6 Best Wet Dog Food for Great Danes | [2022 Reviews]

Your Great Dane needs a diet that helps his growth and is nutritious. They need food that is easy to chew. So wet dog food is a good option for Great Dane. Wet dog food consists of fewer carbs, more protein, and no artificial preservations. That’s a smart choice for dogs.

     So in this article, we will share the best-wet dog food for Great Dane, which we selected after using the product and analyzing the customer reviews so that your dog will enjoy and take advantage of them.

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Wet food or Dry, which is Better for your Dog?

     Wet food is admirable to dry dog food. Also, canned food is full of protein than dry food. Wet dog food is more purified and sealed. It contains no artificial flavors or preservations. It adds natural moisture to Great Dane food. The best advantage of wet dog food for older pets is that it is easy to chew and tastes better.

     The downside of wet dog food is that these are costly than dry dog food, making it unaffordable for large Great Dane. So wet food or canned food is best for Great Dane, but you have to refrigerate it.


Best Pick

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Blue Buffalo Wet Dog Food

  • Flavor: Chicken
  • Item Form: Wet
  • Breed: All breed sizes

Budget Pick

Taste of the Wild Wet Canned Dog Food

  • Flavor: Venison and Bison
  • Item Form: Wet
  • Breed: All breed sizes

Editor Pick

Wellness Complete Wet Canned Dog Food

  • Flavor: Chicken, Salmon
  • Item Form: Wet
  • Breed: All breed sizes

Our Best Wet Dog Food

  1. Blue Buffalo Wet Dog Food (Best Overall)
  2. Taste of the Wild Wet Canned Dog Food (Best under Budget)
  3. Wellness Complete Wet Canned Dog Food (Editor Choice)
  4. Hills Prescription Diet w/d Multi-benefit (Best Premium Food)
  5. Merrick Grain-free Wet Dog Food (Best wet Food)
  6. Canidae All Life Stages Premium Wet Dog Food (Best for Large Breeds)

Reasons to Buy

  • High-quality dog food
  • No corn, soy, and wheat
  • Contain chicken and liver as the main ingredients
  • Affordable
  • A perfect diet for upset stomach and allergies
  • Support lean muscles mass

Reasons to Avoid

  • Several tins per day

Product Description

    Blue Buffalo Wet Dog Food has animal protein that is gained from chicken. This recipe contains 27% fat, 39% protein, and approximate 26% carbs. It produces 71% fat and protein, complete nutrition for all adult dogs.


  • The first ingredient is high-quality protein from real chicken.
  • It includes delicious and antioxidant-rich food.
  • It contains no corn, wheat, chicken or poultry, soy, and artificial flavors.
  • It is a delicious treat for all sizes of breeds.
  • Enhanced with vitamins and minerals.

Company review:

    Blue buffalo is a famous brand that manufactures pet food with natural and high-quality ingredients. Their first ingredient is real meat, and they offer a formula of dog food for all sizes of breeds. So, that is a trusted brand and has an excellent rating.

About the product:

     Blue Buffalo Wet Dog Food has healthy items such as chicken liver, and chicken is the basic ingredient. Also, it is enriched with delicious ingredients, including blueberries, flaxseed, sweet potatoes, cranberries, brown rice, and oatmeal. It contains no artificial colors, corn, wheat, preservations, and soy.

     I have also used this product for my Great Dane, and he loves this Blue Buffalo Wet Dog Food. His stomach was upset, but this diet cured his stomach much better. Also, we examined the review, and customers were delighted with that chicken dinner diet. But this diet is not advisable for giant breeds as it contains too much protein and fats. That is not good for a giant Great Dane with over pounds.

     You can also mix this diet with dry food to make it tastier. I did so, and my Great Dane was over the moon. It is also not expensive as you can buy it easily. Overall, this diet is a brilliant choice for all Great Dane breeds.


First 5 ingredientsChicken, Peas, Chicken liver, chicken broth, Carrots
Best forAll breeds
TextureFinely chopped pate
Life stageMaintenance
Item weight9.4 pounds
Quantity12 Packs

Highlights: This diet is perfect for dogs with sensitive stomachs as it contains natural ingredients.

