Do Cats Like Warm Or Cold Water For Baths? This Is What You Don’t Know!

Have you ever tried to take your cat into the bathroom or bathtub for a bath? If yes, does your cat go crazy? Again, if yes is your answer, it means you are doing something wrong. Cats hate water, but they don’t hate water itself. They hate the temperature of the water. That is why your pet cat goes crazy when you pour water on him/her.

However, even though you have already used the right temperature, your cat might still be afraid of water. It means that your cat is not used to the water, and this is another problem. But, let’s focus on our topic since this is a very important one. So, do cats like warm or cold water for baths? What is the best temperature of water for your pet cat?

Do cats like warm or cold water for baths? The temperature of water for bathing cats depends on the climate or temperature of the current day. If it is summer and a very hot day, cats would love to spend time in cold water. But if it is winter and very cold, cats would prefer warm water. 

If your pet cat gets used to the water, it will not be hard for you to bathe your pet cat. To make your pet cat get used to the water, you must use the right water temperature on their first bath. If you fail to use the right temperature on their first bath and do it often, bath time may be your cat’s worst nightmare! 

Why Do Cats Like Warm Water Over Cold Water?

All humans and animals hate cold water. The reason why is because it feels very cold! Of course, if it is summer and it is very hot, we tend to love cold water. This is the same with cats. Cats hate cold water if it is winter or just a cold day. 

Cats are homeotherms, which means they maintain a fairly constant body temperature of 101-102 degrees. Cats are hotter than us human beings. When you pour cold water on your cat, they feel much colder than we feel when we pour cold water on us. 

However, cats don’t always dislike cold water. During summer, cats tend to love to take a bath with cold water. In my personal experience, my pet cats right now and before would usually love cold baths during summer. However, if it is the rainy season, which is cold, my cats would go crazy if I pour cold water on them. 

What Temperature Of Water Should I Use When I Bathe My Cat?

I know that you are very disappointed and frustrated with your pet cat when it acts crazy during bath time. However, what if it is your fault? What if I tell you that you are the one making your pet cat crazy during bath time?

Like I have mentioned above, one of the reasons why your pet cat acts crazy during bath time is because of the temperature of the water you use. There are lots of factors why cats hate bath time, but this is the common reason I have seen in lots of cat owners. So, what temperature of the water should you use when you bathe your pet cat? Here is the answer!

The temperature of water you should use when you bathe your cat depends on the temperature of the current day. If it is a very hot day, you can use cold water. However, if it is a very cold and rainy day, you should use warm water. 

If you don’t use the right temperature of the water during the bath time of your pet cat, your pet cat may get traumatized or anxious and will hate bath times. That is why it is very critical to use the right temperature of the water when bathing your pet cat. After this, I will give you some tips on how to properly bathe your pet cat. 

How To Properly Bathe My Cat?

Today, I will give you some personal tips I use on how to properly bathe your pet cat. These personal tips have worked for me and I hope that they will work for you too. If you are ready, let us move on!

Get All You Need

First, you have to make sure that all you need is gathered and easy to reach before starting to pour some water on your pet cat. If your cat seems afraid during the first time, get the toys or favorite treats of your pet cat and put them inside the bathroom. Also, don’t forget the brush, shampoo, towel, nail cutter if you will cut the nails of your pet cat.

Identify The Right Water Temperature

Second, you must identify the right water temperature so that your pet cat will never be afraid to take a bath the next time. To identify the right temperature, you must know the weather or temperature of the current day. If it is very cold, give your cat warm water. However, if it is very hot, give your cat cold water.

Rinse Your Cat

Once you identify the right water temperature, rinse your cat. Remember not to pour water on your cat suddenly because it might startle your cat. Let your cat know that you will pour water on him/her. Pour some water over your cat’s coat.

Put Shampoo

After rinsing your cat, put on some shampoo. You should make sure that you use specialized cat shampoo. Never use any shampoo or conditioner made for humans or dogs. It might affect your cat’s skin and coat. 

Put some shampoo on your hand, rub the shampoo and as you rub the shampoo, massage your cat as you would when you are petting them. Remember to rub your cat gently to make bathing a good and relaxing experience for them.

Rinse Your Pet Cat Again

After putting some shampoo on your cat, it is time to rinse your cat again. Pour water over your cat where you have shampooed him/her. You have to make sure that all soap will be rinsed away. 

You can use some conditioner for your cat but this will require an extra round of rinsing. However, using a conditioner will make your cat’s coat shinier. Conditioners are required for cat owners that have long-haired breeds. This will make your cat’s long coat very beautiful and clean. 

Wipe Your Cat Properly

After all the shampoo was rinsed with water, it is time to wipe your cat using his/her towel. You should wipe your cat using a soft and dry towel. Also, you have to wipe your cat gently so that your cat will not get hurt. Make sure that you wipe your cat properly so that your floor outside the bathroom will not get wet.

How Can I Calm Down My Cat In The Bath?

To calm your cat down during bath time, you have to make sure that your cat is already used to bathing. However, how can you do that? How can you make your cat get used to bathing?

Simple, you have to make bath time fun always. How? By giving your cat some treats, putting on your cat’s favorite toy in the tub, making sure that the temperature of the water is right, and by gently rubbing your cat’s body. 

Can I Bathe My Cat Once A Week?

Cats are extremely good at grooming themselves, unlike dogs. Cats normally won’t need any help in cleaning themselves. If you have a pet dog, you have to bathe your dog at least once a week. However, if you have a cat, it is fine to bathe your cat once every two months, especially if your cat is an indoor cat.

Do Cats Like Warm Or Cold Water To Drink?

Cats sometimes love to drink cold water because they perceive cold water as fresh. If the weather is hot or if it is summer, it is best to give your cat some cold water to drink. 

However, in my personal experience, what I do is I don’t give my cat very cold or warm water. I just give them water from the faucet. I don’t put ice cubes or boil water for my cats. It works perfectly fine during the summer or rainy seasons. 

Final Verdict

To conclude, cats would love warm water for baths if it is rainy or cold season, and cats would love cold water for baths if it is summer or a very hot day. You should make sure that the temperature of the water is right so that your bath time will never be your cat’s worst nightmare.


Marian Haaz
Marian is a cat adoption expert. She has rescued and adopted several cats herself and helped find homes for dozens of stray cats and dogs.
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