Can Cows Be Pets? Everything You Should Know Before Getting A Pet Cow!

Yeah, it is nice to have a pet dog inside the house, but have any of you considered trying to take care of a pet Cow? Who does not want a pet Cow? They are helpful, and they are so adorable and cute. 

Let me tell you one thing if you want to take care of a pet Cow.

Can Cows be good pets? Yes! Cows can be good pets, especially if you have a farm and you need a companion to take care of your farm! Cows are loving and caring, and they are smart and can recognize people easily because they have large memories. If you take care of them with love and nicely, they will also treat you the same!

However, there are some things you need to consider before getting a pet Cow because without considering these things, you will be in trouble even though Cows can be good pets. 

Let’s dig a little deeper and learn more about Cows to see if you are compatible to take care of a pet Cow. 

What Is A Cow?

Before we proceed to essential things, let’s first know what a Cow is. The Cow is a female Cattle, and male Cattles are called Bulls. So just you know, we are talking about Cows here, which means female Cattles.

Why female Cattles? Because Cows are easier to tame. They are more friendly than the Bulls, and Cows are more useful than the Bulls. Cows can be a great pet, and they can be a source of healthy dairy products for you and your family. 

Now that you know what a Cow is, let’s proceed to some important things!

are cows good pets

Things To Consider Before Buying A Pet Cow

Before buying a pet Cow, I suggest you first read these things you should consider before getting one. It will help both of you and your pet Cow in the long term.

What Type Of Cow Do You Like To Get?

First, you have to decide what type of Cow you like to get. There are two types of Cows: beef cattle and dairy cattle. Beef Cattle are raised to become food, while the Dairy Cattles are kept to supply milk. 

Each type of Cows needs a different kind of care and requirements to maintain their healthy bodies so that they can serve you well. 

Also, there are many breeds of Cows, and you should choose wisely. Inspect first the Cow you will get before finally purchasing it. Check if they are healthy, if they have pests, or if they have any health issues before. 

Deciding what type of pet Cow and checking them first before purchasing them will help you in the long run and not hurt your pocket.

Do You Have Enough Space For Your Pet Cow?

Before getting a pet Cow, check first if you have a wide field or a wide space for your pet Cow. If you are thinking of placing your pet Cow inside your house, then probably you have to think again. 

Cows need a safe and wide space so that they can play, exercise, and eat peacefully. I won’t suggest people who don’t have enough space to get a pet Cow because it will not only hurt your pocket but also your pet Cow.

What Are You Going To Feed To Your Pet Cow?

The type of food you will give to your pet Cow depends on what kind of Cow you have. Even though all Cows love to eat grass, you need supplements to keep your dairy Cows healthy. 

Also, if you are living in a cold country, you need to have hay during winters for both of your beef Cows and dairy Cows because the grass is dormant at that time. 

The size of your Cows depends on how much they eat. The larger the Cow, the more it needs a supplement. You should make sure that you have enough money to maintain your pet Cow. Of course, you don’t want to get broke maintaining your pet Cow! This won’t only hurt you but also your pet Cow. 

How Experienced Are You Into Cows?

You don’t need to have a four-year course to maintain a Cow. But of course, you need to know about each Cow before buying one. Make sure that you have enough knowledge before you decide to get a pet Cow. 

If it is your first time to buy a Cow, ask somebody who is an expert about Cows. Also, you might consider finding a breed that is more gentle and relaxed. Never buy a Cow without having enough information about them. We have the internet that will make it easier for you to research. 

How Committed Are You In Taking Care Of A Cow?

Of course, you have to know how committed you are to taking care of a Cow. If you think you will only feel committed for the first months and get bored after, then you should not get a pet Cow. 

Ask yourself, how committed am I? Am I ready to take new responsibilities? Like I have said above, Cows can be a pet but only if you have enough money and enough space for them. It will be hard to maintain a Cow, seriously.

If you are committed enough to take care of a Cow, then you get one. Yes, it will be hard to maintain a Cow, but it will pay off in the long term, especially if you are already getting some milk from them, which I consider yummy and healthy!

Decided To Buy A Cow? What’s Next?

Now that you have read the things to consider before buying a Cow and you have decided to get a Cow let me tell you a little more information.

How Much Does A Cow Cost?

Cows can be seen on any farm or wide-field where the grass is abundant. Here in my country, I see lots of Cows whenever I go for a vacation in some provinces. Generally speaking, Cows are cheap, and you buy them at a low price. 

