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Why Do Dogs Love To Eat Crayons? This Is Why!

by Rob Byron

If you have a pet dog, you will notice that everything that they see, they will eat it. If the thing they see seems chewable, then dogs will try to chew it. That is why your slippers, shoes, and bags get torn apart. One thing that dogs love to chew or test to eat is crayons. Seems dangerous, right? But what is the main reason why dogs love to eat crayons? Let us find out! 

Why do dogs love to eat crayons? Dogs don’t love to eat crayons. But the reason why they attempt to do it is because of their curiosity. Dogs are curious what the crayons taste and if it’s chewable. Crayons have a toy-like appearance which is why dogs tend to try to put crayons inside their big mouth. In short, crayons attract dogs because of their attractive color of crayons. 

Young puppies who are teething may chew on crayons for a while to help soothe their aching gums. But whatever the reason is, crayons are not good for dogs to eat. Today, we will talk about dogs and their habit of eating crayons. I will be answering various questions related to our subject. I will tell you what you should do if your dog eats crayons. 

Are Crayons Safe For Dogs To Eat?

Eating crayons will not make your pet dog sick. Since crayons sold around the world are non-toxic and made of safe ingredients. It means that if your pet dog ate a few crayons, your dog will not immediately die. However, this does not mean that you should allow your pet dog to eat crayons. Because even though it’s not toxic, your dog might choke on it and die.

What Are The Ingredients Used To Make Crayons?

The ingredients inside the crayons are paraffin wax and color pigment. Usually, all crayons have the same ingredients. However, some modifications are made to make special effect crayons. 

You cannot know exactly every single ingredient used to make crayons. The reason why is because manufacturers of the crayons are not required to disclose them. However, crayons are formulated to be safe for kids to eat. Since crayons are made to be safe for kids to eat, it means that crayons are safe for dogs also. The ingredients of crayons will not harm your dog’s digestive system. But your dog might still die if they choke on it. 

Health Effects Of Eating Crayons For Dogs

Like I have said above, even though crayons will not make your dog sick, they can cause choking issues. If your dog eats large amounts of crayons, your dog might choke on it and die. 

You still have to take care and prevent your pet dog from eating crayons. Even though crayons are not dangerous, it does not mean that you should allow and make it easy for your pet dog to eat crayons. If your pet dog swallows a large crayon or eats a ton of them, then, your dog can choke or block up his/her intestines. This is a serious medical emergency. 

The vet will perform a physical examination. In case, if necessary, prescribe for scanning to figure out where the blockage is. Your dog might get surgery too unless the blockage is pretty close to your dog’s entrance or exit. Some of the symptoms of crayons choking are:

  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Excessive drooling
  • Panic or excessive pacing
  • Signs of pain
  • Persistent vomiting
  • Excessive gas
  • Blood in vomit or stool

If you see these symptoms, take your pet dog immediately to the nearest vet to avoid further complications and help your dog survive. But still, prevention is better than cure. If you can prevent your pet dog from eating crayons then much better. 

How To Prevent Your Dog From Eating Crayons?

After reading what I have said above that your pet dog might get choked when your pet dog eats crayons, you probably want to prevent it already. Like I have said, prevention is better than cure. 

First, you must keep the crayons out of your dog. Make sure that the crayons are not reachable for your pet dog. If the crayons are just on the floor or in a small cabinet, your dog might reach it and eat one of them. 

Second, keep your pet dog out of your kid’s room or playing areas. If you have a kid, you probably know that kids love colors. If your kid is not old enough to know how to clean up their room, it is best to keep your pet dog out of your kid’s room. 

Third, make sure that your dog has its chewing toy. Chewing toys is essential for puppies that are teething. If your dog or puppy has no chewing toy, your dog or puppy might use crayons as their chewing toy. 

What Should You Do If Your Dog Eat Crayons?

There is nothing to worry about if your pet dog eats crayons since all crayons are made safe so that even though little kids eat them, little kids will not die or be hurt from them. But even though it’s safe and non-toxic, your dog might choke on it if your dog ate a large crayon or a lot of them. If your pet dog chokes on it, bring your pet dog immediately to the nearest vet.

Final Verdict

Dogs love to eat crayons because, for them, crayons are chewable. Crayons are not that dangerous and poisonous for dogs. However, this does not mean that you should still allow your pet dog to eat crayons. The reason why is because your dog might get choked when your pet dog eats crayons.

Rob Byron
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