What to Feed a Great Dane Puppies | Complete Guide In 2022

   Your Great Dane puppy needs a full-nutrient diet that supports his growing body. Because these giant breeds grow very speedy and large. So, you must get a diet that is helpful for their huge size and grow healthy. But the question is, what to feed a Great Dane puppies? There are many options available in the market.

   You can feed your Great Dane puppy dry dog food, wet dog food, raw food, and even homemade dog food. Also, you must feed them according to a time, such as they need three meals per day. So, for more information about feeding your Great Dane puppy, continue reading.

Why is It Important to Find the Best Great Dane Puppy Food?

   To make a balanced diet for your Great Dane puppy, various basic things must be focused on. Feeding your Great Dane puppy the best amount of calcium, protein, and other minerals is crucial. That will make your pup as healthy as possible. We have discovered that the changes in the protein and calcium levels of the Great Dane puppy’s diet are related to skeletal growth and calcium metabolism.

   Calcium is important in a Great Dane puppy diet for bone formation. So, if the quantity of calcium is less in the puppy’s diet during their growing age, their bones won’t be able to support them. Also, the protein affects a Great Dane puppy’s growth, weight, and growth hormones. So, searching for the best dog food for Great Dane puppy is essential.

An Overview of the Growth of Great Dane Puppy

   Undoubtedly, a Great Dane is one of the largest dog breeds in the world. They reach a significant weight quickly, putting an extra burden on their joints and bones. That means we must take special care of this breed, including his diet and puppyhood. The starting month of any puppy is important; feeding them the right quantity of diet is crucial for their health.

   It is also important to feed a dog according to his life stage. A Great Dane puppy’s nutritional requirements are different from adult Great Dane. Also, the health status is important because diet changes according to health conditions. At birth, a Great Dane puppy weighs almost 1 -2 lbs. It will increase by almost 5-8 lbs in one month.

   After a year, it weighs almost 95- 140 lbs. Great Dane takes longer to reach his maximum size than other breeds. A male Great Dane develops more slowly than a female Great Dane. Usually, a Great Dane reaches his full size in 8 months to 3 years. At their adult age, a male Great Dane’s height is 36″ and weighs about 170 lbs. a female Great Dane in her adulthood weighs about 145lbs and height is 34”.

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Types of Food for Great Dane puppies

Types of Food for Great Dane puppies

   You can feed your Great Dane puppy different types of food. The most common dog food is dry kibble and canned wet dog food. Also, dog owners made homemade food for their pets. It does not matter which diet they follow as long as it meets their nutritional needs. The caloric intake of a male Great Dane is 2480 calories a day, and for a female Great Dane is 1940 calories a day.

   But how to know what to feed your Great Dane puppy. We have explained below each diet with its pros and cons:

Homemade Dog Food

   This type of food is beneficial because the high-quality ingredients are selected. Homemade food is good for Great Dane puppy as it supports health and coat. Also, it is accepted by dogs. But it is costly for a giant breed. Also, we must feed the pooch the right balance of nutrition. We must add the ingredients that have proper supplements, including vitamin D and taurine.

Dry Dog Food

   Dry dog food is the easiest way to feed your Great Dane puppy. Because this type of food contains all nutrients that a pooch needs for a healthy life, also, it comes with different formulas for different breeds. This food is not expensive too. The downside is that it includes quality ingredients. Also, these are made with processed materials which are not healthy and nutritious for a pup.

Wet Dog Food

   Wet dog food is better than dry food. It comes in pouches and cans. The wet dog food tastes good and nutritionally supports the puppy. It contains more fat than other diets. Also, high in protein. The downside is that it is costly when eaten four meals per day.

Raw Dog Food (BARF)

   This type of food does not need any cooking or preparation. Some contain light-cooked meat or fish to prevent bacteria. The upside is that it needs less preparation, and the downside is that it lacks complete nutrients.

How much to Feed a Great Dane Puppies?

