The Real Reason Why Kangaroos Fight (Box) With Each Other

Have you ever seen two kangaroos fighting? If yes, what are the things you have noticed? Have you noticed their fighting mechanisms? They look like boxing, right? 

Kangaroos may fight all the time, and their fight might take hours! But what is the reason behind this fight? 

Kangaroos fight with each other for so many reasons. They like to fight for food, fun, territory, mating, and if they have been pissed or feel threatened by other kangaroos. Male kangaroos are the ones who usually always fight. 

However, there is much more to learn about this topic. Let me explain why they fight to make it more known. Let’s dive deeper into this topic!

Why Kangaroos Fight

5 Reasons Why Kangaroos Fight

As I have said above, kangaroos fight for various reasons. Some are for survival reasons, while others are play.

Kangaroos Fight For Territory

Kangaroos may fight for territory, especially if they want to be alone. They will fight for territory, especially if the food on that certain territory has abundant food. Also, kangaroos will fight for the territory that contains many females. 

Kangaroos will fight if they are sleeping in their territory and if their fellow kangaroos have waked them up. They also fight other animals that exceed their territory, especially the predators that love to eat them. 

As I have said above, kangaroos fight other animals, especially predators. Kangaroos are serious fighters. They can take down any other animals using their defense mechanisms. 

Kangaroos may choke down their opponents so that they won’t be able to breathe and die from suffocation. They may also drag their opponents underwater so their opponents will drown. 

Kangaroos Fight For Food And Water

Kangaroos also fight because of food. As I have said above, if the territory has an abundance of food, they will fight each other to get that territory. 

Kangaroos love to eat grass in the wild. So if the grass is abundant in a specific territory, then expect a bloody fight because kangaroos will often fight for that territory for food. 

Kangaroos will also fight for water because water is limited in the wild. They usually live in a place where water is scarce. That is why sometimes female kangaroos may also be involved in this fight. Kangaroos do not only fight with their fellow kangaroo for water, but they also fight with other animals. 

Mother kangaroos prepare their young ones for life as an adult. They train their joey to fight so that their joey won’t grow weak when they become an adult. That is why in some videos on Youtube, young kangaroos start to fight even though they are still small. 

Kangaroos Fight For Fun

Yep! Kangaroos usually fight for fun. They fight like it is a boxing match or a sparring match. That is why sometimes you will see some kangaroos fight without any reason. Why do they fight without any reason? Because they love to fight for fun!

Fun fight or play fighting is a non-violent fight between two kangaroos. Sometimes, the mother and her joey will play with each other. It seems like they are fighting at first glance, but they don’t. 

Kangaroos Fight For Mating

Male kangaroos fight for mating or women. They want to prove themselves to the female kangaroos that they want to mate with so that the female kangaroo will agree to their invitation to mate. 

Kangaroos will fight for mating if other chads want a certain female kangaroo too. They will fight until death to get the female kangaroo they want to mate with. Female kangaroos will usually choose the male kangaroo that won the fight. 

Kangaroos Fight For Dominance

This is common in the animal kingdom and even in humans. Males fight to show dominance and to others how dominant they are. Same with the male kangaroos. 

Male kangaroos will fight to show dominance over each other. Also, they fight to show dominance because female kangaroos usually mate with the most dominant male kangaroo. That is why male kangaroos fight for mating and dominance.

How Do Kangaroos Fight?

How Do Kangaroos Fight?

Kangaroos have powerful tails, sharp claws, and hind legs. They use their tails to stand up and balance themselves when they kick. They use their hind legs to stand up and kick their opponent. Kangaroos will use their hands to grasp the neck of the other kangaroo. They grab their opponent’s head or neck, use their tails to balance themselves and kick the opponent’s abdomen. 

You will notice kangaroos look like in a boxing match when they fight each other. It is like MMA as well with those kicks they execute. 

Fighting or boxing is an essential task in the lives of every kangaroo. When the young kangaroo leaves its mother’s pouch, they start learning fighting skills to prepare for the future. 

Young kangaroos will often fight with their mothers to practice their fighting skills. Young kangaroos fight playfully; however, when kangaroos grow up, their fighting skills will be the ones who will determine whether they can survive in the wild and whether the male kangaroo gets a chance to become a father. 

Fighting is essential for male kangaroos. It determines how dominant they are, and brawling is the way to show their dominance. Female kangaroos will choose the most dominant male to mate with, and fighting is the sole method to determine who is the most dominant among the two male kangaroos. 

Do Kangaroos Fight To Death?

Yes, kangaroos may sometimes fight until they die. Kangaroos will kill their opponents if needed. They use their sharp claws, muscular tails, and strong legs to kick the opponent’s abdomen, which can lead to injuries and sometimes death. 