Reasons to Buy

  • More nutrition and digestible
  • High-quality ingredients
  • Gives shiny and healthy coat to dog
  • Well balanced and grain-free
  • Excellent customer service
  • Contain no wheat and preservations

Reasons to Avoid

  • Not cheap
  • Sometimes cans arrived dented

Product Description:

    Taste of the Wild Wet Canned Dog Food is ideal for Great Danes as it contains nutrient-rich ingredients. It has 3.5% fat, 8% protein, 1.0% fiber, and 80% moisture. It contains no chicken and grain. The proteins and fats are low in this diet, but still, this recipe meets your Great Dane nutritional needs.


  • It contains amino acids and is protein-rich for lean and strong muscles.
  • Real meat is the first ingredient.
  • No artificial colors and preservations.
  • Made with globally sourced ingredients in the USA.
  • Antioxidant-rich recipe
  • Contains probiotic fiber and nutrients from blueberries, sweet potatoes, and raspberries.

Company review:

     Taste of the Wild is an affordable dog and cats food brand that offers a protein-rich and quality diet for your pets. Their first ingredient is always real meat, fowl, or fish. They make amazing protein food that your pets crave: smoked salmon, venison, bison, roasted duck, and Angus beef. So, this brand is highly recommended and has an excellent rating.

About the product:

     This Taste of the Wild Wet Dog Food is a chicken-free and Grain-free diet for your Great Dane. This wet dog food is rich in nutrients that are healthy and ideal for your pooch. The first ingredient is real meat gained from venison, beef, and lamb. It contains lean animal protein that is beneficial for your pet.

    It’s an excellent choice for your grumpy eaters. This diet contains wholesome ingredients that provide vitamins, antioxidants, fats, and minerals. This diet has organ meat in it that is the source of vitamin A which is beneficial for Great Dane’s eyes and boosts the immune system. It is a grain-free formula that gives your Great Dane a complete source of carbohydrates.

    The downside is that it is canned wet dog food, and I become a little expensive as your Great Dane needs more cans in a day. I used this diet for my pooch, and he eats four cans per day; that’s the most expensive. But my Great Dane is my family, and that amount is not a big deal. Overall that is the best option for the eyesight of your Great Dane.


First 5 ingredientsBeef broth, Lamb liver, Beef, Vegetable broth, Lamb broth
TypeChicken-free, Grain-free
Best forAll breeds size
Life stageAdult
Item weight9.9 pounds
Quantity1 Pack

Highlights: It is best for dogs that are allergic to another diet. Also, contain low protein that is good for a giant Great Dane.

Reasons to Buy

  • Easily digestible
  • Excellent mix of ingredients
  • Great taste
  • Terrific and healthy
  • Quality food
  • Highly nutritional

Reasons to Avoid

  • Pricy

Product Description:

     Wellness Complete Wet Canned Dog Food is a good quality diet at a reasonable price for your Great Dane puppy. It contains no artificial colors, flavors, and ingredients. This diet provides a well-balanced quantity of minerals. It has 9.0% protein, 7.0% fat, and 1.0% fiber. It contains a maximum of 78% moisture. So it is ideal for the fur and skin coat of your Great Dane.


  • High in protein and fat.
  • Contain antioxidant-rich veggies and is packed with high nutrients.
  • Contain no preservations, no meat by-products, no fillers etc.
  • Contain savory protein and a meaty texture.
  • Nutrient-rich ingredients for the immune system.
  • Created specifically for Great Dane small puppies.

Company review:

    Wellness is a brand that offers full protein recipes for dogs. It supports dog-specific needs and provides grain-free and grained diet options with a limited ingredient diet for your dog with food sensitivities. They offer an ideal balance of carefully selected ingredients to nourish your dog’s wellbeing. So, a trusted brand gives your pup a healthy life.

About the product:

     A growing Great Dane needs a diet enriched with nutrients. For this, Wellness Complete Wet Dog Food is a classical choice for your Great Dane pups. It offers a good mix of veggies, fruits, and meat that taste great and are easy to digest. Your dog will crave this diet as it contains salmon and Sweet potatoes, which are the favorite ingredients of Great Dane.

