8 Best Brushes for Great Danes | 2022 Review

Great Danes are giant dog breeds that have short coats. Most owners keep breakable items away from Great Dane and do not focus on their hair brushing. As we all know, Great Danes are big, so you might think they are hard to clean and brush, but still, they need an excellent brush to keep their coat healthy.

   Brushing a Great Dane might be alarming because they stubbornly coordinate daily activities, but it is pretty easy if you have the right brush. There are many options for dog brushes in the market, but choosing one can be overwhelming. So, I have provided a list of the eight Best Brushes for Great Danes with a buying guide, so you don’t need to struggle for them. Read on to discover more.

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How often Should you Brushes for Great Danes?

   You must brush your Great Dane weekly. It will help to keep your pooch neat and clean. Also, it will maintain the shedding. Great Danes do not have double coats like other dog breeds, but their short coats need regular grooming for healthy skin.

Types of Great Dane Brushes

   Even with a short hair coat, your Great Danes still sheds. Long teeth and pin brushes are not suitable for your Great Danes. So, there are also brushes that are specially made for short hair. Here are these types:

Rubber Brushes

   Rubber brushes are best for short-hair dogs such as Great Dane. These brushes are like a magnet and draw loose hair from the coat. You can easily untangle the hair, and these brushes clean the undercoat of a Great Dane effectively. It removes loose hair, dirt, and hackles from Great Dane’s hair.

   Rubber brushes are an excellent option for sensitive skin because they eliminate dirt and hair without using any metal brush. If you want your Great Dane’s coat healthy, rubber brushes are a superb choice.

Deshedding Brushes

   Deshedding brushes have soft teeth that clear away deep-routed lingering hair and keep your Great Dane’s coat shiny and healthy. These brushes are excellent for both short and long-haired dogs. So, these brushes can fight hair knots and give hair a slight look.

Bristle Brushes

   Bristle brushes are best for rough hair. It goes down to the hair’s root and draws dust or knots out. These are best to untangle the hair but do not worry about Great Dane because they have short hair. Also, these brushes are helpful for rashes on the skin and keep Great Dane’s coat clean. Bristle brushes are useful if used with other brushes to groom your Great Dane.


Best Pick

Delomo Pet Grooming Gloves

Delomo Pet Grooming Gloves

  • Material: Rubber, Silicon
  • Hair Type: All
  • Color: Blue

Budget Pick

Furminator Undercoat Deshedding Brush for Dogs

Furminator Undercoat Deshedding Brush for Dogs

  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Hair Type: All
  • Color: Green

Editor Pick

Bodhi Dog New Grooming Pet Shampoo Brush

Bodhi Dog New Grooming Pet Shampoo Brush

  • Material: Rubber
  • Hair Type: All
  • Color: Blue

List of 8 Best Brushes

  1. Delomo Pet Grooming Gloves
  2. Furminator Undercoat Deshedding Brush for Dogs
  3. Bodhi Dog New Grooming Pet Shampoo Brush
  4. Furminator Undercoat Deshedding Tool for Dogs
  5. Pet Grooming Brush for Dogs
  6. Kong ZoomGroom Dog Brush
  7. Furminator Curry Comb
  8. Furminator Dual Grooming Brush

Reasons to Buy

  • Great for puppies
  • Easily removes hair
  • Easy to clean
  • Works great
  • High quality

Reasons to Avoid

  • Take more time than brush


  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Adjustable wrist strap
  • Ergonomic five-finger gloves
  • Available in 4 different colors
  • Grooming and massage glove
  • Skin-friendly bath brush

Product Description:

    Delomo pet grooming gloves are rubber and harmless to your dog’s skin. It has soft teeth that remove loosen hair from your Great Dane coat. You can easily clean these gloves, and they are adjustable. These gloves are not useful for long hair, so they are made for Great Danes.


Weight4.76 ounces
MaterialRubber, Silicon
Brush TypeDeshedding, Rubber
Dimensions9 x 7.2 x 0.5 inches

Company Review:

   Delomo is a brand that manufactures pet grooming products. Their main product is de-shedding tools. Their products are gloves, pet hair removal, and rollers. They create high-quality products to decrease the shedding in dogs. Their goal is to provide comfortable pet supplies for your fur friends.

About the Product:

   This de-shedding brush is an excellent choice for your Great Dane. The glove material is rubber and has silicon teeth all over the hand. It will prevent shedding and knot out the hair tangles. While Great Dane has short fur, these are best for him while bathing. Put some dog shampoo on the gloves and massage your dog.

