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   Great Danes are a popular dog breed known as the “Apollo of Dogs.” The great Dane is one of the largest dogs in the world and can be intimidating to intruders due to its size. The potential of these gentle giants is considered less credible than guard dogs. So, can Great Danes good guard dogs?

   Well, Great Danes are better watchdogs than guardians, but if they are trained adequately as guard dogs, they can protect your family. Plus, their loud bark and colossal size can deter the burglars. This article will detail Great Dane’s attributes with training tips that make this dog a good guardian. So, read on to discover more.

Difference Between a Guard Dog and a Watchdog

   A watchdog alerts his owner by barking when seeing any potential threat, whereas a guard dog not only recognizes but also compensates it by growling, blustering, or biting the burglar if needed. Watchdogs are like family pets, but guard dogs are like bodyguards. However, both dogs can be noble pets with proper socializing and training.

   Also, the Great Danes require more affection and attention for a happy life. Great Danes are not biter but bark sometimes, so they are suitable for watchdogs. But, all Great Danes are different; some protect their owners, some might attack the intruders, and some can be a couch potatoes. It depends on the environment, training, and temperament.

Great Danes as a Guard Dog?

   Great Danes are good as guard dogs, but if they are appropriately trained. A guard dog protects and watches a specific place. The Great Dane can be trained to growl and bark at intruders who enter their watch area, looking out for intruders or unwanted visitors. It is not necessary to tie a leash on guard dogs.

   A guard dog has expertise only in its specific area and alerts its owner very efficiently when it notices any disturbance. Great Danes are not of this type of dog. They are very friendly and enjoy playing with humans. So, they are a very gentle and relaxed breed.

Features that Make Great Danes Good Guard Dogs

Features that Make Great Danes Good Guard Dogs

   In ancient times, Great Danes were used as hunting dogs to hunt boars and deer and even to kill the beasts. But when guns were invented, many hunting dogs’ purpose was changed. Then, Great Danes were used as guard dogs. So, here are some characteristics that make Great Danes an excellent guard dog for home:

 Huge Size

   Great Danes are colossal dogs with 32 inches shoulders and weigh about 200 pounds. In fact, they are the tallest dog in the world. So, many burglars will be discouraged due to their vast size. Their appearance is frightening for those who have never seen a Great Dane closely.

   I would certainly not want to get involved with their massive, powerful body and jaws. I mean to say that these dogs are friendly but cause goosebumps while seeing them.


   American Cannel Club named Great Danes “alert home guardians.” They are more alert than other dogs breed and notice every little thing. Also, react in such a way to alert their owners about the threat.

Do the Job Well

   Great Danes have got 4/5 stars by AKC for their mental stimulation. Great Danes are excellent at watching or guarding, but they do their job well when they are specifically trained for these purposes. Basically, they like to o mischief, but when they feel that they have to do duty or are alone in the house, they protect the house and eliminate naughty behavior.

Loud Bark

   Great Danes bark very loudly. Their barking alerts the owner about the threat and also scares the burglar. For example, if an intruder attack your home and suddenly a massive Great Dane come out of the darkness and scare him by growling and saying, “No, babes! Not today.” It is just for fun. But honestly, that will be the last day of the burglar.

   Their bark is helpful if you have a large house because when Great Dane barks on seeing an intruder, you can be prepared to handle it.

Calm Temperament

   You must be imagining how a calm dog can guard a home. Well, a calm dog such as Great Dane does not react or get angry for common reasons. For instance, a squirrel on the tree, a postman who comes daily, a falling leaf, etc. Great Dane will alert you to the real threat by barking.

   A calm temperament Great Dane will also prevent drama such as he will not bark at your friends or regular visitors. He will whip out his loud bark in real emergencies.

Friendly But Silent with Strangers

   Great Danes are not attached to strangers but are very friendly with their family members. They are not so open to socializing and are suspicious about the humans they do not know.

Are Great Danes good Watchdogs?

   Yes, Great Danes are good watchdogs. Usually, a watchdog only barks at a suspicious person in the home. Great Danes can be trained on bark in suspicious situations. Thus, a thief will intimidate Great Dane due to his size and will not attempt theft.

