How High Can A Possum Jump?

There are lots of animals in the wild that can jump and we all know that. These animals can jump far, high, and even further. However, what about possums? How high can a possum jump? People that don’t know what a possum is might think that these creatures cannot jump. However, they are all wrong. 

A possum can jump 1 meter high, and they use the speed of 3.5 mph while they run, jump, and climb from one tree to another. Possums can also jump or climb on the roof at a distance of up to 13 feet using their thumbs, tails, feet, and claws. 

Possums are actually different compared to other animals in some ways. Yes! They are different from other animals in looks but aside from that, possums are also different in their behavior. One awesome behavior of the possum has to be the fact that they can jump high. 

Some people are thinking of getting a possum inside their home, which looks very a bad idea since possums are not ideal pets!

In this article, we will take a look at possums and their jumping skills. We will take a look how long and high the possums can jump. 

Are Possums Good Jumpers?

Possums are unique creatures and fascinating animals. Their feet help them grip firmly on the surface to easily jump trees and fences. 

Possums are good jumpers. Aside from that, possums are also known for being good runners and swimmers, which is why predators and humans are having a hard time catching them. 

Can Possums Jump Like Cats?

No! Even though possums can jump pretty good, they cannot jump as high as cats. The reason why is because possums have heavier bodies compared to cats. 

Possums run and jump on different surfaces at a speed of 3.5 miles per hour and an average house cat can run and jump at the speed of 30 miles per hour. 

Cats are incredibly high jumpers compared to possums. If there is a tournament in jumping, possums have no match to cats. 

How Far Can Possums Jump?

Possums can glide long distances using their toes that act like opposable thumbs. They can jump about one meter vertically. 

Possums cannot climb sheer walls and fences that are 1.5 meters or more high. However, these creatures have been observed jumping from tree to tree effortlessly. 

Can Possums Jump On Table?

Possums are one of the good jumpers in the animal kingdom and there is no doubt about that. They are famous for climbing as compared to jumping. 

Possums can jump on the table. They can easily jump on the table. That is why if you put food outside on your table, possums can get that food easily. However, it is nearly impossible for possums to get on the table higher than 1.5 feet. But if there are chairs near the table, possums can go up on the table. 

This is why you must make sure that you have no food on the table if there are any possums around you. Keep your food safe from possums. 

How High Can A Possum Jump Vertically?

Possums are not like Michael Jordan, which means they are not good at jumping vertically. The reason why is because of their chubby and tiny legs. 

The highest possums can jump vertically is 4 feet. They get overweight most of the time because they love eating, which makes it difficult for them to jump higher than 4 feet. 

How High Can Ringtail Possums Jump?

Ringtail possums are smaller in size compared to brushtail possums. Their small size helps them to jump easily since they weigh lighter. 

These creatures have a long, tapering tail that allows them to grip onto branches. 


Can Possums Jump From Fences?

Possums have short legs, long claws, and thumbs on their hind feet. This allow possums to jump wooden fences and chain-link fences and get inside the house easily to steal food like fruits, vegetables, garbage, and even the food of your pet. 

Many people living in countries where possums are abundant have this problem. That is why they usually hunt possums because they consider possums as pests that destroy the plants in their backyard. 

Can Baby Possums Jump?

Baby possums can learn pretty fast. They have the ability to jump a long distance. Baby possums can jump right into their mother’s pouch and onto the branches of trees.

Since baby possums have little and lighter bodies, this makes jumping easier for them than adult possums. 

Can Possums Climb Up Walls?

Possums are considered agile creatures and they can effortlessly climb tall walls using their thumbs, claws, feet, and tail. This helps them to climb walls and other surfaces. 

Why Do Possums Climb On Your Roof?

If it seems like there is a loud noise on your roof, it might be a possum making their homes on your roof because of adequate tree hollows or other reasons. 

Possums are known to jump roofs to trees at 13 foot of distance. Roofs are dark and away, which is why possums feel safer making their houses there. 

If you want to prevent possums from climbing your roof, you can do the following:

  • Build an alternative nest box
  • Call an expert
  • Catch the possum and release it in a far place
  • Sprinkle the roof cavity with quassia chips all over the roof
  • Use naphthalene or camphor

Final Words

Possums are good jumpers and adaptive creatures. They are found living in most of the habitat type of the world, from tropical rainforests to the deserts and even in places that are covered by snow. 

Possums have leathery stoles that act as a suction to the tree trunk or various surfaces, and their toes have long, strong claws that act as hooks that help them jump trees, roofs, and fences to get some food or make houses. 

These little creatures can be a pest in your house or backyard. Calling an expert to get rid of them is the best idea. Also, you can catch them by yourself and release them far away from your house. When catching them, make sure that you don’t hurt or kill them.

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