The 8 Best Cockapoo Breeders in Ontario! Complete List!

If you or your kids are looking for a pet dog, you might want to look into Cockapoo puppies. They were originally bred to be companion dogs, which is why they have such great personalities and make great family dogs. 

Also, Cockapoos have great genes that make them less likely to shed and less likely to bother people with allergies. Lastly, they are born with Hybrid Vigor, which makes them healthier than purebred Poodles or Cocker Spaniels because they are less likely to get diseases that are common in purebred dogs.

The first things that come to mind when you see a Cockapoo are adorable, fluffy, and cute. Cockapoos are very friendly, adapt well to any situation, get along well with kids, and will melt your heart the moment you see them. 

As the Cockapoos popularity grows, more and more people are breeding them in their own yards. In Ontario, there are a lot of people who breed Cockapoos. But not all breeders are the same. When choosing a breeder, you should be careful and not decide quickly.

Cockapoo Puppies for Sale in Ontario

Because there are so many online breeders, it can be hard to find a reputable Cockapoo breeder in Ontario. There are so many online breeders that it’s hard to know who to pick. But don’t be afraid! 

We’ve put together a list of the best Cockapoo breeders you can trust in Ontario. All of the breeders on our list can be trusted and follow high standards for breeding. By working with these breeders, you can be sure to get a high-quality dog that will be a great addition to your family.

When looking for a good breeder, you should do your research to make sure they have a good name. You can read reviews online, ask friends or family for suggestions, or even go to the breeder’s place. So you can find a great breeder who can help you add a new furry friend to your family.

The Best Cockapoo Breeders In Ontario

Curious Puppies Ontario

Curious Puppies is one of the best Cockapoo breeders in Ontario, and they have many different kinds of puppies. At Curious Puppies, they work hard to breed healthy, well-behaved Cockapoo puppies of high quality. All of the puppies come from long lines of Cockapoos, so you can be sure that they are good. They have raised puppies for a long time and grown to love them deeply. They also know how to train them and make them great family dogs.

At Curious Puppies, the breeding team cares a lot about making sure that every parent and puppy is tested for breed-specific health problems. Before the puppies go to their forever homes, they also make sure to socialize, microchip, deworm, and vaccinate each one. The people at Curious Puppies think that by doing all of these things, they are giving each puppy the best chance of living a happy, healthy life.

If you buy a Cockapoo puppy from them, they will also give you a video training program that goes way beyond normal training. This program will show you some powerful shortcuts and tips that will help you train your puppy faster and better.

They don’t ship puppies, so you have to go to their house to get your Cockapoo Puppies Ontario. Compared to other breeders, their rules are easy to understand, and their prices are reasonable. You can also subscribe to their YouTube channel and follow them on other social media sites to get access to a lot of great videos and tips.

Cockapoo Breeder Info: 

Location: Hamilton, ON, L8H 4V3 

Phone: 905-939-8827 

Website: Curious Puppies Ontario 

Facebook: Curious Puppies Fb Page

Pets In The Country ON

Here comes the well-known Cockapoo breeder, whose kennels are spread out over 64 acres of land so that puppies can take long walks and play in the fields. Their puppies grow up in the wild, so they are easy to train. The people in “Pets in the Country” feed their dogs real foods so that they stay healthy and active.

Puppies need to be in a loving environment to grow up faster and stay healthy, and this breeder does everything they can to make sure that happens. They set up a schedule for walks, meals, baths, training, etc., so that your puppy can grow up in a normal and organized way.

“Our Pets motivate us, inspire us, and let us experience unconditional love, which gives us far more than we could ever give in return,” says “Our Pets.”

Cockapoo Breeder Info:

Location: Millgrove, Ontario L0R 1V0


Phone: 905-807-7902

Website: Pets In The Country ON

Facebook: Pets In The Country Fb Page

Cockapoos Of Ontario,Canada

Cockapoos of Ontario has been making first-generation Cockapoo puppies for more than 20 years. They know a lot about dogs in general, and they have a lot of experience breeding cockapoos, which makes them one of the best cockapoo breeders in Ontario.

The goal of their breeding program is to make healthy, well-behaved puppies that will make their new families happy. They carefully choose only parents who have been tested for health and behavior so that the puppies they make will have good health and behavior. Families can be sure they are getting a healthy and happy dog this way.

At Cockapoos of Ontario, they know that adding a furry, four-legged member to the family is a big choice. So, to put your mind at ease, they offer a two-year genetic health guarantee. And they want to help you find the right dog for your family.

Due to their advanced tricks and methods, they can train Cockapoo puppies in just eight weeks. After this time, the puppy is ready for you to take home. In addition to training, they bathe, trim their nails, take care of their hair, and do everything else they can to keep them in the best shape.

Cockapoo Breeder Ontario Info:

Location: Mississauga, Ontario


Phone: 289-204-8757

Website: /Cockapoos Of Ontario

Facebook: Cockapoos Fb Page

A & R Country Kennel Ontario

Since starting their business in 2001, our next breeder has had a lot of time to learn how to train Cockapoo puppies. I love that their farmhouse is in a natural area on the side, so that your puppy can grow up in a natural setting.

