Are Great Danes good with Cats? | Detailed Guide

   Great Danes are massive giants and are very lovable. They the very affectionate family pets. But some people think Great Danes are dangerous for other pets and do not get along with them. Yeah, Great Dane is a huge dog, but it does not mean they harm other animals. The question is, “Are Great Danes good with cats?”

   Yes, Great Danes are good with cats, but there are a few essential steps to ensure a positive relationship between a cat and Great Dane. First of all, introduce both pets. Some Great Danes are gentle with other pets, but some might be aggressive. After introducing efficiently, there is a high chance that Great Danes will get along with cats.

   So, in this guide, we will narrate about Great Danes and cats and how to introduce them to each other, socialize, and other tips. Kindly keep reading to discover more.

Can Great Danes and Cats Get Along?

   Yes, Great Danes can cope with cats if Danes are familiarized with them. But some can be combative with cats. Usually, Great Danes are very gentle, but they love to play and chase the cats. While not all Danes love cats, there are some ways to help Danes to be calm and friendly to cats. This myth might overcome this quote, “Cats and dogs cannot get along.”

Introducing a Great Dane to Cat

Great Danes good with cats

   If you already have a cat in your home, you must ensure a safe place for them. Introducing a new pet to your cat might put stress on it. So, here are some steps that will minimize the stress on your cat:

Puppy or Adult?

   You must be adopting an adult Great Dane or a puppy because it will impact the methods of introducing Great Dane to cats. So, that is essential to consider for a smooth introduction.

   Puppies are young and learn to socialize with animals and people for the first time. This age is best for teaching your Great Dane to associate a positive relationship with a cat.

   Adult Great Danes are inconstant because you don’t know what socialization training they had. You also do not know if they have a good relationship with cats. So, introducing a puppy is calm and easy for the cat.

Secure Area for Cat

   First, introduce your new Dane to your cat. Also, make sure you have a secure place for your cat that Great Dane cannot reach. You must have a place where the cat can go away from Great Dane. It is essential; it does not matter if your pets are familiar with each other.

   When you build a safe area for your cat, ensure it has reached all necessities such as water, a sleeping place, food, and a litter box. The safe places are not enough. Your cat will require safe routes to go to other places.

   So, the best way of safe route is to have cat furniture such as bookshelves or tall walkways for your cat. Great Danes are massive pooches that can reach high, so keep that in mind while designing the area.

Introduce Slowly

   A slow introduction will have a positive impact on the meeting. It is a fact concerning a Great Dane and a cat. Great Danes love to chase, while cats are small, spooky, and love to dart. So, Great Dane will like to play with them.

   You must slowly start the introduction, beginning from the scent. Make sure both pets do not see each other in this step. You can interchange their rooms when you go with your Dane outside for exercise or a walk. So that they can smell the scent of each other and get comfortable.

   Repeat this method for a few days regularly without meeting with each other. It will help the relationship because they are aware of the scent. Earlier, both pets will be aware of their voice, so it is considering that either your Great Dane barks or cat meows.

First Meeting

   Be attentive and careful when both your pets meet for the first time. Your Great Dane must have a leash to avoid chasing, and you might hate that behavior. If you notice any aggression symptoms, quickly remove them from the area and let them smell scents of each other to familiar more.

   Ensure that your cat does not go to attack or go to the corner when seeing the Great Dane because it can trigger your dog to chase or bite the cat, which will be dangerous. When the meeting is going well, you Dane still need guidance due to his huge size because they can harm the cat while roughly playing.

Pay Attention to your Pets

   The final step is to pay attention to your pets. They will tell you when they are uncomfortable, uninterested, and are enough. If your cat seems uninterested in Great Dane, you can try another day to familiarize them. It is difficult to embellish a bad experience they have with each other.

   If your Dane is uncontrollable, it is best to take him to the rain for a checkup. So, take them to the park to down the steam after the meeting.

Introducing a Cat to Great Dane

Introducing a Cat to Great Dane

   Just like the above steps, slow-moving leads to success. In this method, you already know your Great Dane. It might be a great start if your Great Dane is adequately socialized and has an excellent experience with cats. And at least you know about the behavior of your Dane on seeing a cat. So, here are the steps:

Kitten or Adult?

   A calm Great Dane can be terrifying to a cat due to its size. A kitten will adjust quickly to a calm Great Dane. An adult cat will react fearfully to the new surroundings and meet a Dane. Also, you do not know how your adult new cat experiences dogs, such as bad or good. So, it isn’t effortless for a new cat to live with a dog.

   A fearful cat might run, which makes a Great Dane chase her. They might quarrel, which causes a Dane to react. Sadly, it is hard to know that it is a big problem until you reach home. Still, the introduction can be successful with patience and time to overcome all bad experiences.

Getting Ready for a New Cat

   It does not matter if you have a Dane or not; you must be prepared if you are prepping a new cat. If you have a Great Dane, you must prepare yourself for further training. So, you must build a safe area for your cat so that it should take a rest or break. You must prepare your Great Dane for some things, such as obedience training.