    My pooch loves this Wellness diet as the ingredients are his favorite, and he was over the moon while eating this food. It has the ingredients that make your dog’s fur shiny and silky. It is healthy for digestion and smooth coat. It contains no artificial ingredients, colors, dyes, and preservations.

    The texture of the food is meaty; your Great Dane will love it. Some reviewers say that they delivered fungus in food, but I also ordered many times for my pooch and did not find any fungus on a diet. These were fresh and canned. Well, that is quite expensive but well worth your money.


Highlights: It makes dog fur shiny and gives a silky coat. And makes your Great Dane digestion healthy.

Reasons to Buy

  • Maintain urinary health
  • Prevent digestive diseases
  • Contain formula for weight management
  • Support lean muscles

Reasons to Avoid

  • Expensive
  • Need veterinarian approval

Product Description:

    Hills Prescription Diet Wet Dog Food is the best option for Great Dane indoors and spending time laziness. Because this diet prevents the pet from weight gaining. It contains 2% protein, 1.8% fat, and 30% carb. This diet is beneficial for your dog’s intestine.


  • Enriched with omega-three fatty acids and antioxidants.
  • Contains no lentils or peas.
  • Formulated for Great Dane’s urinary health.
  • Reduce the building blocks of struvite in dogs
  • The first ingredient is chicken.
  • No preservations and dyes.

Company review:

     Hill’s brand is trendy for pet diets. They offer clinically tested and nutrition formulated food for dogs. Their diets are formulated with ingredients that metabolize fat and maintain lean muscles. This brand is highly efficient for your pets as their products are tested.

About the product:

     This diet is specially designed for large Great Dane because of their habit of sitting the whole day. Hill’s Prescription Wet Dog Food will prevent your Great Dane from getting fat and other diseases. It gives limited calories to your dog within limited ingredients. If you want to purchase this diet, you need a recommendation from your veterinarian.

     The essential ingredients in this diet are pork liver and chicken, the protein source. These primary protein sources contain rich antioxidants that are good for the immune system and boost its health. This prescription wet dog food will prevent your dog from urinary diseases. This diet contains enzymes that are good for the digestive system and make your pooch healthy and strong.

     The disadvantage is that it is too much expensive than other brands. I purchased this diet for my friend Danny, my Great Dane and his urinary disease got well. If your Great Dane suffers from urinary disease and digestion problems, I highly recommend this product. A Great Dane weighing more than 100 pounds requires eight cans every day. So consult your veterinarian for his diet for combining W/D dry kibble too.


First 5 ingredientsChicken, Pork liver, Flaxseed, Corn, Chicken liver flavor
TypePea-free, With Grain
Best forAll breeds size
Life stageAdult
Item weight9.75 pounds
QuantityPack of 12

Highlights: It prevents Great Dane from eye diseases and boosts the immune system.

Reasons to Buy

  • Easy to chew and digest
  • Healthy pro-portioned meal
  • Beef is the primary protein
  • Excellent customer service
  • Cooked in USDA certified facilities
  • Big pooch enjoys the flavor
  • Grain-free

Reasons to Avoid

  • Pricy

Product Description:

    Merrick Cowboy Cookout Wet Dog Food is full of protein made from beef. This recipe contains 17% fat, 44% protein, and 31% carbs. It includes a total of 38% fat to protein. So this is the best diet for your Great Dane that is healthy and Grain-free.


  • 100% free from preservations, artificial flavors, dyes, and colors.
  • The cans contain easy-pull tabs.
  • The very first ingredient is deboned beef.
  • Contain Granny smith apples, carrots, and green beans.
  • A grain-free formula is excellent for young Great Dane, who does not digest properly.
  • Multiple fiber sources for digestive health.

Company review:

      Merrick is a brand of dog food that offers a grain-free diet for your dog. They are well known for their wet recipes, grain-free, and grained diets. Merrick recipes are made without artificial flavors and preservations. So, Merrick is an ideal choice for grain-free wet dog food.

About the product:

     Merrick Grain-free canned dog food is best for your Great Dane if he does not digest it properly. This diet contains no grain, so it is easy to chew and digest. The first ingredient in this recipe is deboned beef, the protein source. This diet also has carrots in it. The texture is chunky, so your dog will enjoy the food and crave it more.