“A R Country Kennel” cares most about the health of the dogs. They use natural ways to breed dogs, stay in close contact with their pets, and give every owner a two-year health guarantee.

The area where pets live is heated in the winter and cooled in the summer with an air conditioner. They also put in cameras and watch them at night. All of this work was done to make sure all of the puppies were comfortable, safe, and healthy.

Cockapoo Breeder Info:

Location: Hermon, Ontario, K0L 2M0


Phone: 613-332-6232

Website: A & R Country Kennel Ontario

Facebook: A & R Country Kennel Fb Page

 Legacy Cockapoos ON,Canada

Legacy Cockapoo is another Cockapoo breeder in Ontario. They have been making high-quality Cockapoos for more than twenty years. They also sell mini, micro, and medium Bernedoodles, as well as mini and standard Cockapoos.

But because of how much they love and care for each other, I have to add their name to our list. All of their Cockapoos have been registered with the American Cockapoo club, which gives them a generic guarantee for life.

At Legacy Cockapoo, all dogs are loved the same way. But they know that some puppies are born a little healthier than others. Before they breed, they make sure to test the health of each and every one of their dogs to see if any of them have health problems that run in the family.

Each puppy also gets a series of checkups, shots, and deworming. Also, each puppy has a microchip that lets it be identified forever. This lets us keep an eye on the puppy and make sure it’s getting the best care possible.

They feed their puppies a commercial raw food diet along with four powerful supplements to help them grow. There, you will see many different colored Cockapoos, and I think you will fall in love with your puppy the moment you see it.

They give each of their puppies a gentle bath with high-end puppy shampoo once a week. So you’ll get a clean Cockapoo that will blow your mind. All of the puppies have had their shots, so you don’t have to worry about how healthy they are.

Cockapoo Breeder Info:

Location: Beaverton, Ontario


Phone: 289-803-2231

Website: Legacy Cockapoos ON

Facebook: Legacy Cockapoos Fb Page

KS Designer Doodles Ontario,Canada

“KS Designer Doodles” has been taking care of Cockapoo puppies for years, and they are doing their best to help them grow, eat, and spread love. Their parents are experts on dog health, and they test each puppy with care and love.

Their puppies are interesting because they all come with a 2-year Genetic Health Guarantee because they believe in them. At 8 weeks old, every puppy has its health checked from head to tail and gets its first set of shots. Every owner also gets a certificate and book about vaccinations.

Their puppies are clean and well-groomed because they get their nails trimmed and are brushed every day. They give their puppies at least three gentle shampoo baths before Go-Home day. And they know all the tricks for keeping a puppy clean and well-groomed.

Cockapoo Breeder Ontario Info:

Location: Madoc, ON K0K 2M0


Website: KS Designer Doodles Ontario

Facebook: KS Designer Doodles Fb Page

Winfield Kennel ON

The Bauman family runs Winfield Kennel, which is based in Mapleton Township in Southern Ontario. They have been breeding Cockapoo puppies well for ten years.

I’ve noticed that there are different colors of puppies. There are many golden puppies. Winfield Kennel is the best place to go if you want to choose a pure-bred golden Cockapoo.

Winfield Kennel has a pretty big area to breed pets compared to the other breeders. And they give their puppies the best place to live and the right food. You’ll see that their pups are cute, healthy, and smart. They have a strong mind, so you can train them quickly.

Cockapoo Breeder Info:

Location: Drayton, ON N0G 1P0

Phone: 519-638-3697

Website: Winfield Kennel ON

Spruce Ridge Kennels ON

The last Cockapoo breeder on our list has some very strong recommendations. And getting good testimonials is not easy. They have shown that they are the best breeders by giving their dogs a nice and caring home.

There, you’ll find many different kinds of colorful Cockapoos. You can choose any of them that you like. We love how the white color makes every seat stand out. They are so cute, and anyone will love their color at first sight.

We’ve seen that their puppies are very smart and easy to train. But they also have a training program where you can learn tricks to get your puppy ready quickly.

Cockapoo Breeder Info:

Location: Wallenstein, ON N0B 2S0

Phone: 519-698-9918

Website: Spruce Ridge Kennels ON

How Much Does A Cockapoo Cost In Ontario?

Now that we’ve talked about the best Cockapoo breeders in Ontario, you might be wondering how much one of these puppies will cost in Canada. On average, a Cockapoo puppy will cost between $1,500 and $2,500. But keep in mind that the price can change depending on the breeder and the size and color of the puppy’s coat.

The price goes up to between $1,500 and $2,600 when you buy a puppy from a well-known breeder.

When you’re thinking about adding a new member to your family, it’s important to think about all the costs, not just the price of the new member. When it comes to Cockapoos, you can expect to pay for things like shots, spaying or neutering, and microchipping in addition to the cost of the puppy itself.

When you add up all of these costs, they can make a pretty big hole in your budget, so be sure to consider them when deciding if a Cockapoo is the right breed for you.

Final Thoughts

We’ve added the best Cockapoo breeders in Ontario to our list. We hope you like this post. We think there are a lot of them, but before we add a breeder to our list, we look at it closely and give it a thorough review. If you have friends or family in Ontario who want to find a good breeder, you can send them this post. If you are looking for the best Cockapoo breeders in Ontario, you can think about one of these breeders.

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