Kangaroos fight for so many reasons, and their fight is so brutal that it can lead to severe and mild injuries and, worst, death. 

Kangaroos are vegetarians, and they don’t like the taste of meat. However, even though they are vegetarians, they can still fiercely compete. Even though they don’t look scary like lions, kangaroos are still inevitably mighty, and their fighting mechanisms are scary. 

Even though the reason why kangaroos fight is too shallow for us humans, it is inevitably essential for them. They fight for water and food because they need to drink and eat. They brawl for mating because male kangaroos need to continue their lineage. 

There are many reasons why kangaroos fight that look shallow to us humans, but for them, it is not, and fighting plays a considerable role in a kangaroo’s life. 

Do Female Kangaroos Fight?

Do Female Kangaroos Fight?

Yes, of course! Female kangaroos also fight, especially if they need to defend their young ones. Female kangaroos will fight for food, water, and territory. They will fight until death like the male kangaroos, especially when they try to protect their young ones from danger. 

If you have heard the word fight, the first thing you will imagine is two men fighting each other. Yes, two male kangaroos will fight with each other. They fight for mating, food, and water and to show dominance. Their fight might lead to death from the heavy blows they give each other. 

Joeys or kid kangaroos will start to learn to fight once they have been released from their mother’s pouch. They often first try their fighting skill on their mother. It seems like the joey disrespects his/her mother kangaroo, which they are just playing. 

This type of play, called play fighting, is a basic method for a kid kangaroo him/her to learn basic fighting skills. Mother kangaroos also need to have fighting experience because they are the ones who will teach their joeys to fight. 

They teach their joeys to fight early because when they grow up, things get rough, and they need to stand up for themselves. When joey starts to grow up, they will use the fighting mechanisms their mothers taught them.

If the mother kangaroos teach their young ones to fight, does it mean they know how to brawl?

Just like all mothers, female kangaroos need to fight so that they can defend their children. One reason why they keep their joeys in their pouches so that their joeys will be safe from predators.

Why Do Kangaroos Fight Humans?

Why Kangaroos Fight

Kangaroos usually don’t attack humans without any reason. The reasons why kangaroos are forced to attack humans if they feel threatened, provoked, or feel potential danger. You don’t want to mess up with the kangaroos because their powerful kicks might kill you. 

Kangaroos are vegetarians, and they usually eat grasses in the wild. They don’t hunt or eat meat like their predators, like lions for example. People may think that kangaroos are not dangerous animals, but these jumping animals can kill a human. 

There are various reported attacks on kangaroos in Australia, but these attacks only happen occasionally because kangaroos are docile. However, they might still attack a human if they feel unsafe or if provoked.

Never provoke a kangaroo because they will inevitably attack you without further thought, especially if their joeys are threatened or feel attacked. They will kick you and might cause severe injuries, including death.

Do Kangaroos Really Box?

When you see a video of two kangaroos fighting, you will notice that it looks like they are boxing each other. Kangaroos have a strong tail, excellent balance, and robust upper bodies, which makes them well-suited for boxing. 

Do kangaroos box? Yes, they usually punch each other with their hands and sharp claws. Male kangaroos are the ones who engage in a fight. They engage in a boxing fight to determine who will mate with the female kangaroo. 

However, in my opinion, and from what I have seen, it is more like a mixed martial art fight or UFC. Because of the mix of punches and kicks, they throw into a brawl. Kangaroos also kick each other when fighting and use their tails to balance themselves when they kick. 

Would A Kangaroo Beat A Human In Boxing?

The answer is it’s certainly possible. However, humans are more intelligent than kangaroos. That is why humans have many advantages when sparring with a kangaroo. There is a chance that a kangaroo beats a human in sparring if the human is weaker or if they fight with a human kid. 

If a kangaroo knows how to box, is there any chance that a kangaroo will beat a human in boxing? Is there any chance they beat Manny Pacquiao or Connor Mcgregor in a boxing or MMA match?

Also, kangaroos are smaller than you think. The red kangaroo, the largest kangaroo species, has an average height of 4’11. Even though they can box, they are too small, which makes them more vulnerable in the face when they face taller humans. 

The kangaroo’s strength is not on their front paws but on their legs. They use their legs to kick their opponents. That is why I said above that it is more likely an MMA fight than a boxing one. 

Check the video below where a kangaroo tried to fight boxing with humans:

Final Words

Kangaroos are tough animals that belong to the marsupial family. They fight for food, water, territory, and for a female kangaroo just like male humans do. Kangaroos have impressive defensive mechanisms that help them to defend themselves. 

Kangaroos should be protected and not be used for entertainment purposes like people used to do in the past (check the only video I embedded). We need to take care of them and protect their species. Let’s respect the kangaroos and not disturb and provoke them.  

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