   Newborn Great Dane puppies require to be fed constantly. Feed a Great Dane puppy four times daily at 2-3 months. Then reduce the meal to three times a day at five months. Feed him a meal in portions twice daily at six months and onward. So, a healthy adult Great Dane should eat this quantity of food.

   We have estimated below the quantity of diet of Great Dane puppy per age. It is the approximate amount of diet that has been calculated. These portions changes depending on the type of diet. For instance, if you feed your Great Dane puppy wet dog food, the calorie will be higher and need to be decreased.

  • At Two Months, Feed the male Great Dane puppy at 410 grams and the female Great Dane puppy at 350 grams.
  • At Three Months, Male Great Dane: 520 grams, Female Great Dane: 430 grams
  • At Four Months, Male Great Dane: 615 grams, Female Great Dane: 500 grams
  • At Five Months, Male Great Dane: 755 grams, Female Great Dane: 580 grams
  • At 6-7 Months, Male Great Dane: 860 grams, Female Great Dane: 600 grams
  • At 8-18 Months, Male Great Dane: 890 grams, Female Great Dane: 610 grams

Great Dane Food-related Care

   A Great Dane is a massive dog that needs a balanced diet to care for his bones and joints. It is susceptible to suffering diseases such as hip dysplasia. Also, being overweight of this breed can cause various diseases. So, you must control your pup’s weight and avoid overeating. Choose a diet that is helpful for their bone and muscle structure.

   You can consult a veterinarian about feeding homemade diets for proper supplements. Gastric torsion is also common in the Great Dane breed. Do not feed your Great Dane puppy before exercising and walking.

Great Dane Puppy Diet Tips

  • The first ingredient must be real meat.
  • Feed only quality ingredients to your pup.
  • Calories must be 350 to 400 per cup.
  • Protein is almost 23% to 29%.
  • Feed large and giant breed formula.
  • Fat is almost 12% to 18%.
  • Essential fatty acids and probiotics.
  • Keep your Great Dane puppy active and slim.
  • Digestive enzymes and minerals.
  • Avoid artificial calcium.

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How often Should Great Dane puppies Eat?

   A Great Dane puppy must have three meals daily at 4-5 months. Then, feed them two meals a day for life.

Are Eggs Good for Great Dane Puppy?

   Eggs are good for Great Dane puppies as they contain essential fatty acids, protein, vitamins, and minerals. Feed your Great Dane puppy-cooked eggs that are hard-boiled and scrambled. So, eggs are safe for your pup as these are a great source of nutrition.

Should I Free-Feed my Great Dane Puppy?

   Your Great Dane puppy needs almost 2500-3500 calories a day. It also depends on his activity level, age, and weight. You must avoid free-feeding your pup. Just give him two meals a day. Also, raw food is best for Great Dane puppies.

What Human Food can a Great Dane puppy Eat?

   Great Dane puppies can eat small chunks of carrot and apple. Also, you can feed him white rice and peanut butter.

Can Great Dane puppies Eat Bananas?

   Yes, a Great Dane puppy can eat bananas. Bananas contain low calories that are beneficial for Great Dane puppies. It contains copper, biotin, potassium, fiber, and vitamins. Also, bananas have low sodium and cholesterol. Give your Great Dane puppy bananas as a treat or snack because they contain high sugar. So, please do not make it a part of your pup’s diet.

Wrapping up

    Great Dane puppies are full of energy, so they need a balanced and nutritious diet that fulfills their needs. Their diet must contain the appropriate amount of proteins, fat, vitamins, and minerals. Raw diets and kibbles are best for your Great Dane puppy because they contain high-quality protein essential for your pup and make him strong and healthy.

   Also, a responsible dog owner must feed his dog the best food, whatever the type is. Consult your dog vet if you are in doubt about a particular food. So, if this article helps you to feed your Great Dane puppy the right food, share it with your friends so that they give their pup the best diet.

   Let us know in the comments for suggestions, tips, and comments. I will love to respond as soon as possible. Thanks for reading!

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