Why Do Owls Look Like Cats?

Do you own an owl or a cat? If yes, have you ever wondered why they look almost the same? These two creatures are both very cute and cuddly but these two creatures have different responsibilities in the ecosystem. They might look the same but their way of moving around is different since owls can fly and cats cannot. 

Back to our main question, why do owls look like cats? This is the question most animal lovers tend to ask. That is why I decided to research this topic and give you an answer. Upon researching, I have found an answer on why owls look like cats. 

Why do owls look like cats? The reason why owls look like cats is because of their eyes and they also have lots of similarities. Both owls and cats are cuddly and have the same habit. They are both playful, eat rats and mice, and are primarily designed for nocturnal hunting. However, even though they look the same, they are not related at all according to science. 

Today, we will talk about owls and cats. We will answer various questions related to our topic and we will spot the different similarities of cats and owls. Now, if you are ready to learn more about owls and cats, let us move on!

Why Do People Say That Owls Look Like Cats?

Many people have said that owls look like cats. I see this on Reddit, Facebook, and other social media platforms. However, why do these people make that statement? Why do people always say that owls look like cats or owls are just like a cat with wings? Let us find out! 

The reason why lots of people use to say that owls look like cats or owls are just cats with wings is because they notice that their pet owl is acting literally like a cat. Also, their owls have lots of similarities with cats. Owls have the same eyes as cats and more! 

However, according to scientists, cats and owls are not actually related. We will discuss that more later on. But right now, let us move on to the similarities of cats and owls, which makes people say that owls look like cats. 

What Are The Similarities Of Cats And Owls?

This is the main reason why lots of people always say that owls look like cats. They have lots of similarities! Aside from their physical characteristics, owls and cats are similar in their habits. Let us take a look at the similarities between cats and owls. 

  • Owls and cats have successfully adapted to a wide range of habitats. 
  • They are both designed for nocturnal hunting.
  • Owls and cats have good directional hearing for prey detection and localization.
  • Binocular vision for precise ranging to targets.
  • Owls and cats have eyes adapted for very low light conditions.
  • Both of their bodies are adapted for near-silent movement through their environment. 
  • They both have similar prey such as rodents, small birds, reptiles, and insects.
  • Owls and cats have robust digestions, able to consume and process small bones, skin, fur, and feathers. 

Are Owls Related To Cats?

If owls look like cats or vice versa, then it means that cats are related to owls? Well, let me tell you the answer. 

Owls are in no way related to cats and in fact, these nocturnal birds have actually been known to hunt and eat cats sometimes. There are areas where owls are abundant as well as cats and sometimes these birds love to eat these cats, grabbing them with their razor-sharp talons. 

Yes! It is true that owls are related to some birds, but they are not related to cats. Owls are for the most part nocturnal hunters and make their homes in the cavities of trees as well as other places inside the forest. Even though owls look like cats, there is no scientific basis that they are exactly related to each other. Their looks and habits are just similar. 

Why Do Owls Have Cat Eyes?

Owls and cats may have both big eyes but the sensitivity of their eyes are different from each other. The owl’s eyes are so big that they can’t move them in their sockets as cats and humans can. That is why many of them have evolved the ability to rotate their heads at a range of 270 degrees. Owls are more sensitive to light compared to cats.

Do Owls Attack Cats?

Cats and owls go hand in hand when it comes to lurking and stalking. I think you have already seen many videos on the internet which show cats and owls interacting with each other. It is very cute, isn’t it? However, do owls really get along with cats in the jungle or the real world?

Do owls attack cats? Yes! During the nighttime, owls become very active in hunting and searching for food. If these birds see a small animal, such as a cat, rodents, or puppies, they will grab and attack it. 

This is the other reason why most people say owls look like cats. Owl’s strategy for getting prey is similar to cats. They stalk and rely on the surprise factor rather than attacking straight away. Many animals usually don’t know that something is stalking them from behind. So your cat will also not know whether there is an enemy or not. 

That is one of the reasons why owls are dangerous birds. Their speed, flying abilities, excellent hunting skills, sharp beaks, and claws contribute to a deadly combination. That is why it is very dangerous to leave your cat outside, especially if your cat is still a kitten. 

When Do Owls Attack Cats?

Even though owls are nocturnal animals, it does not mean that they will only hunt during the night. Some owl breeds hunt during twilight, which is more dangerous towards dawn. But it also depends on how hungry an owl is and how bigger it is compared to your kitty. Owls might still attack your cat during the day, especially if your cat is still little and the owl is big.

Why Do Owls Attack Cats?

The reasons why owls attack cats are:

  • The cat looks like the ideal prey while the owl is hungry and hunting for dinner. 
  • Another prey is caught by your cat and the owl wants to steal it from your cat. If the owl is big, it can get your cat and the prey your cat stole. 

These are the only two reasons why an owl would attack your cat. These birds won’t lurk around your cat out of curiosity. So if your kitten is too curious, be sure that it won’t go outside without your supervision, especially if it is night or dawn.

Final Verdict

So to conclude this article, the main reason why people tend to say that owls look like cats are because of the similarities they have. These are cute and cuddly creatures but they are both fearless. They hunt and get what they want by stalking their prey and then make a sudden attack when they think it is time to attack.

Marian Haaz
Marian is a cat adoption expert. She has rescued and adopted several cats herself and helped find homes for dozens of stray cats and dogs.
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