How much to Feed a Great Dane Puppy (Daily & Weekly)

   You must have a Great Dane puppy; that’s why you have come to this article. Great Danes are huge companions and best friends of his master. They need a special diet to maintain their body and weight. Usually, Great Dane puppies need high-quality and nutritious food for growth. They have a big appetite and a massive size body to support.

   You must want your Great Dane puppy to develop healthy and strong. This breed grows faster than others, so you should feed a great Dane puppy a complete diet, including an appropriate amount of fat, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, fiber, and minerals. These nutrients will prevent various diseases in your Great Dane puppy.

   In this article, I have lighted the feeding of a Great Dane puppy that how much to feed your Great Dane puppy, including a feeding chart, feeding according to weeks, etc. Read on for more information about feeding your Great Dane puppy.

What is the Recommended Daily Amount of Food For a Great Dane Puppy?

   A Great Dane puppy requires almost 2500 to 3000 calories per day. A Great Dane puppy needs more calories than an adult Great Dane because a puppy is growing, so he needs more calories to maintain his body development. 2500 calories are enough for an adult Great Dane.

   Feed your pup in portions three times a day. Make a schedule for feeding your puppy a balanced diet to make him healthy. The quantity of diet depends on the puppy’s size, activity level, and gender. So, a Great Dane puppy needs ten to fifteen cups of food daily.

Feeding Chart of a Great Dane Puppy

AgeAmount of Food in a DayNo. of Meals in a Day
Two Months2 to 3 Cups in a DayThree Meals
Three Months3 to 5 Cups in a DayTwo Meals
Four Months4 to 6 Cups in a DayTwo Meals
Five to Six Months5 to 8 Cups in a DayTwo Meals
Seven to Eight Months6 to 9 Cups in a DayTwo Meals
Nine to Ten Months7 to 10 Cups in a DayTwo Meals
Ten to Twelve Months7 to 10 Cups in a DayTwo Meals

Feeding your Great Dane Puppy According to Weeks

Feeding your Great Dane Puppy According to Weeks

   Feeding your Great Dane puppy according to weeks is as follows:

2 Weeks old

   At the age of two weeks, a Great Dane puppy opens his eyes and notices everything around him. A Great Dane puppy entirely depends on his mother’s milk; if possible, a nurse also takes care of him. Look after your puppy; if he is not gaining weight like other pups, then boost his diet nutrients.

3 Weeks old

   A Great Dane puppy still depends on his mother’s milk and is fed in her attention at three weeks. At this age, he starts moving around and is aware of different things. But still, your puppy is weak to eat food and wean.

4 Weeks old

   A Great Dane puppy still relies on his mother’s milk at 4 weeks. But you can also feed food to your puppy. Feed him puppy food mixed with 75% water, and the food will be one-quarter. If your puppy sees the food and does not eat it, then take the food away. Give your pup time to settle on food. Feed him again after some time, and he will eat a small nibble because his stomach is small.

5 Weeks old

   Feed your puppy a mixture of water and food at five weeks. He also drinks his mother’s milk at this age. Check out that your puppy is developing properly. If he is small than other dogs, consult the vet. Also, if your puppy is not taking milk or food, feed him a formula diet.

6 Weeks old

   Your Great Dane puppy will start eating food mixture at six weeks. If he is eating the food mixture without stomach issues, minimize the amount of water in the food and maximize the quantity. Also, if he is enjoying the food, switch him to food. But he still can rely on his mother’s nursing.

7 Weeks old

   Seven-week-old Great Dane puppies are sometimes weaned from their mothers. At this point, most Great Dane’s mothers will be restless and eager to nurse. The dog mothers will likely offer the puppies milk before they run off again. Now, your puppy is eating food without any problem. But if he is facing some issues in eating food, again, start feeding him food mixed with water.

8 Weeks old

   Your Great Dane puppy grew big at eight weeks. At this age, the puppy separates from his mother. A Great Dane puppy should not have difficulties adjusting to the new environment; weaning is relatively easy. Feed your puppy food 3-4 times per day for better growth. Keep track of what he ate by taking away any uneaten food.

9 Weeks old

   Now your puppy is a big dog at nine-week. He will start eating food and can adjust to a new house. He will need more food for his big appetite. Feed your Great Dane puppy almost four cups of food and divide the cups into equal portions. Give 3-4 meals for gaining weight and growing properly. Also, set a feeding schedule for your pooch.

10 Weeks old

   Your Great Dane puppy has a lot of energy at ten weeks. He will need a lot of calories for his growth. He will need almost five to six cups of diet a day. Also, the food depends on his appetite. If your pooch is weak and thin, increase his food.

11 Weeks old

   Organize your pup’s feeding schedule strictly at 11 weeks of his age. If he does not eat food, feed him again after a few minutes. It will help your puppy to learn the feeding schedule. Feed him broken meals to avoid bloating and stomach problems. Also, do not overfeed your puppy and ensure he eats well for healthy digestion.

1 Year old

    Your Great Dane puppy is a fast eater at one year old. He is full of energy and playfulness. Give your Great Dane puppy food three times daily to support healthy digestion. You can also feed your puppy six cups of food daily because he needs more nutrients for his rapid growth. He needs a lot of food for his massive size.

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Nutrients that a Great Dane puppy Need

Nutrients that a Great Dane puppy Need

   Your puppy needs a proper diet that contains all nutrients for his digestion and huge size. So, these are the following nutrients that your puppy’s diet must contain:


   A Great Dane puppy’s diet must contain carbohydrates. Grain food has healthy carbs, including oatmeal, rice, and barley. Lentils, sweet potatoes, and peas are also good sources of carbohydrates. You can also feed your Great Dane puppy melon, berries, and applesauce. So, carbs are essential for their diet.