     I served this Merrick wet dog food to my Great Dane, and he was thrilled to taste his new diet. First, he eats with a full appetite and then stops eating the food. But after a few minutes, he again starts eating this diet and licking the bowl. My Danny (Great Dane) was pleased with this diet. The price is also reasonable, and it contains all ingredients that your pooch needs.

     This savory gravy also has the flavor of beef broth that is moisture and gives a big meal. This diet contains no preservations, wheat, artificial colors, etc. You can add this food to a dry diet to make it more delicious and tasty. I recommend it for your adult Great Dane for joint pain because of its vast body.


First 5 ingredientsBeef broth, Beef liver, Deboned beef, Carrots, Chicken broth
Best forAdults only (Not for puppies)
Texture:Chunks in gravy
Life stageMaintenance
Item weight0.79 pounds
QuantityPack of 12

Highlights: This diet is best for joint pain and can be mixed with dry dog food

Reasons to Buy

  • Good quality
  • Delicious and safe
  • Prevent joint pain and boost the immune system
  • Contain no preservations
  • Very easy to digest
  • Reasonable price

Reasons to Avoid

  • Dented cans
  • Some dogs dislike the flavor

Product description:

    Canidae wet dog food recipe is made of fresh chicken that contains complete protein. It has 30% fat, 41% protein, and 22% carbs, a complete diet for a Great Dane. So, almost 72% of fat to protein is derived from this diet. Highly recommend it as it is free of corn and wheat.


  • The first ingredient is chicken.
  • Formulated by veterinarians.
  • Contain no wheat, soy, and corn.
  • Ideal for multi-pooch households.
  • Contain wholesome grains for energy.
  • Rich in protein and antioxidants.
  • Formulated with prebiotics and probiotics for proper digestion.

Company review:

      Canidae brand is ideal for multi-dog families. They offer an optimum level of nutrition with turkey, fish, chicken, and lamb, along with some whole grains. They provide a quality nutrition diet that keeps your dog happy and energetic. This brand is quite famous for dog food.

About the product:

     Canidae All Life Stage Wet Dog Food is a crowd-pleasing diet for your Great Dane. This diet is vet-formulated and offers a whole bunch of protein. It is made with real chicken and simmered in a savory broth. This diet is best for your pooch to make him active all day as it contains wholesome grains.

    My Great Dane was too lazy. He ate wet dog food of Blue Buffalo that is healthy for his digestive system, but he slept all day. So I try this Canidae wet dog food, and he is over the moon. Now he is active and plays around with me. This grained diet is ideal for Great Dane to make him fresh and energetic. It has a reasonable price and is worth each penny.

    This Canidae wet dog food does not contain wheat, corn, pea, or soy. It will support the joints of the Great Dane and make their health. After eating this diet for a few days, I also notice silky and shiny fur on my Danny (Great Dane). I highly recommend this food because it will boost the immune system and have such vitamins and minerals that will support the body health of Great Dane.


First 5 ingredientsChicken broth, Dries egg product, Chicken, Brown rice, Chicken liver
TypeGrain-inclusive (Brown rice, Barley)
Best forAdults + All puppies
Texture:Finely chopped pate
Life stageAll life stages
Item weight9.75 pounds
QuantityPack of 12

Highlights: The Great Dane has become more active and also shedding less.

Comparison of Blue Buffalo and Taste of the Wild

    All wet dog food brands listed in this article are the best in the market today. But Blue Buffalo and Taste of the Wild have excellent reviews. So the comparison of these two brands is as follows:

Blue Buffalo

  • This brand is quite popular for its high-quality ingredients.
  • They manufactured pet food with natural ingredients.
  • Their products contain no preservations, artificial flavors, and colors.
  • Their diet offer formula for all breeds of dogs.
  • They use real meat as their first ingredient and have an excellent rating.
  • Also, they are affordable.

Taste of the Wild

  • This brand is popular for protein-rich and quality dog food.
  • They offer food for pets, including cats and dogs.
  • The first ingredient in their diet is always fowl, fish, or real meat.
  • They also have a good rating, but their product is pricy sometimes.
  • Also, their product contains natural ingredients.

