Can Dolphins Be Pets? Everything You Need To Know About Dolphins!

Dolphins are known for many things. They are intelligent and friendly toward humans. The main reason why dolphins are popular is that dolphins are friendly to humans

However, can dolphins be great pets? Let us start with a concise answer.

Can dolphins be good pets? The answer is no. Dolphins are not good pets even though they look friendly and obedient in zoos. They can be dangerous to humans if not handled correctly. Also, dolphins cannot be pets because it is illegal to have a pet dolphin. Even though you were allowed to buy a pet dolphin, you need a large tank and other expensive equipment. 

Let’s get deeper and take a look at some reasons why dolphins won’t make good pets even though you were permitted to own one. We are also going to talk about why dolphins should not be kept in captivity and other exciting facts about dolphins.

5 Reasons Why Dolphins Are Not Good Pets

The main reason dolphins are not good pets is that they are too expensive to become a pet. Even though you were permitted to own a pet dolphin, it will burn lots of your money, and it can become a headache.

Yes, I know dolphins are inevitably adorable and fun to watch, but they are not as friendly as you think. Dolphins can be dangerous to humans, and it is the other reason why dolphins are not good pets. 

However, there are other reasons why dolphins are not good pets. Aside from that main reason I have stated above, let us take a look at the five reasons why dolphins are not good pets.

Dolphins Are Dangerous

Like I have said above, dolphins can be dangerous. Many reports have been broadcast on television or news websites about a dolphin attacking humans. Dolphins have sharp teeth and powerful tails. They can swat away any threat using their strong tails. 

Dolphins are cute, and they are adorable. They are known for being one of the most intelligent animals in the world. Dolphins are obedient, and they follow everything that their trainers want them to do. But in reality, dolphins are not that friendly.

Dolphins can be friendly, but if humans abused them, they might attack. They are very dangerous, which is why it is not good to threaten a dolphin. Dolphins can kill or injure a human by using their strong tails. That is why every time you go into a zoo that has dolphins, the trainers are always there behind you if you want to pet the dolphin. 

This is one of the reasons why dolphins cannot be good pets. Dolphins are dangerous, especially if the owner has no idea about how to handle a dolphin. You need to learn first before you try to own a pet dolphin.

Dolphins Are High Maintenance

Dolphins are high maintenance. They need lots of health care, their foods are expensive, and their tanks cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. The reason zoos can afford to own a dolphin is that they have lots of investors and money. 

If you think that you can own a pet dolphin while having less money, then stop thinking that you can get one. Dolphins are high-maintenance animals, and they can burn your money in one month!

This is the other reason why dolphins cannot be good pets. They are very expensive, and the things that you need to maintain them are also expensive. The tank of a dolphin is costly, and you need a large space to put that tank. You can’t put your dolphin in a small aquarium because it is cruel and looks dumb. 

If you are as rich as Elon Musk, then you can own a pet dolphin because you can buy a big lot for the aquarium and you can pay the other expenses to maintain a pet dolphin.

It Is Illegal

Owning a pet dolphin is illegal in some countries and places. However, even though you have been permitted to own a pet dolphin, it can take years to get your special permit. Also, you need to sign many papers and pay lots of money for the permit.

Even though owning a pet dolphin is legal at your place, I still don’t recommend you to get one. Owning a pet dolphin is much more expensive than having a child. You need lots of money for the tank, for the maintenance, and the foods of the dolphins.

Dolphins Are Expensive

The other reason why dolphins cannot be good pets is that they are expensive. Buying a dolphin from a breeder can already cost you tons of money. The tank, maintenance, and food are not included yet. 

That is why I don’t suggest you have a pet dolphin even though it is legal in your country or place. Even though you have managed to buy a dolphin from a breeder, if you have no enough money, expect that your money will all burn after two months. 

Owning A Dolphin Is Cruel

This is one of the reasons why I don’t suggest people have a pet dolphin. Even though you are rich like Elon Musk, owning a pet dolphin is cruel. Dolphins deserve to be in the ocean and traveling the world. If you take that away from them, then you are a cruel human being. 

Never get a pet dolphin even if you can afford to take care of them or if it is legal. Cruel to see a dolphin swimming in a tight tank. Even if the tank has wide space, I still don’t promote you to have a pet dolphin. 

Even some governments around the world never permit anyone to have a pet dolphin. The zoos have been shut down, and maybe sooner all the zoos will be shut down. Many people protest to ban zoos from having wild and endangered animals.

Is It Legal To Own A Pet Dolphin?

Dolphins are friendly and intelligent animals that love to be around people. That is why most people like to have a pet dolphin because of what they see on zoos, television, and social media. People that want to have a pet dolphin often ask if it is legal to own a pet dolphin. 

So, is it legal to have a pet dolphin? In most countries and places, having a pet dolphin is illegal, and it can cause monetary fines and imprisonment. However, in some countries, it is legal to have a pet dolphin as long as you have been granted a permit to have one. 

