How Do Squirrels Drink Water? This Is How!

It is very obvious how birds, dogs, and cats drink water and where they get their water from. However, only a few people have seen squirrels drinking water. Maybe you have seen a squirrel drinking water in a picture or video on Youtube. But these things are not that accurate. Now, let me tell you how squirrels drink water.

How do squirrels drink water? Squirrels drink water sitting down and moving their head close to the water. They turn out and dip their tongue into the water, and curl up the tip of its tongue backward,  moving the water into their mouth. Squirrels drink like lions and cats. However, when drinking from a dish or bottle, squirrels stand on their two legs, attach the bottle into their mouth and drink it slowly while holding the bottle. 

Today, we will talk about squirrels and what they drink, how often they should drink water, how much water they should drink, and many more! I will be answering various questions related to our subject. If you are ready to learn more about squirrels, just continue reading my article! 

How Do Squirrels Drink Water?

Like I have mentioned above, squirrels drink water by sitting down and moving their head closely to the water. They dip their tongue into the water just like lions and cats do. However, when they are drinking in a bottle, squirrels tend to stand up, attach the bottle into their mouth, and drink it slowly while holding the bottle. 

Squirrels get their water from the moisture and dew and from fruits, plants, vegetables, birdbath, fountains, and plant roots. In the wild, squirrels usually get their water from the river, streams, lakes, ponds, and other living water. 

Squirrels are not picky about the water they will drink. So they tend to drink every liquid. The water resources of squirrels are not limited to these only and they drink wherever they come across. Yes! Squirrels don’t care how dirt or clean the water they drink. 

What Do Squirrels Drink?

Squirrels usually drink more than water. Yes, squirrels drink water but did you know that they drink other types of liquids? Squirrels drink and love to drink beers, alcohol, milk, and sugary drinks more than water. It includes Pepsi, Coke, Fanta, Mountain Dew and other sugary drinks that humans love to drink. However, since squirrels living in the forest don’t find these kind of things, they go to the habitat of humans and steal some of these drinks. 

Squirrels also have an alcohol party just like us humans. It usually starts with a female squirrel wagging its tail to male squirrel and approaching him slowly while expanding her tail with coquetry. When the male squirrel sees this, the male squirrel will immediately climb up on the tree and invite the female squirrel to the tree. After that, the two take out the bottle of sugary alcohol and start drinking it. After that, they will run here and there. 

How Often Do Squirrels Drink Water?

Squirrels usually drink two times of water a day on average. However, a mother squirrel that has babies drinks more water than usual. Mother squirrels usually drink three to five times a day. During winter, as squirrels sleep long hours, they only need water once which they warm up snow and use as water. Baby squirrels don’t like it and need to drink water. They usually love to drink milk from their mommy squirrel.

How Much Water Should A Squirrel Need To Drink?

Squirrels need to drink water just like us humans. Since squirrels eat nuts, seeds, which are warm and make them thirsty, squirrels definitely need water. However, since squirrels have small sweat glands on their feet, they usually don’t lose much water. Squirrels lose water when they pee or poop, and foraging for food. 

The water a squirrel needs to drink depends on the temperature and weather. However, squirrels should drink 30ml to 80ml water a day. During summer, squirrels need to drink lots of water to stay dehydrated because during summer, it is very hot. Also, mother squirrels that have babies need to drink more water than usual. 

Where Do Squirrels Get Their Water?

Honestly, there is no specific or set place where a squirrel gets its water. Squirrels drink wherever they get water and usually it comes from the birdbath, pet and bird feeder that includes water, standing water on the road, from moisten, dews and leaves, plants, fruits, vegetables. In the wild, squirrels usually get their water from the river, streams, lakes, and ponds. 

During summer where waters are short, people give squirrels a bottle of water which is not allowed. Squirrels also follow birds because they know that birds can find water. Sometimes, water is in the middle of the road, which is why squirrels often get hit by vehicles. 

How Long Can Squirrels Live Without Water?

Aside from food, squirrels can’t live out of water and can survive without water for 4-5 days. However, during summer where it is very hot, squirrels can’t survive this long without water.

What Do Baby Squirrels Drink?

From birth to tenth weeks, baby squirrels drink milk from their mother instead of water. After that, they will drink water from outside wherever their mothers get water from. Those are moistures and from dew and from fruits, plants, vegetables, birdbath, fountains, and plant roots. In the jungle, it may be on the river, lake, or pond.

Final Verdict

Squirrels drink water while sitting down, move their head close to the water, turn out and dip its tongue into the water. They drink like lions and cats. However, when squirrels drink from a bottle, they usually stand on their two back legs, attach the bottle to their mouth, and drink it slowly while holding the bottle.

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