How to choose Wet Dog Food for Great Dane

     The best-wet dog food for your Great Dane entirely depends on the activity level, age, caloric needs, and many more. Here are some factors to look at while buying the best wet dog food for dogs:

Activity level

     Great Dane is also a working dog and has become a beloved pet. The caloric needs hugely depend on the activity level of these breeds. High-calorie food is required for an active Great Dane to meet its energy needs. But too much calorie is also not good for Great Dane as it causes weight gain.

Caloric needs

     As Great Dane are large, they need suitable energy levels of calories. But most of them spend time relaxing on the couch. So overtaken calories also lead to diseases or overweight. Mainly Great Dane needs calories in a day, almost 2500 to 3500. It may look much more for the breed, but these have a large body to handle.

Life stages

     The first three to four months of a Great Dane is fully growing in colossal size. The puppy Great Dane needs whole nutrition so that the pet is safe from fast-growing. The muscles of puppies need more protein to develop. Also, they should prevent high-carbohydrate food so that Great Dane does not grow excessive.

     Usually, Adult Great Dane’s weight is 140-170 pounds, so they need enough diet to hold their weight. So their diet should be low in fats to prevent weight gain. Senior Great Danes need a low protein diet as many older giant Great Danes have joint diseases. So the best senior Great Dane offers nutrition that comforts their joint pain.


    The important thing to look for is a brand that offers quality products. A reputed and worthy brand always provides the best to its customers. They focused on quality to prevent faulty products. The above-explained brands give the best wet food for Great Dane that we choose after using and examining customer reviews.

Customer ratings

    Always check the customer reviews as people have already used the product and reviewed them. These are the best trustable review of the product. So always select a product after analyzing the customer reviews.


    Always choose durable dog food. We selected the best wet dog food that is durable on the market. So that’s an important consideration.

Guaranteed Analysis

    That’s quite difficult to absorb. That means every dog food contains information on the pack about proteins, fats, carbohydrates, etc., enclosed in the diet. Many other products also have the details of sodium, calcium etc., on the product that is not necessary.


    While purchasing dog food must check the ingredients on the packaging. That is displayed along with the weight and quantity. So it’s crucial to read all the ingredients as Great Dane is allergic to some ingredients.

Quantity by Weight

     It tells us the quantity of food in the packet. It should be measured because every brand has different product measurements. It also tells us the cost of the diet.

What are some general things to see in Great Dane food?

    Here these are:

  • Great Dane food must contain no preservations, artificial flavors, or dyes.
  • The first ingredients must be poultry, real meat, or fish.
  • Diet should contain veggies and whole-grain digestible carbohydrates.
  • Moderate content of chicken fats.
  • It must contain two animal proteins.
  • The essential nutrients should be natural sources.


Is it OK to mix wet and dry dog food?

    Yes, you can mix wet and dry dog food as it enhances the dog’s appetite. You can mix tasty wet food with kibble to make the best taste. And it will make a big difference in the diet and taste. Just make sure to incorporate the same stage formula. For instance, do not mix adult food with puppy food as it will disturb the nutrient balance of food. Also checkout Best Dry Dog Food.

How long can wet food remain in the bowl?

     Wet dog food is quickly adulterated with bacteria once it’s open. So the food must be eaten four hours after being opened, especially if it is at room temperature.

How long does wet dog food last if it’s not opened?

     Usually, wet dog food lasts up to 3 years. Brands have a manufacturing or expiry date on the products. It is found on the bottom of the wet dog food products. So always look at it before buying food for your dog.

How long does canned food last once it’s open?

     You can store open canned food in the refrigerator for almost five days. If the food remains after five days, then discard it.

How much-wet food should I feed my dog?

    Well, it’s a process, not an ended decision to feed your Great Dane. It depends on the activity level and size of your dog. Every canned food offers a different amount of calories. I recommend you check the label printed on the product. And adjust the amount of food according to your dog’s weight.

Final words

     Finding the best diet for your Great Dane can be challenging, but we are sure you can buy the best meal for your gentle giant with some key points. These dogs give you love, so give them good food. The products in this article might not be 100% perfect, but these are the best wet dog food.

    If you find the diet according to your Great Dane size and activity level. Also, share the article if you find it interesting. Also, comment below for questions. Many thanks!

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