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Great Danes Guard Dog Tips

Great Danes Guard Dog Tips

   Here are some things to remember while training your Great Dane as a guard dog:

Treat Them Nicely

   Always remember that the Great Danes want to love. They ultimately depend on you for home and food. If you forget to give them food and water, they will become weak and might die. Then you will have to pay for medication. Most Danes are healthy and do not need medicines, but a pooch can suffer disease.

Socialize Early

   Socialize your Great Dane in puppyhood. It will help him to notice new people, places, and surroundings. Take your dog to different places and introduce him to other humans.


   Great Danes puppies need a lot of exercises to maintain their body and health. Also, give your pooch toys to play with and go on walks in the parks with him to increase his energy. In this way, your dog will also socialize with people.

Give Attention

   Give your Great Danes a lot of attention. These dogs are lovable family pets and are very affectionate. Giving attention and love to them will show your dog that he is doing a good job. This way, your pooch will be happy and strong.

Regular Training

   Train your Dane every day. Go for hiking, walks, and play with your Great Danes. They will love your company. Also, they love to walk and play with their owners.  

Crate Training

   Keep your Great Danes puppy in a crate until eight weeks. It will help the muscles not to grow large and hamper them from hunting in adulthood. Crate training also avoids chewing in Great Danes. They will not chew your furniture and other items while growing.

What makes Great Danes not Good Guard Dogs?

   These things make Great Danes not good guard dogs:


   Great Danes are calm and do not get aggressive with strangers. Whenever they see a stranger, they do not react because these dogs mind their own business. That’s quite kinda funny.


   Great Danes are the best companion dogs. They are friendly and loving to all people they meet. They are friendly to children, animals, and strangers. They are not known as guard dogs who are always ready to assault a stranger when he comes near his master.


   Great Danes do not naturally look out for specific areas and bark in suspicious situations. But if they are trained for this, then they can do it.

Not an Attacker

   Great Danes do not attack others because they are affectionate dogs. He will be an excellent guardian if you train your dog as a guard dog.

Is Great Dane Territorial?

   Generally, they are not territorial dogs. If you want an effective guard dog, the canine must be territorial. If you have a Great Dane and it does not bark at any person who comes into your home or neighbors who come to your garden, then your dog is not territorial. Territorial guard dogs alert you by barking at everyone who enters your home or yard. Check Out the best wireless collar for Great Dane.


How strong are a Great Danes Bite?

   Great Danes are sweet dogs of enormous size. But still, they have a 238 PSI bite force. If you do not give attention to your Dane, it will become aggressive and can bite sometimes.

What makes a Great Danes Aggressive?

   Great Danes are friendly dogs. They are also protective family pets. The main reason for Great Dane’s aggressiveness is if he feels danger or threat from humans or strangers.

Is it Better to have Two Great Danes Guard Dogs Than One?

   Yes, they can be better than one because a group of burglars can handle one Great Dane, but two Great Danes are heavy on them. So, it is best to pair your Great Danes with the opposite gender. So that training them properly can save you from intruders.

Do Male Great Danes make Better Watchdogs than Female Great Danes?

   Male Great Danes are more protective and watchful for their owners than female Great Danes. The male dogs like to be the head of all, which means they bark a lot at people who come into the home. Female Great Danes are not territorial as male Danes. Female Great Danes are excellent watch dogs but not as effective as male Danes.

Are Great Danes Good as Urban Guard Dogs?

   Great Danes are very kind dogs. They are good guard dogs because these dogs are very protective of their families. So, they can be used to scare burglars.

Wrapping up

   If you decide to train your Great Dane as a guard dog, you will not find good results because they are not made to guard home. These dogs are soft-hearted and very friendly, while a guard dog has to be aggressive and territorial. It can be a good guard dog if you train your Dane for security purposes.

   Also, you can keep Great Danes as guard dogs because their huge size can deter intruders and discourage them from doing anything wrong. Thus, the right training can make your Dane a good guardian. Share this article with your friends and family if you find it helpful. Thanks for reading!

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