds maintain the population of their prey, including insects and small monkeys. They are also good decomposers, and they are important in plant reproduction because they are known for being pollinators and seed dispersers. 


These creatures are not just a tourist attraction that helps various businessmen to make money. There are 300 different species of primates in the world. 

What do primates do? They provide an essential role in maintaining tropical and subtropical forests. Primates help the forests to grow healthy. Without the trees of the forests, we have no source of carbon and oxygen. 


Butterflies are attracted to flowers that have beautiful and bright colors, and they love to feed on nectar. Butterflies are pollinators. How do they do that?

When they eat nectar from plants, they collect pollen, and carry it, and put it on other plants. Butterflies help flowers, trees, fruits, and vegetables to produce new seeds. Plants need butterflies to reproduce. 


Planktons are microscopic algae that cannot be seen with human eyes. These small living creatures have a vital role in our environment. What is its purpose? 

Plankton’s purpose is to feed billions of marine animals, including the large whales. They just don’t feed the fishes, but they are also the reason why all living organisms can breathe. 

Phytoplankton absorbs energy from the sun and nutrients from the water, which are the two ingredients for photosynthesis. Planktons are responsible for half of the world’s oxygen while the other half is from the trees and plants.


Beavers are one of the largest living rodents in the world. They have thick fur, and they have powerful jaws and teeth to build homes from trees and to chop down trees. 

Beavers’ role in our ecosystem is by establishing and maintaining wetlands. Beavers enhance their environment by building a habitat for sensitive plants and animals. They also improve water quality. 

Other Animals That Are Helpful To Humans

More animals are considered as helpful to humans. Let’s check them out!


Cows are female cattle, and they are the ones where humans get fresh and healthy milk. Without the cows, we can’t experience their healthy delicious milk. 

Cows are great pets as well because they are loving, compassionate, and have strong memories. Many people love to keep cows as pets, but before doing that, check first my tips before getting a pet cow.


Horses are great transporters for humans, that is why they are considered as one of the helpful animals. Without them, people that live in a generation without cars yet will limit the distance they can travel. 

Horses are also used for carrying and pulling carts, and other heavy things. They also help farmers. Horses are still used in some countries that have no roads as transporters. 


The sole purpose of dogs is to assist humans by performing different tasks that will make human lives easier. They also remind us to be more mindful of our world. 

Dogs also make humans happy because of the personality and attitude they show us. Also, dogs help humans with depression to be happy and to fight their sadness. 


Like horses, camels are also used by humans as transportation, but this time in deserts. Humans have used camels for thousands of years as transportation in the desert because camels are capable of long walks in deserts even if it is hot or cold at night.


Goats are also a helpful pet for humans, and they use goats for milk. Goats are related to sheep but have a lighter build, and have horns that look backward. Female goats are called nannies, and immature goats are called kids.


Humans keep chickens as pets because they are a good source of eggs and sometimes food. Also, some humans illegally use them to make some money on cockfighting, which I am not in favor of.


Donkeys are small versions of horses. Likewise, donkeys have also been used as transportation for humans for over a thousand years. They are like horses like I have said, but they are not as strong as horses, and can only pull and carry limited weight.

Finals Words

We are nature, and we have been created to help each other. Animals need humans, and humans need animals as well to survive. We have to take care of the habitats of the animals because if their habitats got ruined, these animals might go instinct, and we can experience starvation and chaos.

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Jake runs AnimalDome.com and has had cats and dogs his entire life. As a kid his family adopted several dogs from the local shelter which set him down the path of animal rescue.
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