Omega Fatty Acids

   Fatty acids are essential for a Great Dane puppy’s growth. These are useful for healthy eyes and the brain. Fatty acids also boost your puppy’s immune system and nourish his skin and coat. It is found in flaxseed, fish oil, and canola oil. So, make these ingredients a part of his diet.


   Dog food must contain protein for growth and survival. It is an essential nutrient. It helps to develop your pup’s muscles, skin, and joints. You can feed your dog plant protein such as starchy vegetables, including chickpeas, lentils, etc. because they have high protein. But still, meat must be the first ingredient in your dog’s food.


   It is also known as a complex carbohydrate that is crucial for your Great Dane puppy’s diet. It helps to balance the digestive system and blood cholesterol level. Fiber also controls the weight of Great Dane and reduces plaque and tartar in teeth. It also manages constipation and diarrhea in Great Dane puppies.

   Fiber contains low calories and keeps your pooch full for a long time. Sweet potatoes, beet pulp, chicory root, and Spanish are good sources of fiber.

Vitamins and Minerals

   A diet high in vitamins and minerals could lead to health concerns for Great Dane. Vitamins and minerals are essential for the development of a Great Dane puppy. Do not give the maximum amount of these nutrients because these can cause skeletal disease in your pup.


   Fat is also important for Great Dane. The diet of a Great Dane puppy must contain 12% of essential fat. They absorb vitamins properly and boost the health of a Great Dane puppy.

Feeding your Great Dane Puppy Wet or Dry Food

   There are many options of diet available to feed your Great Dane puppy. It is related to wet or dry dog food. You must consider your Great Dane puppy’s specific needs to make this decision. Dry dog food is convenient for your Great Dane puppy, but it is not best for all dogs.

   Dry dog food is also safe for your Great Dane puppy. Kibble contains all nutrients that meet your pooch’s needs, and you can also store dry food for a long time. Kibble also removes plaque from the teeth of the Great Dane puppy.

   While wet dog food is packed in pouches and cans that are sold trade-wise, this food causes periodontal disease in dogs and does not remove plaque from the teeth of dogs. Wet dog food has different options, such as raw or homemade dog food.

   It depends on what food you want to feed your Great Dane puppy. Also, Great Danes love to eat kibble and raw diet.

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Dangerous Human Food for a Great Dane Puppy

   Some human foods can harm your Great Dane puppy. These foods can cause diarrhea and stomach problems. Your pup can also die or injure if they eat this food. These are listed below:

  • Chocolate: Chocolate harms your Great Dane puppy and can cause serious damage to his health, including muscle tremors, seizures, and even death.
  • Grapes and raisins: Grapes and raisins are unhealthy for some dogs. These can cause kidney failure in a Great Dane puppy.
  • Alcohol and raw bread dough: Alcohol contains deadly ethanol for your Great Dane puppy. Raw bread dough can harm your pooch’s stomach and cause breathing problems in your pup.
  • Caffeine: Caffeine is toxic to your Great Dane puppy. So, do not feed caffeine to your dog.
  • Onions and garlic: Onions and garlic are also toxic to your Great Dane system. So, avoid feeding it to your pooch.

Human Food that a Great Dane Puppy Can Eat

   A Great Dane puppy can eat many foods from humans. For instance, animal protein is good for your pup. A Great Dane can consume beef, turkey, chicken, eggs, and flesh. You can also feed your pup fruits and vegetables with carbs. Also, exercise and feed your Great Dane puppy a proper diet to avoid being overweight.

   Be careful about feeding your dog. Feed your dog a high-protein diet for optimal health. Also, fiber is good for your dog’s digestive system, such as fruits and veggies.

Can you Free Feed a Great Dane Puppy?

   Free feeding is not good for all dogs as it can cause bloating. But if you want to free-feed your Great Dane puppy, give him kibble. Wet dog food can make him sick. Also, kibble is not ideal for a dog to free-feed. Great Dame Puppies have water in their mouth that can cause leakage of the meal. So, do not overfeed your pooch.


Why is My Great Dane Puppy Always Hungry?

   Some Great Dane puppies are food driven. They might seem like they have not eaten anything. Some puppies scarf down their food quickly and starve for more food. Also, do not overfeed and free-feed your puppy because it can cause rapid growth due to too many calories.

   It also leads to joint and bone problems and causes painful health issues. If your dog eats too fast, feed him slow so that he will eat until his fullness.

Why is My Great Dane Puppy not Eating?

   Your Great Dane puppy is not eating due to stress or weather changes. Also, his stomach is sensitive, and do not have a healthy appetite. So, consult your vet.

Should I Feed My Great Dane Puppy Supplements?

   High-quality puppy food contains complete nutrients that a pup needs. The dog diet already has all nutrition in it. So, do not feed your Great Dane puppy additional supplements. Also, always ask your vet for supplements or add items to your dog’s diet.

When Do I Switch My Great Dane Puppy to Adult Food?

   A Great Dane puppy gets mature after two years old. Switch your puppy to adult food around 12 to 15 months. Also, feed him smooth food to prevent an upset stomach.

How Do I know if I’m Feeding My Great Dane Puppy too Much?

   You are overfeeding your Great Dane puppy if you notice weight gain, diarrhea, bloating, soft stool, vomiting, lethargy, and food left in a bowl.

Wrapping up

   A Great Dane food requires a lot of food to maintain his fast growth. However, you should not overfeed your dog because it can lead to various health issues. Puppy growth can be affected by excessive calories, which result in joint problems. We recommend following our feeding guidelines carefully.

   Your puppy’s size and activity level will determine how much he needs food. Ensure they get the right amount of food by checking their body nutrition. If you want any help, please comment below. Also, share this article with your loved ones. Thank you for reading!

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