How much Food Do Great Danes Eat Daily & weekly?

   Great Danes are huge dogs, and they are great, just like their name. Also, this dog earns too much love from the character Marmaduke and Scooby doo. Great Danes are the friendly and good-tempered dogs you can have, and also, you know what and how much they eat? Great Dane owners have to deal with some concerns due to their power and size.

   Fortunately, these gentle giants are pleasing and mostly obey your commands. Feeding them proper food according to a schedule is crucial to keep these dogs happy and healthy. So, how much food do Great Danes eat? Let’s discover this in that guide.

Why is a Proper Diet Essential for a Great Dane?

   Great Danes are capable of eating. You must feed them a proper diet to keep them active so they can play with you and the children. Usually, some owners don’t know what to feed a Dane to keep them healthy and fit. Generally, a Great Dane eats 6-12 cups of food per day. So, make sure they are getting a lot of nutrients.

   Their diet must contain high protein to main their big muscles and body healthy. These dogs also need enough fat for energy as per their requirements. Vitamins and minerals are also crucial for your dog to keep healthy. A good diet also contains plenty of water so that your Great Dane will stay hydrated.

Great Dane Feeding Chart

   A food chart tells about your Great Dane’s current weight and activity level. For instance, if your pooch plays all the time, goes on running or walks, then he is very active. Also, if he is lazy in exercise, then your Great Dane is normal. If you are unsure about your Dane’s activity level, you can check its weight to get a diet according to its level.

   If your Great Dane shows some health issues or symptoms, consult the vet for a better idea of feeding him properly. Here are the guidelines. But still, every dog is different, so keep an eye on him while changing the food. If you observe any change in its eating habits, contact the veterinarian.

Great Dane’s weight lbs/kgsFood weight in cups and grams for high activity DaneFood weight in cups and grams for normal activity Dane
110lbs / 50kg8 cups (765g)7 cups (634g)
121lbs / 55kg9 cups (822g)7 ½ cups (681g)
132lbs / 60kg9 5/8 cups (877g)8 cups (727g)
143lbs / 65kgTen ¼ cups (931g)8 ½ cups (772g)
154lbs / 70kgTen ¾ cups (985g)9 cups (816g)
165lbs / 75kg11 3/8 cups (1037g)9 3/8 cups (859g)
176lbs / 80kg11 7/8 cups (1088g)9 7/8 cups (902g)

How much does an Adult Great Dane Eat a Day?

How much does an Adult Great Dane Eat a Day

   An energetic adult Great Dane can consume more than 2500 calories per day. So, they must need to eat high rich nutrient food daily. An appropriate amount of minerals and vitamins are essential in their caloric needs to stay healthy. You should go for dog food that is specially made for giant dogs to provide the right amount of nutrients.

   Many brands offer extra-large dog diet options that focus on giant dogs’ needs, such as Great Danes. Feeding your pooch in a lifted feeder also prevents bloating. However, using these bowls need some practice to use them correctly. All these suggestions are for adult Great Danes. A Great Dane puppy has different requirements and concerns.

Feeding Female Great Dane per day

   A female Great Dane will eat 6-8 cups of food per day. Also, if a female Dane is active, it can eat more than these cups due to its temperament.

Feeding Male Great Dane per day

   Typically, a male Great Dane eats more than a Female one. Generally, they eat 8-10 cups daily. Also, your Great Dane’s food quantity depends on his activity level, age, and food quality. Do not buy a poor-quality diet for your pooch by thinking that you will save money like that. No, never ever do that. Also, excessive calories and nutrition are harmful to their health.

How to Create a Consistent Feeding Schedule for a Great Dane?

   A feeding schedule helps your Great Dane in many different ways. A feeding schedule helps to train them for potty at a younger age because you know their eating timing and can handle them when they are learning. The feeding schedule also gives awareness to your dog about the security of changes such as new dog food, new people, etc.

   A schedule is the best way to observe changes in your Dane’s eating that can sign health issues. A feeding schedule also prevents your dog from overeating, as overeating leads to bloating and stomach issues that can negatively affect your dog’s health.

  So, you should feed your Great Dane two meals daily for about 12 hours separately. Also, you can feed them three times daily if your vet recommends it.

Checkout best Nutrition for your Danes:

Dietary considerations for an Adult Great Dane  

   When looking for food for your giant dog, ensure that it meets all the nutrients your dog requires. The diet must contain high protein and fat to keep them healthy. The diet must contain 450 calories a cup for enough energy. The protein content in the diet should be 23-30% and fat almost 14%.

   Big dogs like Great Danes also require enough vitamins and minerals. Extreme caloric food will keep your pooch healthy, active, and at a proper weight. Also, you must read the dog food labels before purchasing them, as all dog foods are different. So, here are a few things that are essential in Great Dane food.

Avoid Bloat Sources

   The major health issue in Great Danes is bloating. It leads to many health problems. A feeding schedule can prevent this issue in dogs. An appropriate food also keeps your Dane bloat-free. So, go for low grain or grain-free diets for your pooch, as your dog will absorb these diets better and have fewer gastric issues.

Go for a Giant Dog Food

   Dog food brands know that giant dogs need special nutrient requirements. You can search for several brands and diets for large or extra-large breeds. Even if the food bag labels that it is made for large breeds, you must still check its nutrient amount to ensure the right quantity of things.

