Why Do Horses Like Sugar Cubes?

There are many people out there that consider horses as their pets, especially those people who own a farm or ranch. They spend countless hours taking care of their horses and give them treats and rewards. One of the rewards they give to their horse is sugar cubes. But can horses really eat sugar? 

Yes! This answer may be shocking but yes. Horses eat sugar cubes. In fact, they kinda like it very much. However, what is the main reason why horses like eating sugar cubes? Here, let me tell you the answer.

The only reason why horses like sugar cubes are the same as the reason why we humans like eating chocolates and other sweetened foods. Horses can taste the food they eat just like us humans. Since sugar cubes are tasty and sweet, horses tend to like them. 

However, if you plan to give your beloved horse some sugar cubes, make sure that you don’t give your horse too much. It can lead to tooth decay, diabetes, and other illnesses. Any food that contains sugar must not be given to your horse regularly or often. Sometimes, give them but not too much. 

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Do Horses Eat Sugar Cubes?

Horses are one of the most useful animals for humans. That is why many people that have farms, ranch, or any other establishment that has jobs that require horses to do it have horses. They were very useful when we look back in our history and they are still useful today! 

These horse owners spend countless hours taking care of their horses and often give them treats and rewards so that their horses will trust them. Sugar cubes are one of the treats they give to their horses. But do horses really eat it?

Yes! Horses eat sugar cubes and they like it very much as I have said above. Sugar cubes are mainly used to sweeten our drinks but many horse owners feed them to their horses as treats. However, they are not the healthiest treat for horses but many horses still love to eat sugar cubes. They can be dangerous to some horses, especially those who intake too much. 

Are Sugar Cubes Safe For Horses?

Sugar cubes are safe for most horses despite most of them containing only sugar. When you give your horse a sugar cube moderately, sugar cubes can be a safe treat for healthy horses and you have nothing to worry about. Sugar cubes are small, making them easy for horses to chew and swallow without the fear of choking. 

However, for owners that give their horses too many sugar cubes, then you have a problem that you need to face soon. Your horse might get some illnesses or tooth decay when you give them too many sugar cubes. So be a careful horse owner! 

Are Sugar Cubes Healthy For Horses?

Sugar cubes only contain sugar but are shaped in squares that is why it was called sugar cubes. However, sugar cubes have no nutrients or minerals that are healthy for horses. 

Sugar cubes can cause weight gain for your horses, especially if given too much. Also, it can cause gastrointestinal issues if fed too often. Overall, sugar cubes are not considered healthy for horses and some horse owners prefer to give their horses healthier treats that will make their horses grow stronger and better. 

How Many Sugar Cubes Can A Horse Eat Daily?

So, if you decide that you will give your horse some sugar cubes, you ask now how many sugar cubes can your horse eat daily. Well, let me give you an answer. 

If you want to give your horse some sugar cubes, three to four sugar cubes are all that any horse should consume daily. With that small amount, combined with your horse’s large weight, causes only a small spike in glucose levels. 

If you have a healthy horse, this is not significant at all and they should not have any negative side effects when they intake some sugar cubes. Overweight or unhealthy horses should not be given some sugar cubes at all because sugar cubes can cause additional weight gain for your overweight horse. 

Are Sugar Cubes Unsafe For Some Horses?

Sugar cubes can be unsafe for some horses. Horses that suffer from certain sugar-related illnesses should not be given some sugar cubes at all. Horses that have insulin resistance, equine metabolic syndrome, or laminitis should not be given some sugar cubes at all. The sugar will spike insulin levels which could make their illnesses worse and cause severe damage.

Can You Use Sugar Cubes For Training Horses?

Yes! You can use sugar cubes for training your horses. In fact, many horse owners use the power of sugar cubes so that their horses will follow them. 

Horse treats like sugar cubes are often used to help when training your pet horse. However, they should still be limited to only three to four cubes each day. Below are a few ways you can use just a few sugar cubes each day to train your pet horse. 

Putting Bridles

Some horses resist having bridles on their head. You can use the power of sugar cubes as a reward to your pet horse when your pet horse lets you put their bridle on. When you do this consistently, the horse may see the bridle as a positive thing instead of something scary or irritable. 

Ear Shy Horses

Many horses dislike having their ears messed with. Whether you put a halter on your horse or clip the hair in their ears, using sugar cubes might help so that you can have an easy time messing with your horse’s ears.

Positive Reinforcement Training Treats

You can use sugar cubes each day to provide positive reinforcement to a horse for performing other wanted behaviors. Simple things that you want your horse to do, like coming to you when they are called, or listening to your commands. 

Where Can You Get Sugar Cubes?

There are two places to get some sugar cubes. One is at the mall and the other one is online. Most grocery stores usually sell sugar cubes that can be easily fed to horses. Make sure to read the product before buying it to make sure that the only ingredient is granulated sugar. However, if you can’t find sugar cubes locally, don’t get discouraged because sugar cubes can be ordered online and delivered straight to your house. 

Possible Effects Of Sugar Cubes On Horses

In healthy horses, sugar cubes fed in moderation should not cause any negative side effects to your pet horse. Anytime you feed your pet horse a new treat, you should check on your horse for any changes in behavior or body composition. 

Sugar cubes can cause weight gain as well as small insulin spikes that are usually not dangerous unless your horse has an insulin-related issue. Watch for any changes from your horses. If something bad happens, stop giving your horses some sugar cubes and go to the vet.

Things You Should Remember

When giving your pet horse some sugar cubes, these are the things you should remember:

  • Feed all treats only in moderation.
  • Give your horse at least three to four sugar cubes each day.
  • Monitor your horse if there are any changes after giving sugar cubes. 
  • Never attempt to give your pet horse some sugar cubes if it has insulin-related issues. 
  • Never give your horse sugar cubes when they have a bit in their mouths.
  • Ask a vet if something bad happens to your horse after giving some sugar cubes.
  • You can use sugar cubes when training your horses but still use them moderately. 

Final Verdict

Sugar cubes are popular treats on farms that have horses. However, they are not the healthiest treat for horses. They are not healthy, and neither is the candy or chocolate bar we used to love to eat. However, when your horse intake sugar cubes moderately, sugar cubes are fine, but only for healthy horses that have no insulin-related issues. We, humans, deserve some sweet treats, and so do our horses!

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