Do Cats Live Longer On Wet Food? The Truth!

There are lots of speculations about cat owners and the vet stated that cats live longer if they are given wet food by their owners. However, is this speculation true? We often give our pet cats lots of different food. We give them hard treats, human foods, and sometimes other pets’ food. 

We all want to make the lives of our pet cats longer. The reason why is because our pet cats have caught our emotions and we already have an emotional attachment to our pet cats. We cat owners will do everything to make the lives of our pet cats longer. So, do cats live longer on wet food? Let’s find out!

Do cats live longer on wet food? Veterinarians said that cats need a high-moisture, species-appropriate diet to help cats live their best life. Owners must feed their pet cats wet and dry cat food. Also, cats need plenty of meat on their diet to live longer just like their cousins in the wild such as lions and tigers. 

Other ways will make your cat live longer, not just giving them wet food. But, indeed, cats live longer if you feed them wet food. I will tell you the other ways that you can do to make your cat live longer and what the vet says about giving your pet cat wet food. Also, I will put some of the best-wet food that you must get for your pet cat to help your pet cat live longer! 

Why Do Cats Live Longer On Wet Food?

There are lots of veterinarians that are telling and suggesting cat owners feed their pet cats wet food so that their pet cats can live longer. 

According to Morgan, for owners to help their pet cats live their best life, owners must give their pet cats a high-moisture, species-appropriate diet. Feeding your pet cat wet cat food will do the trick. Also, according to Morgan again, cats need a high-protein diet just like their cousins in the wild. 

If you have more than one cat, feed your pet cats separately and monitor each one’s consumption. If your pet cat is avoiding wet food, your pet might not like the taste of the brand or could be a sign of dental pain or a medical condition. 

The reason why wet food is the best is that dry food depletes the nutritional value. Wet food contains water and water is life. Water flushes toxins from the system and keeps the organ functioning. Feeding your pet cats some wet food will ensure that your pet cats will stay hydrated. 

Best Wet Food To Buy For Your Pet Cat

Since now you know that wet food is good for your pet cat to help your pet cat live longer, let us check out some of the best-wet food brands that you must consider buying for your pet cat. Below are the five best-wet foods to buy for your pet cat!

Tiki Cat Luau Wet Food

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The recipes of this wet cat food are made of non-GMO ingredients, are grain and potato-free, and are made with 80 percent protein. There are lots of flavors available in the market, ranging from chicken and salmon to sea bass and tilapia. This cat food is one of the best on our list!

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Blue Buffalo Tastefuls Variety Pack

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Cats need some variety in their lives, and this Blue Buffalo Tastefuls wet cat food pack offers three different recipes for cats to try. These wet cat food come in chicken, fish, shrimp, and tuna. These are the ingredients cats love. They are all made from all-natural ingredients without the use of by-products or artificial flavors. This wet cat food is corn, wheat, and soy-free.

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Weruva Mideast Feast Wet Cat Food

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If your pet cat is tired of eating salmon all the time, this Weruva Mideast Feast Cat Food is a good wet cat food to switch things up. It is made of chunks of hand-flaked tilapia in gravy. Also, this wet cat food is very nutritious. It is balanced with tuna and other vitamins that will help your pet cat live longer. Weruva wet cat food is low in phosphorus and magnesium and manufactured in human food facilities to make it high quality.

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Crave Grain Free High Protein Wet Cat Food Trays

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If you don’t like the idea of putting the wet cat food of your cat inside the refrigerator, look for perfectly portioned options like these twin-packs from Crave. They provide plenty of other flavors to choose from including Chicken and Beef, Turkey and Duck, and Salmon. To serve this to your pet cat, simply snap the pack in half, peel back the lid, and give it to your pet cat.

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Blue Buffalo Wilderness Natural Mature Pate Wet Cat Food

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If you have an older cat, your older cat will benefit from this chicken-based wet food from Blue Buffalo. The recipe for this wet cat food is labeled for mature cats. It contains fewer calories compared to other wet cat food, which is why this is great wet cat food for senior cats who tend to be less active. Chicken, chicken broth, and chicken liver are the first three things inside this wet cat food and it is made without wheat, corn, and soy.

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What Are The Other Ways To Help Your Cat Live Longer?

Your pet cat can indeed live longer if you give your pet cat wet food. However, aside from giving your pet cat some wet food to live longer, are there other ways to help your pet cat live longer? Yes! There are other ways to help your pet cat live longer! Let us check some of them.

Keep Your Pet Cat Hydrated

Every living thing, including cats, needs some water to get hydrated. However, your cat just does not need water. Your pet cat needs clean and fresh water all the time. Cats originated as desert animals, they are particular in how they like to consume water. So, to help your pet cat live longer, always check the water bowl of your pet cat if the water is clean or if there is any water.

Clean The Litter Box Of Your Pet Cat Everyday

Another thing to help your pet cat live longer is to clean the litter box of your pet cat every day. This will make your house smell fresher and allow you to immediately notice any changes in the bowels or urine habits of your pet cat.

Groom Your Pet Cat Daily

Cats are known for being the cleanest pets. However, this does not mean that pet cats don’t need grooming. Brushing your pet cat’s coat will not only make your pet cat’s coat shiny, but it will also allow you to get familiar with your pet cat’s body and immediately recognize if any changes are happening. If that happens, you must bring your cat to the vet.

Let Your Cat Play

Toys are essential for cats. Why? Because cats love to hunt and since they are not living in the wild like their cousins, how can they use their hunting instincts? Buy some toys for your pet cat so that your cat can unleash its hunting instincts. It also allows your pet cat to move and exercise. Exercise is very essential for cats to help them live longer.

Watch The Weight Of Your Pet Cat

If your pet cat is an overweight cat, your cat is unhealthy. Carrying a few pounds can lead to a host of health conditions like liver problems, diabetes, and arthritis. Check your cat’s weight to see if the weight of your cat is healthy or not. If your cat is too thin, it is not healthy. The weight of your cat should be on a healthy scale.

Final Verdict

You can indeed help your pet cat to live longer if you give your pet cat wet food. However, this does not mean that your pet cat will live until one hundred years old. It will help your pet cat to live its maximum potential lifespan. Aside from giving your pet cat some wet food to live longer, you can do the following things above also.

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