   These gloves are easy to wash. You can clean them by hand or by washing machine. My Great Dane enjoys bathing when I use these gloves. These gloves attract the hair like a magnet. Also, you can adjust them according to your wrist size. These are easy-to-use, self-cleaning gloves that are safe for your Great Dane’s skin.

Highlights: The gloves are super easy to clean and ball up hair quickly.

Reasons to Buy

  • High quality
  • Safe for skin
  • Worth the price
  • Comfortable grip handle
  • Easy to clean

Reasons to Avoid

  • Little pricy


  • Curved edge for efficiently removing hair
  • Ejector button release collected hair
  • Remove the undercoat and lose hair
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Stainless steel bristles

Product Description:

   This Furminator Deshedding dog brush is specially designed for giant dogs with a short coats. It removes loose hair without harming the skin or cutting your dog’s fur. It has stainless steel teeth that are comfortable. Also, the handle is ergonomic and safe. An ejector button is available on this dog brush.


Weight9.12 ounces
MaterialStainless steel
Brush TypeDeshedding, Bristle  
Dimensions6.7 x 5.5 x 2.5 inches

Company Review:

   Furminator brand manufactures professional pet products. Their purpose is to make Deshedding brushes for pets, so they do not lose their fur. They provide grooming confidently. Their high-quality grooming products are easy to use. So, it is a lead pet grooming tool brand with a high customer rating.

About the Product:

   This Deshedding tool is an excellent choice for your Great Dane. It has curved edges that help to remove undercoat loose hair efficiently and comfortably. It has an ergonomic handle for a comfortable grip. So, if your hands are sweating, the tool does not slip. The best thing is that it comes with an ejector button for easily removing the gathered hair.

   I like this tool because it has stainless steel teeth that do not hurt my Great Dane skin. It also does not damage the top coat of the Great Dane. It is made of the best quality material protective for your pup. Also, it cleans dirt and fleas from your dog’s skin. The downside is that it is a little expensive, but you will not regret your purchase because it will be worth every penny.  

Highlights: It removes dead hair from the coat and does not cut the dog’s skin.

Reasons to Buy

  • Pup-approved
  • Deep cleaning
  • Easy to hold
  • Perfect fit
  • Gives soft, silky, and clear fur

Reasons to Avoid

  • Not for long haired-dogs


  • Gently remove loose fur and hair
  • Relaxing massage brush
  • Soft rubber bristles
  • Waterproof
  • Durable and latex-free
  • Environmentally-friendly

Product Description:

   Bodhi dog new grooming is a rubber brush that quickly cleans the loose hair and dead skin. It is perfect for sensitive skin pets. You can also massage the pet with this brush while bathing, which keeps the coat and skin healthy. Also, it is waterproof and has safe construction. So, it is excellent for bathing and grooming pet brushes.


Weight3.52 ounces
Brush TypeMassage, Grooming, Soothing
Dimensions8.62 x 5.51 x 1.42 inches

Company Review:

   Bodhi dog is a small business that offers high-quality pet products. They aim to provide natural and plant-based products that are safe for the animals. Their prices are affordable. Bodhi Dog Company assured you that you are providing your pet quality care. This environmental-friendly brand has an excellent customer rating.

About the product:

   This brush is excellent during bathing. A Bodhi dog brush is a good choice if you want a brush that does not pull your Great Dane hair. It deep cleans the skin of your pooch. It is made for small coat pets, meaning Great Dane will enjoy grooming using this brush. It is made of rubber and is gentle on Great Dane skin.

   You can put shampoo on the brush and massage your Great Dane while bathing. The best thing is you can use it on the dry body of your pet, and it will remove dead skin and circulate the blood. It is durable and waterproof, so do not worry about scraping. The review of this brush is very high, and customers are delighted with this brush.   

Highlights: Hairs are super easy to remove with this brush, and you can easily peel off the hair from the brush.

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Reasons to Buy

  • Ease of use
  • Excellent design
  • Works efficiently and quickly
  • Reduce the shed factor
  • Comfortable handle

Reasons to Avoid

  • Delivery issues


  • Designed by professional groomers
  • Promotes coat health
  • Reduce loose hair
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Stainless steel teeth
  • Only for dry hair

Product Description:

   The furminator undercoat Deshedding tool is safe for your dog’s skin. It has stainless steel edges that do not harm the topcoat and safely remove the undercoat’s loose hair. It also has an ejector button that pulls hair. It has an ergonomic handle that is easy to grip. So it is the best Deshedding tool for your Great Dane with less price.


