Do Otters Eat Ducks? [Interesting Facts]

Otters are carnivorous creatures that are medium-sized. The hunting skills of otters are off the charts. These creatures are ingenious and rare animals that use tools for hunting. 

Yes! Otters will eat ducks. Even though otters’ primary food intake mainly consists of fish, otters will eat a different variety of food. Otters eat a lot. And if needed, otters will attack and kill ducks for their lunch. 

The diet of otters is mainly based on fish, frogs, crabs, and shellfish. Yet, their food selection may vary based on which prey is available in their area. So, the question is, do otters eat ducks if ducks are the only animals available in their location? Let’s find out!

Let us dig deeper around this topic. In this article, we will look at the food that otters usually eat, including ducks. Keep reading to learn more about otters!

Do Otters Eat Ducks?

Yes! Otters eat ducks. They are carnivorous creatures, and for most species, fish is the best food for otters. However, in the wild, otters have to hunt whatever they can, including ducks. They have no time to be choosy. They need to survive, and to do that, otters will obtain a lot of available food. 

Sometimes, the population of fish is not enough for otters to sustain. That is why they have no choice but to kill ducks and other birds for food. 

Most otters are opportunistic eaters, which means they will eat whatever is most easy to get. Ducks are not the only bird species otters eat. Aside from ducks, otters might eat chickens, geese, and turkeys. 

Do Otters Eat Baby Ducks?

When we look at otters, they might seem cuddly and fluffy creatures that love to swim. They hold hands with their partner while they float on the water and look peaceful. However, don’t be deceived because otters are dangerous creatures and serious predators. 

Small baby ducks are easy prey for otters. They also love eating baby ducks. Otters are scary aquatic creatures and will not show mercy for baby ducks. 

If otters sense helpless ducklings, they prefer capturing them to grown ducks. The reason is that ducklings usually don’t fight, which is an easy meal for otters. 

Do Otters Eat Birds?

Do Otters Eat Birds?

As I said above, otters eat other birds, not just ducks. However, it is uncommon for otters to eat birds. However, because they are carnivorous creatures, otters will consume a wide range of wildlife, mainly if the primary food sources are not present. 

So, if otters got the chance to catch the birds, otters would not think twice. As I have said, otters are opportunistic predators. Sometimes, birds can be a great source of food for otters. 

How Do Otters Attack Birds?

Otters love to hunt in water rather than on land. They are much more skillful when they attack directly from the water. Otters will follow their prey under the water and catch them by grabbing birds by their legs or neck. After capturing the helpless bird, otters will start eating the bird alive, starting from the head. 

How To Keep Otters Away From Your House Pets?

How To Keep Otters Away From Your House Pets?

Households and gardens near deep streams or rivers may be the otter’s target. Otters will not spend most of their time on the property but don’t get surprised if you see an otter exploring your house. 

Yes! Otters may seem cute and cuddly, but these creatures can damage the property by leaving food leftovers around and using the property surfaces as bathroom sites. Also, the otter might kill your small pets, like kittens or small dogs. 

To keep otters away, you can do the following:

  • Place the wire netting around the property. Otters are powerful, so the fence should be large and robust enough to keep otters away.
  • Trap the otters and relocate them to another location away from your house. Trapping and catching otters is hard. They are intelligent animals. Traps must be placed in spots where otters usually pass and should be almost insensible, or trapping will be unsuccessful.

Final Verdict

Otters eat ducks. Even though ducks are not the otters’ first choice and prefer to feast on fish most of the time. However, otters are not picky regarding food, especially if they are already starving. If there is no fish around their area, otters will prey on ducks if that’s available. 

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