How much do Cows cost? The price of a Cow depends on age, breed, and size. However, generally speaking, a Cow will cost you between $3,000 and $7,000. A Heifer Calf will cost you less between $500 and $1000. The dairy Cows and beef Cows can also have different prices.

Like I have said, the price of a Cow depends on its age, breed, weight, and type. Ask the seller what their price is and if the price sounds good to your ears, then grab it. But never forget to consider the things I have said above before buying one. 

There are two things I would advise you when you are ready to buy a Cow. First is you should first check the Cow if it’s healthy and if it has no pests. You should know what the difference is between a healthy Cow and a sick Cow. 

The second is to make sure you bargain. Some sellers of Cows make their Cow’s price higher even though the price doesn’t suit their Cow’s features. Make sure to check the Cow if it’s worth the price and offer your final deal.

How Much Does A Cow Cost Annually?

The prices above are only for buying one Cow. It does not include your Cow’s food, maintenance, and supplements. 

To make your pet Cow healthy, you have to spend at least between $500 and $1500. This includes their food, vitamins, and their maintenance. It will cost you less if you have abundant grass in your fields. 

Cows need 40 and 50 pounds of hay per day if they are meat Cows. On the other side, if your Cow is a Dairy Cow, it can eat as much as 100 pounds a day. If you plan to buy hay for a whole year, it will cost you between $500 and $1000. 

However, if you can grow grass on your field, buying hay will be only necessary during winter, and it will cost you between $200 and $300. 

Other costs that you need to include are:

  • Corn, Oats, and Barley
  • Vet Bills if your Cows get sick
  • Vitamins and supplements
  • Maintenance of their house
  • Other needs like halters and other pieces of equipment

Where Can I Buy A Cow?

Like I have said, you can see Cows almost anywhere you go, especially if you are living in a province. You have many options on where to purchase a Cow even on the internet there are websites where you buy a Cow!

However, it is much safer to buy personally to check the Cow first. But let me give you some trustable sites where you can buy Cows.

Do Pet Cows Can Be Kept In Your House?

Before you buy a pet Cow, make sure that you have a wide field or farm where your Cows can have a peaceful life and enough space to play and have some fun. They also need to play and run sometimes to keep them healthy. Also, it is essential to have a barn so that you can keep your Cows indoors.

Can pet Cows be kept in your house? No. Pet Cows can’t be kept inside your house because your pet Cow and your family will be overcrowded. Your pet Cow needs to have its place where it is not crowded. So make sure you have enough space where you can build a house for your pet Cow.

Are Cows Friendly To Humans?

If you are thinking you buy a Cow, then I am sure you have asked yourself if Cows are friendly to humans. 

Are Cows friendly to humans? Yes! Cows are friendly to humans. They are loyal and playful animals. However, their behavior still depends on how you treat them. If you treat them badly then they will do the same to you. Bulls are more aggressive than Cows because it is part of their natural defense. 

Cows can be a great pet especially if you are looking for a tough and loyal companion on your farm. Bulls can also be a companion but be careful because they are much more aggressive than Cows. Cows are female cattle that is why they are less aggressive than Bulls. 

Are Cows Can Be A Better Pets Than Dogs?

Every animal can be called a pet, but what is a pet? Pet is subjective, and it does not only refer to the animals living inside your house because they can be referred also to animals that you care for and love but living outside of your house. Even wild animals like lions can be called pets if you have a lion and you care and love them. 

However, there is one question that people asked on Quora related to Cows, and we will answer it now!

Can Cows be better pets than Dogs? The answer to this question is no. Why? Because Cows can be a worse pet than Dogs if you don’t know how to take care of them. Cows are larger than Dogs, and they require more to stay alive and healthy. They require more money, more attention, and more space.

are cows good pets

However, Cows can give more value to you than Dogs if you take care of them nicely. Why? Because Cows produce milk which is healthy for you. Also, Cow’s affection is like Dogs. They also love their owners, and they will show it in various ways. 

Even though Dogs are easier to take care of than Cows, it is still considered that Cows can be a good pet. Cows are as smart as Horses, and they are much smarter than Dogs. It would be a great idea to have a pet Cow!

Do Cows Like To Be Petted?

Like all animals, Cows also love to be touched. Touch is one-way animals, and humans show affection to each other. Also, touching is one way to make others comfortable with you. 

Do Cows like to be petted? Yes, of course! Cows love to be petted, and they are addicted to it! Cows also wanted to be well-groomed, and they love the touch of the brush when taking a bath. Also, it will establish a strong relationship between you and your pet Cow when you pet them always!