However, even though it is legal to own a pet dolphin in some countries, having a pet dolphin is still not a good idea. You need to have lots of money for buying the dolphin, buying space for the tank, buying a tank, maintenance of the dolphins, and the food of the dolphins. 

See? It is expensive to have a pet dolphin. Also, if you have no enough space to put their large tank, you are not worthy of having a pet dolphin. Never get a pet dolphin if you know in the first place that you can’t maintain it. You will only waste your money and the dolphin’s life. 

Is It Possible To Have A Pet Dolphin?

Having a pet dolphin is a big responsibility. It can also cause you some headaches because having a pet dolphin is not usual. You need to be an expert so that you can maintain a pet dolphin. 

Owning a pet dolphin can be illegal in some countries. Even if it is legal, having a pet dolphin is still not a good idea. You can get into lots of trouble if you try to have one, especially if you don’t have enough resources to maintain and take care of it. 

So, is it possible to have a pet dolphin?
Yes! It is possible to have a pet dolphin, especially if you have lots of money. However, even if it is possible, I still don’t suggest you have one. Why? Because it can be a headache in the long run, and it is cruel. That is why I don’t recommend having a pet dolphin to my readers even if it is possible.

7 Interesting Facts About Dolphins

To give you more information about dolphins, below are the different interesting facts about dolphins:

Dolphins Are Easy To Find

Dolphins are easy to find because they are scattered around the ocean of the Earth. There are a total of 36 species of dolphins around the world, which means that you can find a dolphin anywhere you travel. 

Dolphins live in aquatic environments, including oceans, coastal, estuarine, and even in freshwaters! They love to be in a place with a temperature between 0°C to more than 30°C. In any part of the ocean you go, you can see dolphins! 

Dolphins Are Fast

Dolphins are like the cheetahs of the ocean. They are fast sprinters, and they are athletic. Dolphins love to race with each other. They use their speed to chase their prey, and to run away from their predators.  

Dolphins Like Bubbles

Dolphins are attracted to bubbles, and they love to blow bubbles. They are mammals because they breathe using their lungs. When dolphins produce bubbles, it means that they are exhaling underwater. Also, if dolphins are excited, they will sometimes throw out bubbles from their blowholes. 

Dolphins Love To Talk

Dolphins love to talk, and they are very talkative like the Siamese cats and dogs. They love to talk with their fellow dolphins or to their trainers. It is also the reason why some people think that having a pet dolphin is a good idea. Yes, dolphins can talk like dogs, but they are more dangerous than dogs. 

Dolphins Are Intelligent

Dolphins are intelligent animals, and they are one of the most intelligent animals in the world. They can talk, they can remember everything, and they can learn easily. Bottlenose dolphins are one of the species that have the same intelligence as apes and humans. 

Dolphins Have Two Stomachs

Dolphins are like cows because they also have two stomachs as cows do. Their first stomach is responsible for storing food, and their second stomach is responsible for digestion.

Dolphins Can Use Half Of Their Brain

Did you know that dolphins can turn off half of their brain and use only the other half? Dolphins can use half of their brain! They can sleep while half of their brain is active, and they keep their one eye open. Dolphins do this to keep an eye on their fellow dolphins so that they can stick together and follow their leader.

Why Dolphins Should Not Be Kept In Captivity?

Dolphins cannot be a good pet, especially if you are the only one that will take care of your dolphin. That is why you will notice that most dolphins that have been domesticated can only be seen in zoos. Why? Because many trainers in one zoo can take care of the dolphin. Also, one zoo has lots of money to maintain its dolphins. 

As a kid before, it is entertaining to watch dolphins in zoos. I love it when they try to play fetch, and do some tricks. However, because I am an adult now and more mature, zoos don’t entertain me anymore and I certainly don’t agree with what zoos are doing. 

Why dolphins should not be kept in captivity? Dolphins should not be kept in captivity because of different reasons, including sickness, depression, and stress. Dolphins might be exposed to human viruses if they are in zoos. They can also get depressed and get stressed if their owners or trainers abuse them.

Dolphins are social animals. That is why they can get depressed if they have been in captivity alone. Dolphins can also get stressed if their trainers push them until their limit. Human viruses can also be harmful to dolphins is why they shouldn’t be kept in captivity.

What Can I Do To Help Protect The Dolphins?

There are two ways that you can help protect the dolphins. First is you should mind your actions and never do anything that will pollute the ocean. Second is you can adopt a dolphin by donating any amount to WWF.

They help and protect various animals, and they preserve other animals that are close to extinction. The WWF will use the donation you gave to them to protect the seas and develop the ecosystem of the dolphins. Any amount will do, and if you donate you will get some freebies!

Final Thoughts

I know dolphins are adorable, but you must understand that it is cruel to forbid dolphins from experiencing the outside world. Dolphins deserve to be free on the oceans. We should create a clean and safe environment for dolphins because if we don’t, they might get extinct like the other animals we have lost before.

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