   Obedience training helps to communicate with Dane. If your pooch knows the commands like leave it, stop, come, or no then that’s a great start. So, use these commands if your dog is excited while introduced to a cat. It is also useful in case your Dane chase the cat.

   Socializing is also important for a Great Dane. It is a crucial step to train a dog not just to introduce with cats but also for people and other animals of different sizes. Mostly, aggression happens due to negative experiences. So, revealing your Dane to other environments will minimize aggression.

Tips on Introducing a Cat to Great Dane

   Follow these tips to introduce a cat to a Dane:

  • Be sure that Great Dane is on the leash so that you can control him.
  • Let your new cat wander in the house when your dog is in a kennel.
  • Let both pets sniff each other. If Great Dame barks unstoppable, keep the cat away.
  • Let your Great Dane smell the cat’s scent without closing each other.

This method will take some days until both pets are comfortable with each other. You should also continue both pets with vice versa. So that when Dane and the cat come close, they feel relaxed. They both will be inseparable best friends soon.   

Tips for Socializing Great Dane Puppy with Cats

   Here are the tips for socializing your puppy with cats:

  • Take your Great Dane on a walk to make him aware of different smells, voices, and animals.
  • Let your Great Dane puppy smell and notice different things like other animals.
  • When your dog smells other animals, be calm and speak with love. Always put your Dane on a leash to avoid chasing.
  • Socialize your Dane at 12 weeks; otherwise, it will be challenging to socialize your pooch after four months.
  • Take up your Dane in obedience class so that it reveals other things.

  These things will teach your dog to be adaptable to different environments and balanced. So that when they will reach adulthood, they will not freak out in new situations or live with cats.

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Some Tips for Great Danes good with Cats

Some Tips for Great Danes good with Cats

   Here are the things that help your Great Dane to like a cat:

Give Treat

   Give your dog treats when you bring a cat into the house. This way, Great Dane will link to the cat by treats and try to go close to the cat for a good relationship.

Take Both on a Walk

   Take both pets on the walk so that they tire out. After that, let your Great Dane play with the cat. This way, your dog will not chase the cat because he is tired from walking.

Spend More Time

   If you notice that Great Dane is depressed due to the cat, spend time with him. Because before the cat, they were the only animal you loved and cared for. But your dog will feel sad after seeing your love for another animal. So, give him a possible time.

How Do we stop Great Danes from Chasing Cats?

   Teaching your Great Dane to leave chasing the cats take practice, stability, patience, and time. So here are the steps to stop a Dane from chasing a cat:

  • Always keep your Dane on a rope when both pets are in one room.
  • When the cat goes close to the Dane, be calm and notice what he will do. If he gives attention to the cat, feed him a treat.
  • Give your dog a treat until the cat goes away.
  • Regularly repeat the above steps. You will observe that Great Dane loves the cat. Also, give him treats.
  • Long the leash if Great Dane is comfortable with the cat. If he is still chasing her, again repeat step two.
  • Lastly, do not keep Dane on a leash. Leave both pets in the same place. So, your dog will not chase the cat; if it does so, repeat step five.

How do we stop Great Danes from killing Cats?

   The best way to stop your Dane from killing cats is that raise them with felines when they are in puppyhood. They will play with cats at this age and not kill them. If your dog has killed a cat before, keep him in the open space area.

   Also, do not take your dog on a walk before sunrise and after sunset because cats are more active and wander around at that time.


Is Great Dane Friendly with Cats?

   Yes, Great Danes are friendly with cats. These dogs are very well with all animals if they are socialized correctly. However, if a Great Dane had never seen a cat before, he might think of it as prey.

Are Great Danes Scared of Cats?

   Great Danes are very lovable to cats despite their size. They do not show any anger if a cat is scared of them. They might have their purposes. Great Danes do not have a mindset about cats.

Should I get a Dog for my Cat?

   You can get a dog and cat in one house, but it needs a little time and training. It cannot be said that both pets can get along with each other. But slowly introducing both pets and giving equal attention to them can help.

How long Does it take Cats to get used to Dogs?

   While some dogs and cats get along at the moment, sometimes it takes a few months and weeks for a feline to get used to a pup. That’s obvious; their personalities impact the period.

What are the Best Dogs for Cats?

   The best dogs for the cats include a Golden retriever, Beagle, Bichon Frise, Basset hound, Labrador retriever, Pug, Shetland sheepdog, and a poodle.  

Wrapping up

   So, with proper knowledge, your Great Dane will get along with felines. You have to give time and effort to make it possible for your pets to live under the same roof. Also, patience will make it smoother, and both pets will bond forever. Even if they are not best friends, they can live together peacefully.

   Be sure that they are happy and comfortable. Their lives are going well, and do not force them to meet each other. Now you know it is achievable, so it’s time to bring a new family member to the home. Hopefully, this guide will help you. Kindly share it, and for any questions, comment below. Thanks!

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