7 Best Type Of Cows That Can Be A Good Pet

Below are the different types of Cattles or Cows that can be a good pet and docile:

Blonde d’Aquitaine

The Blond d’Aquitaine is a type of Cattle breed from the Garonne River region in France in 1962. They have been popular in France and were imported to the U.S in 1972.

Blonds are the type of Cattle that is large where Bulls weigh 2,600 pounds, and Cows weigh between 1400-1800 pounds. They vary in colors from white to brown. 

Even though they look scary because they are big, Blonds are friendly and love to be with humans. They are docile and have heat tolerance. 

British White

The British White is a type of Cattle breed from East Anglia, England. They are also called Polled White Park. 

The British White were imported to America in 1941. These Cattles are known for being tough, being hardy, and they are considered yummy beef.  

The British White Bulls weigh 1,500 pounds while the British White Cows weigh 1,000 pounds. They look similar to the White Park Cattle, but the only difference they have is that White Park has horns while British White does not have.


The Devon Cattle is originally from England. They are also known as the Beef Devon, North Devon, Red Devon, and Red Ruby. 

The Devon Bulls weigh 2,200 pounds, and the Cows weigh 1,100 pounds. They are known for being adaptable, they mature early, friendly towards humans, and also have both cold and hot weather tolerance. 


The Galloway Cattle is originally from Galloway, Scotland, and the breed was formed in 1862. Galloways were imported to America in 1882. They started as a dual-purpose breed, but today they are only kept for their beef.

Galloways are known for being hard, tough, easy to manage, and for being friendly. They come in some cool colors ranging from brown to dun. Galloways can tolerate cold weather because of their shaggy coat. 

Lincoln Red

The Lincoln Red Cattle originated from Lincolnshire, England. Likewise, they are a dual-purpose breed before, but today they are being kept for their beef. 

The Lincoln Red Bulls weigh 2000 pounds, and Cows weigh 1,500 pounds. They are known for being tough. They can thrive on less than great feed, they mature fast, and for being friendly. Also, Lincoln Red has a beautiful and strong coat.


The Hereford Cattle originated from Herefordshire outside of London, England. They were imported to the United States in 1847. 

This breed is popular, and you can find them on any farm with Cattles. Hereford can have horns, and some can have no horns. 

Herefords are popular for their ability to grow fast, produce quality beef, and for being docile. 

Holstein Friesian Cattle

Holstein Friesian Cattle is a breed that has delicious milk! They originated from the Dutch provinces of North Holland and Friesland, and in some parts of Germany. 

The Holstein Friesian Cattles are known for having delicious milk and for high milk production. They are also easy to handle Cows, resistant to stress, and love to live in groups, and they are not solitary animals.

7 Interesting Facts About Cows

1. Cows spend 10 to 12 hours a day lying down

Cows are animals that love to lie down after eating. That is why Cows are considered one of the most chill animals in the world. 

When you go into a farm, you will notice Cows lying down always even if the sun is around they will still lie down. 

2. Domestic Cows sleep 4 hours a day

Domestic Cows sleep 4 hours a day, and they can sleep while standing up. They lie down for 12 hours a day, and they sleep 30 minutes only during that time. If their resting surface is not comfortable, they will reduce their resting time.

3. A dairy Cow eat 100 pounds of feed each day if they are milking

Cows that are milking are more likely to feed 100 pounds of hay each day. Why? Because they produce tons of milk, and they lose energy. Cows need to eat to regain the energy they’ve lost. 

4. Cows enjoy rubdown

Like any other animals, Cows love being touched or being rubbed. They love being touched on their head and tummy by their owners. They feel comfortable and relaxed when they are being touched.

5. Cows have 32 teeth

Yes, Cows have a total of 32 teeth. They chew 50 times in a minute, and they move their jaws 40,000 times a day! Cows love to eat!

6. Cows spend 8 hours a day eating

Yes! Cows love to eat, and they spend 8 hours a day eating. They are stubborn animals. Why? Because after that 8 hours, they will lie down for 12 hours.

7. Cows urinate 30 gallons per day

Cows can consume 30 to 50 gallons of water per day that is why they urinate 30 gallons per day. Also, to add up, Cows produce 60 pounds of manure. So it will be a hard cleanup every day.

Final Words

Cows can be a great companion especially if you have a farm. They can be a good pet because they are also affectionate like Dogs. However, having a pet Cow is not an easy task because it will require you to be committed. 

Being committed to having a pet Cow will pay off later. They will give you healthy milk if you take care of them. You will reap everything you sow or invested in your pet Cow. Otherwise, it will be a waste of time and a waste of money for you if you don’t plan first before getting a Cow.

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