When Do Great Danes Calm Down | 5 Tips & Reasons In 2022

   Great Danes are excitable dogs, and you might think about when your Great Dane calms down. So, when do Great Danes calm down? I would say that the Great Danes calmed down at the age of 2 years. Usually, Great Dane puppies lack calmness because they were reared as hunting dogs. That means the Great Danes have top-level athletic activities.

   So, Great Danes have more energy than other dog breeds. As a result, they are high-strung and have a low calm scale when young. All Great Danes are not hyper; some are calm. It depends on their age and training method. To learn more about when Great Danes calm down, read on!

Are Great Danes Hyper Dogs?

   Great Danes are active, energetic, and vigorous dogs but also have relaxed nature. They love robustious playing, whereas they also like napping. So, Great Danes can be hyperactive dogs, but some have calm nature.

What Are the Reasons My Great Dane So Energetic?

What Are the Reasons My Great Dane So Energetic

   When you attempt to calm down your Great Dane, but he is not calming down, that means he is so energetic. There are many reasons behind it; some of them are as follows:

Young Age

   Great Danes tend to be hyper when they are young. Younger Great Danes notice everything about them and get curious to understand them. They play around and get into other things. But when they get older, they chill out and do not make a noise like puppies.

Not Enough Exercise

   If a Great Dane is not getting exercised enough, it will be jumpy and restless. A Great Dane puppy needs to exercise for almost 2-3 hours daily so that they do not be hyper. Also, when your Great Dane steps into adulthood, decrease the exercise, such as an hour walk every day.


   Great Danes usually find an activity to keep them entertained when bored. Sometimes, they can be destructive due to boredom. Since they are giant dogs and can destroy a day bed in just a few hours to reduce their boredom, if your Dane is getting bored, give him something to play with or chew, such as a chewing stick, to keep him away from destroying items in the home.    Other items to get rid of boredom are puzzle dog toys. Your Great Dane will enjoy and try to solve the puzzle to get the treat. Be sure the toys are strong enough to bear Great Dane’s chewing so that he cannot swallow or destroy them. Otherwise, it will cause surgery or obstruction to your pooch. I recommend Benebone Wishbone Durable Dog Chew Toy.


   Anxiety is another reason for Great Dane’s hyper. Some Danes get anxious when their owners are not with them. They started to run and bounce in the home. Teaching your Great Dane to live alone will lessen his anxiety levels. Also, you can feed them anxiety food to keep them calm.

   Consult the veterinarian in drastic anxiety of your Great Dane. He will medicate your Dane to keep him calm when you are not with your pooch.


   Hyperkinesis is also called canine ADHD. This condition is uncommon in Great Dane, but if your pooch is Delphic hyper, then he got this condition. Its symptoms are short attention spans, attention-seeking actions, hasty nature, etc. So take him to the vet to treat him with medicine and proper training.

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How to keep My Great Danes Calm Down?

How to keep My Great Danes Calm Down

   Once you figure out why your Great Dane is restless or energetic. After that, start training him to calm down. So, follow these things to keep your Dane calm.


   Exercise is one of the best ways to calm down your Great Dane because he uses much energy while exercising. It would be best if you took your pooch on a long walk two times daily. At other times, let him play to stimulate his mental condition. While it might not be possible for you to spend time exercising your Dane, you can also play with him in the exercise area.

   Here are the few things that will help in exercise your Great Dane while you do not have to use much energy, such as setting play dates for your pup, puzzle toys, hiking, throwing a ball, Frisbee, taking him to the dog park to play with other puppies, and play tug-o-war. Remember that these are just a few tasks to burn your dog excess energy but do not limit him to these.   

Mental Stimulation

   Give your Great Dane something that will busy his mind to keep him calm. Such as a puzzle toy or teaching him new things. Many owners take up their Danes in behavioral training for their mental stimulation. If your Great Dane learns new tricks and activities that will keep his mind sharp. Also, it will lessen his hyperactivity.

Neutering or Spaying

   Neutering and spaying are not essential, but they can calm down your Great Dane. When these hormones are removed, your Great Dane will calm at some level. Neutering or spaying a Dane is a trending topic in vet medicine. AAHA has recommended that a dog must be neutered or spayed when he is fully grown and over 45 pounds.

   A Great Dane can be spayed or neutered at 15 to 20 months. It is recommended that Great Danes should be spayed or neutered late in life because they are giant and cannot lessen their activities by eliminating hormones.

Give your pooch Space

   Every dog wants a space in the home to get rest and relax. You must give your Great Dane a delegate space where he can sleep and calm. When your pooch gets out of control, teach him to go to that place, sit, and be calm. When playtime comes, tell them to be awake and active. So, it is an excellent way to teach your canine because your dog will not run over guests when guests arrive at your home.

Embrace the Energy

   Embracing your Great Dane’s energy is also the best way to handle their hyper. You can motivate your dog to exercise or go hiking in forests. These mighty pooches force their owners to play outside and become very agile. You can reduce this activity level at two years of age because they calm down at this age.

   Also, with several tricks, a Great Dane can be energetic for his entire life. Every Dane has a different temperament and personality and adjusts to your way of life. Some Danes are calm their entire life, while some are energetic even at the age of seven years, just like when they were six months old.

When do Great Danes puppies Calm Down?

   Typically, Great Danes puppies calm down at 3 or 4 years old. Different things impact their agitated nature. Thus, you can control the over-excitable nature of these dogs.


How much Exercise do the Great Danes Need?

   It would be best if you set an exercise routine for your pooch. In this routine, he should exercise and play to make him healthy and happy. You can keep him active by running and playing. Regular playing will make your Dane’s muscles and mind busy.

What kind of Diet do Great Danes like to Eat?   

   Great Dane’s diet must contain appropriate fat to maintain his health. A protein diet will build his muscles and make him strong. It is also essential that the diet contain low carbohydrates.

   A low carbohydrate food will make your dog less stressed. Feed him meals two or three times daily. Also, make fruits, vegetables, meat, and eggs a part of their diet.

Why is it Essential to Socialize with your Great Dane?

   It is essential to socialize your pooch so they will not be destructive. An overprotective manner is dangerous and shows a dog is not well-trained. He should enjoy exercise, socialize, play with toys, and go outside. It will be good to visit a vet for a regular checkup of your dog.

Why Does my Great Dane pace all the Time?

   Anxiety is the main cause of the restlessness of your Great Dane. Many things can cause anxiety, such as strangers, weather-change, and partition from the owner. So, when tension builds up, your Great Dane will pace.

Is it Hard to Train Great Dane?

   They are easy to train due to their loving nature. But still can be stubborn to training. So, you need some patience to train them.

Final Words

   If your Great Dane is restless and hyper, don’t worry, you can calm down. While it will take a little time. When they enroll on the surroundings around them, they will no longer be impatient. You can keep them calm by reducing their activity level through mental stimulation, playing, exercise, and running.

   Your Danes will calm down when he reaches two years of age, but for now, you can try the above methods to keep him calm. So, if this article is helpful, share it. Also, comments for suggestions and questions. Thanks!  

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