Protein must be the 1st Ingredient

   Look for a diet that has protein as the 1st ingredient. Meat is an excellent source of protein, so the food must contain enough meat for high protein.  

Choose Essential Vitamins and Minerals

   If a Great Dane is not getting the appropriate nutrients, there is a possibility of getting hungry constantly and overeating. Make sure that the dog diet contains enough nutrients that your pooch needs. Joint issues are common in big dogs. So, search for food with omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, glucosamine, and chondroitin that concentrate on joint and bone health.

Great Dane Feeding Tips

Great Dane Feeding Tips

   It is challenging to give a Great Dane proper nutrients. Usually, they do not have eating issues, but you have to give them the right stuff to eat. Here are a few tips to keep your massive four-legged friend healthy.

Follow the Schedule

   Make a schedule that is beneficial for you and your Dane. Then feed him according to schedule to maintain his health. Also, fundamental changes to the feeding schedule of your Great Dane can lead to anxiety and stress. If you want to change the schedule, do it slowly so that your Dane adjusts according to it.

Avoid Free-Feeding

   Some dogs eat more than their fill. Don’t worry; Great Danes are not these types of dogs. If you give food to Danes, they will eat. Also, some Great Danes continuously eat until they are full.

Don’t Give too many Treats

   Too many treats can be an issue for your dog. Ya, you love to see your pooch happy when it sees a bag of treats in your hand. You should keep treats lessening so that your four-legged friend stays in shape.  

What are the Types of Food for an Adult Great Dane?

   You should ask what do not Great Danes eat rather than what they eat, as it is a simple question. There are many varieties of dog food in the market. Further than wet food, you can also go for dry dog food and natural homemade food. Also, you have to adjust the quantity of dry dog food to feed your pooch.

   Even if you shift to the other dog food, make you’re your Great Dane is getting the right amount of nutrients. You can give your doggy multiple sources by keeping track of the nutrients. You can also take help from an app or journal for numerous food to record their consumption.

What are the Food Problems Concerning Adult Great Dane?

   Great Danes enjoy eating and are delightful eaters, but they can still face some food problems. So, dealing with these issues properly can keep your pooch healthy and shining.

Apathetic About their Food

   It can be a problem to leave food in the bowl or not eat the food. The reason for this can be that your Dane does not like the current food so try to feed him something else. If they are still not eating, consult the veterinarian for an opinion.

Fast Eating

   Sometimes Great Danes can eat too fast. To prevent this, spreading their diet over a day, such as three meals rather than two in a day, will extend their eating.


   It is the most common issue in Great Dane puppies than in adults. Diarrhea is the result of eating too fast. As I told you before, Danes are not fussy eaters, so if your pooch is facing loose stools, it might be due to eating too fast or overeating. Contact the veterinarian about this problem.

Want more Food

   If you are feeding your Great Dane the right amount of food, you should not worry about it. Though, if you want your dog to eat more according to the activity level, increase the quantity of food.

How much Cost does it take to Feed a Great Dane?

   Great Danes are expensive dogs. A Dane can eat a 30-pound bag of dog food in a minimum of two weeks. You must have a budget of $80-$100 for the dog food of your lovely friend. Generally, an active Great Dane might eat more than that amount.

   Also, there are cheap dog food options on the market, but often those don’t provide the right nutrients. Choosing cheap dog food might harm and make them sick and also can cause health problems. So, choose brands like Royal Canin, Blue Buffalo, etc.


Should I Free-Feed my Great Dane?

   You must not free-feed your Great Dane. These dogs love eating and do not leave any single kibble in the bowl you place for them. Even if it is a full bag of dog food, you must be a responsible pet parent to feed them the right portioned meals.

   You can also give your dog treats, but choose a healthy one that is low in calories. That means a high-calorie treat is harmful to them. Also, ensure Great Dane does not get too many treats; otherwise, it will be hard for them to digest.

How often do Great Danes need to Eat?

   Do not feed your Great Dane only once a day as it will cause bloating. Feeding them twice a day is best. Also, you can portion the meal three times, if possible.

Why is my Great Dane Always Hungry?

   It can be due to poor nutrition, food competition, inherent medical condition, and irregular feeding schedule. If you solve these issues, you can slow down your dog’s eating.

How could I know if my Great Dane is under-Feeding?

   You should look at your Great Dane’s waist; if it extremely curdles rather than a gradual slope, your pooch might be underfeeding. Also, if you can see your dog’s ribs and there is no fat on them, he is facing underfeeding. Another symptom is a bald patch on the body, which means your dog is underfeeding due to nutrition issues. So, consult the vet.

What kind of Dog Food is Best for Great Dane?

   The best dog foods for Great Danes are Blue Buffalo life protection large breed dog food, Royal, Canin Great Dane adult dog food, Eukanuba Large breed dry dog food, My Ollie lamb flavor large breed dog food, and Hill’s Science Diet adult dog food.

Wrapping up

   A Great Danes love you more than a diet. These dogs follow the owner and trust that the owner will take care of them. These gentle four-legged giants eat happily if they do not have something to do. So, it is your duty to guide them properly. Cuddling is also as important as treating or giving snacks to your Great Dane.

   So, a feeding chart will lead to a proper diet. If you love and treat your Great Dane well, I bet you these are far better than any human companion. I hope it helps you a lot. If you still have any questions, comment below. I will respond as soon as I can. Thanks for reading!

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