Weight6.2 ounces
MaterialABS construction with stainless steel teeth
Brush TypeDeshedding
Dimensions1.75 x 4.25 x 6 inches

Company Review:

   Furminator is a leading brand of pets that offers high-quality pet products. Their brushes are so effective at removing shed hair. Their incredible grooming tools make a dog’s coat healthy and shiny. They declare to reduce shedding up to 99%. So, it is an absolutely fantastic brand.  

About the product:

   This Furminator Deshedding tool is specially designed for Great Danes. Also, for all breeds that have short coats. It has stainless steel teeth that are very strong and reach into the undercoat to eliminate the release of hair without hurting the topcoat. It also has an ejector button that releases the hair from the teeth, making it easy to clean.

   You can use this brush on the dry hair of your pet. So, use it before bathing and drying your Great Dane coat. The best thing is that it does not cut the skin because the stainless steel edges are efficient. The handle is comfortable and does not slip if hands are sweaty. The downside is that it is not made for sensitive skin and comes reasonably priced.  

Highlights: The shape is very good and does not wiggle in hands.

Reasons to Buy

  • Make coat soft and fluffy
  • Solid brush
  • Quality is great
  • Relaxing for pups
  • Easy to clean
  • Low cost

Reasons to Avoid

  • Not for sensitive skin dog


  • Effectively reduce shedding
  • Detachable head design
  • Non-slip and ergonomic handle
  • Stainless steel comb
  • Make a healthy, shiny pet coat

Product Description:

   A Pet grooming brush is very effective in reducing shedding. It is a professional grooming tool that has an easy grip handle. It has a stainless steel blade covered by a lid to protect your hands. Also, it lasts longer and is worth your money. It reduces hair loss and gives your pet a shiny, healthy coat. So, that is the best choice for your Dane.


Weight4.66 ounces
Brush TypeDeshedding
Dimensions6.42 x 2.99x 1.73 inches

Company Review:

   Pet neat is a top-rating brand that offers the best pet products such as water and food bowls, pet brushes, etc. It offers efficient cleaning pet goods that are safe for your canine and cats. Customers love their products and have more than two million servings. So, it is the best A+ rating brand worldwide.

About the product:

   This Deshedding tool removes 99% dead hair from your Great Dane. It has stainless steel blades that are covered with a plastic lid for your safety. Also, the ergonomic handle gives you a comfortable grip. I like this brush because of the design. It is easy and sturdy to hold. If your hands are sweaty due to brushing your Great Dane hair for hours, it will not slip.

   You can also remove the comb by pressing the head of the tool to remove hair. The advantage is that it de-shed your dog’s coat without fuss or pain. The blade is rust-resistant and reaches the base of the skin easily. So, do not worry about tangles and loose dead hairs. It comes at an affordable price.  

Highlights: The hair clings to the comb until removed. Easy, relaxing, and clean for dogs.

Reasons to Buy

  • Durable
  • Washable
  • Works on both wet and dry fur
  • Very comfortable
  • Low cost
  • Gets out loose hair

Reasons to Avoid

  • The hairs are tricky to out but tap the comb on the floor to clean the hair


  • Use with shampoo
  • Comes in two colors
  • Massage the coat
  • Rubber construction
  • Suitable for baths

Product Description:

   Kong ZoomGroom dog brush is an outstanding choice for your dog with small hair. You can use it with shampoo and massage your dog for relief. It is made of rubber and acts as a magnet on the fur. It is easy to clean with water and make your dog’s fur shiny and healthy. So, it is a cost-effective dog brush.   


Weight3.36 ounces
MaterialRubber, Silicon
Brush TypeBathing, Massage
Dimensions4.75 x 1.63 x 2.9 inches

Company Review:

   Kong brand plays a significant role in dogs’ lives. They provide solutions for your dog grooming, bathing, playing, and eating. They manufacture different products such as dog toys, feeding bowls, brushes, etc. They care for dogs’ chewing and provide safe toys for their teeth.

About the product:

   Zoom groom is an excellent brush for grooming short hair dogs. It has rubber teeth that do not hurt your Great Dane. It also offers massage to your Great Dane, and I bet he will enjoy it because my Great Dane cuddles when I use this brush on his coat. It also eliminates dead hairs from the base of the coat.

   You can use it while bathing your Great Dane because it is made of rubber and create more lather with water. It is made in the USA with highly fine materials. The best thing is that it last longer, and the teeth of the comb does not break. It is easy to wash and reduce hair loss in Great Dane. After using it, you will notice less hair on your floor or clothes.

