Why Do Chickens Like Mirrors? This Is The Reason Why!

Do you have a pet chicken? If yes, have you ever wondered if your pet chicken gets bored sometimes? Well, technically yes. All animals get bored sometimes. That is why they tend to learn how to play. They either play with themselves or with their fellow animals. 

One of the strangest things chicken owners see on their chickens is when their chickens face in the mirrors and tend to like mirrors. However, what is the reason behind this? Why do chickens like mirrors? Here let me tell you why chickens like mirrors. 

Why do chickens like mirrors? The reason why chickens like mirrors is because chickens get entertained when they face in the mirror. Adding reflective objects to the coop will entertain chickens as they watch or chase the dancing lights or interact with their own reflections. This makes them happy and entertained. 

That is why for owners that want their chickens to be entertained, try putting a mirror in the coop. However, make sure that the mirror won’t fall and break into pieces because it can hurt your chickens. Place the mirror inside the coop but in a safe area where it will not fall. 

Do Chickens Become Entertained When Facing The Mirror?

There are many things chickens do that we owners find strange. I have chickens too and whenever they do things that are strange to me, I find it amusing. 

One of the things that I find amusing and strange about my chickens is when they face in the mirror or any reflective objects I put near or in front of them. I researched it around the internet and found out an answer. 

The reason why my and your chickens go to the mirror or any reflective objects is that it amuses them. They find it entertaining facing in the mirror while dancing and just by looking at themselves. So, the answer to this question is yes! Chickens become entertained when facing the mirror.

Do Chickens Recognize Themselves In Mirrors?

Like I have said above, chickens become entertained when they face the mirror. That is why many chicken owners put a mirror or other reflective surfaces in the coop of their chickens. However, if chickens get entertained when facing in the mirror, does it mean that chickens can recognize themselves in mirrors? 

Do chickens recognize themselves in mirrors? No. Chickens cannot recognize themselves in the mirror but they can be entertained when they face the mirror. Chickens are entertained in the mirror even though they can’t recognize them because they are amazed at their bodies and movements. 

When chickens face in the mirror, they think that there is another chicken on the other side of the mirror. They might glance at the chicken from the mirror or try to fight the chicken from the mirror which is also them. 

Sometimes, chickens are getting amused by what they see in the mirror and sometimes they get angry. Even though they get angry or amused, they are still entertained. They enjoy fighting the other chicken they see from the mirror or enjoy glancing at themselves in the mirror. 

Why Do Chicken Owners Put Mirrors Near Their Chickens?

The main reason why chicken owners put mirrors near or inside the chicken coop is to keep their chickens entertained. Like I have mentioned above, chickens are entertained when they face in the mirror. If the chickens are always entertained, they won’t get sad or depressed. That is why some chicken owners put mirrors in the coop.

Do Chickens Get Bored?

The straight answer to this question is yes. Chickens get bored! Bored chickens are not happy chickens, which is why you must prevent this from happening. Bored chickens often get themselves into trouble. 

Bored chickens can get a fever when they are literally cooped up during the winter months and often will start pecking at each other or themselves, which can result in a feather loss or injuries. 

When your chickens get bored, they start to attack or harass other chickens in the coop. Boredom can also lead to a very bad habit called egg eating. Yes! Your hens will eat their own eggs if they get bored. Once the first hen discovers what’s inside the egg, the other hens will follow if you have multiple hens. 

Don’t let boredom set in. It can take some doing but it is not that hard since chickens are not the most complex of creatures and they can easily be entertained. Boredom pecking is more likely to happen if your coop and run are too small and the chickens don’t have enough space, so don’t be stingy. Let your chickens have wide space to run. 

If you don’t want your chickens to get bored and start to harass other chickens or their own offspring, then maybe you should find a way to make them entertained like putting a mirror inside the chicken coop. However, there are other ways to keep your chickens entertained which I will tell you next! 

Five Other Great Ways To Keep Your Chickens Entertained

Like I have mentioned above, I said that I will give you other great ways to keep your chickens entertained and won’t get bored. Aside from mirrors, below are the other ways to keep your chickens entertained: 

Treat Cakes – Dense feed cakes including suet, poultry feed, dried fruits, nuts, and other treats will give chickens something unique to peck, since they always seek out their favorite bits. 

Tetherball Toys – Of course, who will not love toys. Even when you were still young, you loved playing with your toys. Chickens love to peck and if they are pecking while they are moving, they will be surely entertained. Hang an edible treat from a chain or rope in the coop and let them peck at the makeshift tetherball, chasing around while it moves. 

Leaf Litter – During autumn, if there is any autumn season in your country, add a pile of leaf litter to the coop for your chickens to scratch through and peck. Chickens will seek out natural insects and seeds in the leaves, which makes them entertained. You can add some treats inside the pile to make the search more exciting!

Dust Bath – Chickens love dusts, and adding dust baths in or near the coop will surely entertain your pet chicken. Keep the soil in one part of the pen or coop loose and fine. You can also add sand to it to keep it in bathing condition. Dust baths will keep your chicken’s feathers in good condition. 

Warm Treats – Spice up your chicken’s day by preparing them a warm treat on cold days. Warm, softened lentils, beans, or grains such as quinoa are some of the tasty options your chicken will enjoy. 

Final Thoughts

To conclude, the real reason why chickens like mirrors is because chickens get entertained in front of the mirror. They enjoy watching themselves in the mirror and sometimes, the aggressive ones, enjoy fighting their own image in the mirror. So, if you don’t want your chickens to get bored, which can cause injuries, then try getting a mirror for them or follow the alternatives I have given.

Source: lincolncountyfarmcenter.com

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