Why Do Cats Poop When Fighting? The Truth!

I haven’t yet seen a cat that poops when fighting and I hope that you won’t see it too soon. However, my friends and other people on the internet saw this from their cat when their cat is fighting against another cat or dog. What is the reason why cats poop when fighting? Well, let us find out!

Why do cats poop when fighting? Cats poop when fighting because they are scared and stressed. During times of extreme stress, a list of physiological changes occur to optimize for fight and flight. This includes the tightening of stomach muscles and relaxation of bowel control, which can lead to cats pooping or peeing when fighting. 

I know that this topic is gross. However, it is best to talk about this, especially if you have a pet cat in your house so that you can avoid various things that might scare your cat, which can lead to pooping. It’s not just fighting that makes cats scared. There are lots of things cats are scared of. 

Now, if you don’t want your cat to poop when your cat is scared, just keep reading. Otherwise, you can go now. Today, we will talk about cats and their dilemma. We will answer various questions related to our subject and I will tell you how to calm your scared cat. So let us proceed! 

Why Do Cats Fight?

Now we know the reason why cats poop when fighting, let us first take a look at why cats fight. I know some of you already know the answer but for beginners, this will be very helpful. 

The first reason why cats fight is because of territory. Cats are territorial animals and they will often fight to defend what they believe is their territory. This is most common with catfights that happen outside your house. However, this can also happen to house cats. Cats mark their territories with their scent and your house is no exception. If you have multiple cats in your house, this can happen. 

The second reason why cats fight is because of aggression. Some cats can be aggressive by nature while some can be more docile. Male cats are especially aggressive and these cats keep fighting. Sometimes, these male cats dominate female cats. Your pet cat may need to act out their aggression by picking fights with its brothers and sisters or by causing a fight with a strange cat. 

The third reason why cats fight is because of rough play. Sometimes cats can be playing and it can get rough. Cats are very rough when playing and this might look like aggression and fighting, but it is not. However, some plays can still escalate to fighting or cause harm to both or one of the cats. 

Those are the reasons why cats fight. The more scared cat will be the one pooping when the fight starts or when the fight is ongoing. 

According to combat expert Geoff Thompson, “Digested food and drink is also seen as non-vital to fight or flight so it will be discarded”. The idea here is that a scared cat is removing any waste from his/her body since it will not help in the coming fight or fleeing situation. 

Some people also said that removing waste in the form of poop or urine could give cats a slight weight or speed advantage for the fight. One study found that every pound of body weight in humans correlated to an extra 1.4 seconds per mile. However, that’s imperfect data.

Why Does Your Cat Poop When Scared?

Some cats poop or urinate when scared because of their fight and flight response. In a stressful situation, the body of your cat reacts in preparation for his/her response to the situation. When your cat poops during such a situation, the cat’s stomach muscles tense up while the muscles responsible for controlling the bowels relax. 

Confronting a scary thing or situation can be stressful for your cat. However, not just with cats but with other species too. In the face of fear, people and animals turn to their instincts to handle the situation. Logical thinking leaves and is replaced by instincts when we are scared. 

These instincts are called the fight or flight response. This response can manifest itself in various forms. Scared cats can respond in four ways: fight, flight, freeze and appease. 

Cats are not the only species that poops when scared. Even us humans can poop when scared. In fact, during WW1 and WW2, many soldiers poop, pee, and vomit before entering or while inside the battlefield. 

Understanding Your Cat’s Fear

Every cat around the world has their own unique personality and those unique traits can manifest in the way that they face every situation. 

If your pet cat is confident, your pet cat may be less affected by a fearful situation. However, if your can is naturally timid, your cat might run away immediately or attempt to fight. 

Belong are the common reactions cats make when confronted by a stressful or scary situation:

  • Freezing
  • Pooping, urinating 
  • Hiding
  • Aggression 
  • Running away

Like I have mentioned above, it is not only fighting that makes a cat scared, which can cause the cat to poop. It does not take much to scare a cat. Cats are usually scared of loud noises, quick movements, unfamiliar people, other pets, and even trips to the clinic. Very scared cats will poop or pee when they are in this situation. 

Do Cats Pee When Fighting?

Aside from pooping, many cats may also pee when fighting. And the reason why cats pee when fighting is the same as the reason why cats poop when fighting. 

Many cats will also pee when they are scared and this is related to the same physiological fight or flight response that leads them to defecate. 

This can be an advantage for cats. Why? Because it can discourage any attack or predator. If you have been pooped or peed on, there is a chance you are going to look for a less feisty animal to mess with. 

How To Calm A Scared Cat?

I hope that you don’t have to encounter a cat that is very scared that it needs to defecate. However, if your cat does this, one of the most essential things you can do is to calm your cat down and give your cat some space. Also, allow your cat to interact with you or with the other pets if you have one on their terms. 

For example, if your cat is constantly hiding because there is an old cat in your house, just let your new cat hide as long as they are safe. Never pull your cat from the place it is hiding. It might traumatize your new cat. Let your new cat approach the old cat inside your house. 

Below are a few things to consider: 

Move Slowly And Carefully

If your pet cat is scared enough to poop, they will have dozens of other physiological responses including dilated pupils and an intense focus on everything that surrounds them. You have to give your cat some space. However, you also don’t want to run out of the room. 

You have to move slowly and carefully. In the jungle, quick movements are more often a sign of aggression than friendliness. That is why you have to try to set your cat at ease by moving slowly and carefully. 

Always Give Your Cat A Safe Exit

If you will pay attention to your cat when your cat is scared or any scared animal, you will notice that they tend to look for a potential exit. This could be an open door or their favorite furniture in your house which they can climb on. Whatever it is, it is essential to always give your pet cat a safe exit. 

In simple words, if your cat is in a fight or flight situation, you always want to make sure that your cat has the flight option so that your cat won’t feel they have to fight. If you slowly exit the area, your pet cat is unlikely to take the flight option but having a choice will calm down your pet cat. 

Avoid Rushing And Punishing Your Cat

For some people, there will be a temptation to push their cat and show their cat that there is nothing to be afraid of. They think that this would help their cat vanish their fears. However, that is not a good idea. You can get bitten or scratched by your pet cat. 

If you want to make your cat not afraid of you or from other things anymore fast, use some treats or buy your pet cat some toys. You need lots of patience on this one. If your cat is food motivated, your cat may eventually decide to reach the treats you placed even though it has risks for them. 

Avoid Things That Scare Your Cat

The last thing you can do is to avoid things that scare your cat. If your cat is afraid of loud sounds, avoid producing loud sounds. If your new cat is afraid of the old cat of yours, then take away the old cat from your new cat. Let your cat be the one to approach their fears. Don’t challenge your pet cat.

Final Words

To conclude this article, the main reason why cats poop when fighting is because the cat is scared. However, some people said that cats poop before fighting because it has benefits but this study is not reliable. If you want to avoid your cat pooping suddenly, then make sure that your cat will not be scared always.

Marian Haaz
Marian is a cat adoption expert. She has rescued and adopted several cats herself and helped find homes for dozens of stray cats and dogs.
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