Highlights: It makes the coat so shiny and feels so soft. Also, it is cost-effective.

Reasons to Buy

  • Fits comfort in hands
  • Works great
  • Sturdy brush
  • Ergonomically-shaped
  • Easy to peel away hair

Reasons to Avoid

  • Small


  • Molded rubber teeth
  • Ideal for short and medium coat
  • Comfortable grip
  • Stimulate coat health
  • Include hand strap

Product Description:

   Furminator curry comb is made of plastic and has rubber teeth that attract hair like a magnet. It also removes dust and fleas from the coat of your pooch. It promotes a healthy coat and reduces shedding. It has strips on the top that helps to hold the brush with ease. Also, you can use it daily to clean the coat.


Weight2.4 ounces
MaterialPlastic, Rubber
Brush TypeRubber brush
Dimensions5.25 x 3 x 1.75 inches

Company review:

   Furminator manufactures the best pet grooming products. They specialize in Deshedding tools. They offer gloves, rollers, hair removal products, and much more for your pets. They manufacture high-quality products for reducing dog shedding. You can expect your pet to be comfortable with their pet supplies.

About the product:

   This Deshedding brush is different from others. This rubber brush prevents dead skin flakes and hairs. It is best for sensitive skin and removes dirt as well. This brush does not harm your Great Dane skin due to its silicon bristles. It fulfills all the needs of brushing and is specially made for short coats.

   It has a comfortable design with a hand strap that allows easy handling even when wet. The rubber teeth promote the creation of natural oils that are healthy for coat health. It removes excess hair in just a few minutes. You can easily extract debris leftovers from the brush. Use this curry comb daily to keep your Great Dane’s fur healthy and clean.

Highlights: It is easy to hold and lessen fur problems all over the house.

Reasons to Buy

  • The handle is easy to grip
  • Good quality brush
  • Perfect for thick short hair
  • Gently remove undercoat
  • Handle rotates slightly

Reasons to Avoid

  • Smells like tire


  • Boar’s hair bristle side
  • Durable metal bristle side
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Suitable for all dogs
  • Convenient daily solution

Product Description:

   Furminator dual grooming is a two-in-one brush. It has metal and boar hair bristle sides. It helps to detangle the hair and removes debris from the dog’s skin. It is suitable for all dogs and shines the coat. The best thing is it has a non-slip handle for easy control. Also, you can take your money back if you do not like this product.


Weight7.76 ounces
Brush TypePin and Bristle brush
Dimensions5 x 2 x 11.28 inches

Company Review:

   Furminator is a reputable company of dog and cat products. Their products are made of fine material and safe for your pet’s skin. Their purpose is to make such tools that do not irritate your pet’s skin and give them relaxation. Customers are satisfied with its tools, and reviews say it is the top-rated brand.

About the product:

   This Furminator dual brush is the best option for you if you do not decide what brush is better for you, such as a pin or bristle brush. This brush has two side metal pins and a bristle boar brush. You can use it to massage your Great Dane and brush him. It helps you to clean away all dander and dirt from the skin. Also, it is easy to grip.

   The Bristle side is more beneficial for you because the Great Dane coat is short. Pin side is also helpful because it stimulates natural oils for the healthy skin of Great Dane. It is also budget-friendly and valuable for all dogs. Brush your Great Dane daily for a smooth and shiny coat. So, that is the best choice for your four-legged friend.

Highlights: It is built very sturdy and ergonomically. You can also use it on sensitive areas like the face, ears, etc.  

Comparison Between Furminator and Bodhi Dog

   The comparison between Furminator and Bodhi dog brand are as follows:


  • A range of professional pet products is manufactured by the Furminator brand.
  • They make Deshedding brushes to prevent pets from losing their fur.
  • Confident grooming service is provided by them.
  • It is amazing how effectively their brushes remove shed hair.
  • They offer incredible grooming tools to make a dog’s coat shiny and healthy.
  • They claim to reduce shedding by up to 99%.
  • A variety of high-quality and cost-effective grooming products are available from this brand.
  • This is a leading brand of pet grooming tools with a high customer rating.

Bodhi Dog

  • Bodhi dog provides high-quality pet products.
  • The focus of this small company is on the dog.
  • Their goal is to offer safe and natural products for animals.
  • Their prices are reasonable.
  • The Bodhi Company assures you that your pet is receiving quality care.
  • The customer rating for this eco-friendly brand is excellent.

The Buying guide on choosing the Best Brush for Great Dane

   While purchasing a brush for your Great Dane, consider these factors:

Ejector Button

   Choose a brush with an ejector button for the best cleaning. It does not matter if the fur is long or short; it gets tangled into the bristles. So, the ejector button will help you easily push the coat off the brush.

Non-slip Handle

   The brush handle must be non-slip. If your hand accidentally slips while grooming your Great Dane, it will pull the hair, hurting your Great Dane. No one will want to harm their four-legged friend, so choose a non-slip handle dog brush.

Comfort grip Handle

   This feature is crucial for a groomer. Because groomers must carry the brush for hours while brushing the dog’s fur, which will scrap the skin painfully, a comfortable grip handle will prevent the pain and relax your hands.


   Choose a self-cleaning brush for your Great Dane. A self-cleaning brush will clean your dog in no time. So, you can spend a lot of time with your four-legged friend.


   The dog must be of high quality that does not hurt your dog’s skin. Also, the material should be soft and safe. Before buying a dog’s brush, one must consider this factor.


   Price is also an important factor. Choose a budget-friendly dog brush that is worth your money and does not break your bank.

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 How to Stop Shedding Great Dane Skin?

 How to Stop Shedding Great Dane Skin

   Fortunately, Great Danes have a short coat that does not shed as other dogs breed, but still, they are messy. Follow these steps to reduce the amount of shedding in your Great Dane:

Regular Brushing

   Weekly brush your Great Dane that will help in reducing the hair shedding. The right amount of brushing is essential; it will also prevent loosening hairs and keep your Great Dane’s fur healthy. Remember that Great Dane’s shedding varies in two seasons. He will shed hair from winter to spring, so extend brushing timing.

   Also, trim the nails of your Great Danes, and clean their ear and teeth while brushing your Great Dane. In this way, you can create a bathing day for your pup.


   Bathing is useful in decreasing shedding but do not bathe your Great Dane daily. Because it will irritate due to dry skin. So, bath them once a month or when they are dirtier. Bathing also helps to remove dirt, loose hair, and debris from the fur.

   Utilize dog-friendly shampoos that make your dog’s skin healthy. Do not use human shampoos because these are harmful to dogs.

Tips for properly Brushing your Great Danes

   Follow these tips to properly brush your Great Dane:

  • Use gentle brushes because Great Dane has only a topcoat; otherwise, it will hurt your dog’s skin.
  • Brush your Great Danes hair in the growth direction to prevent irritation.
  • Brush your Great Dane regularly because they have sensitive skin that is sensible to dryness. Also, use natural oils to hydrate your dog’s skin.
  • Do not shower your Great Dane much. Just brushing should be your goal.
  • Use a rubber brush because it is combined with other brushes that will help you to brush your dog correctly.


Does Great Dane Shed?

   Great Danes shed less than other breeds. They shed just like other short hair breeds, but because of their size, you will notice much hair on the ground, clothes, and furniture. So, use an excellent Deshedding brush to combat shedding. Rubber brushes also capture hairs while brushing your Great Dane.

Is Coconut oil Good for the Great Dane Coat?

   Coconut oil is beneficial for your Great Dane coat. It avoids flaking in your dog and moisture the skin. So, use it lightly on your Great Dane’s coat for fresh and healthy skin.   

Can you OverBrush your Great Dane?

   Over brushing is harmful to your Great Dane skin. It will damage your dog’s skin and coat, hurting him. So brush your Great Dane every couple of days.

Does Great Dane Feel Better after Brushing?

   Regular brushing relaxes the Great Dane. Because of tangle-free fur makes skin free of mats, fleas, and ticks comfortable for your Great Dane, just like humans feel after wearing clean clothes. Also, you can spend more time with your pup in this way.

How long Should you Brush your Great Dane?

   Weekly, brush your Great Dane to prevent shedding in your Great Dane. Brushing your Great Dane continuously for an hour is valuable.

Wrapping up

   Your Great Dane’s fur condition depends on the dog brush you use. Four-legged friends need special care for a healthy coat. Please do not overbrush your pooch, as it can irritate your dog’s skin. Also, choose a budget-friendly brush. You know better what your dog needs for grooming. So, choose a brush that fulfills your pooch’s requirements.

   If this article is useful, share it with your friends so they can also select the best brush for their Great Danes. Also, kindly comment below if you have any suggestions, tips, or questions. I will respond as soon as I can. Thank you for reading!

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