Why Do Dogs React To Puppies Crying? The Truth!

We all love dogs. Not just because of their cute, cuddly face, but also for their personality. Dogs can be empathetic to their owners if they have been trained to get used to humans. Wild dogs are not as empathetic as domesticated dogs because wild dogs have spent less time with humans. 

There is one attitude dogs do that many dog owners experience. That attitude is reacting to puppies that are crying. Many dog owners said that their dog reacts to puppies crying whether it is a puppy from Youtube or a real puppy. Once their dog hears the cry of a puppy, their dog starts to react. Why is this? Why do dogs react to puppies crying? Let me answer that!

Why do dogs react to puppies crying? The reason why dogs react to puppies crying is that dogs can have empathy for other dogs. When dogs heard a cry of a puppy, they started to investigate the house to check where the crying puppy was. However, not all dogs do this. 

Yes! Not all dogs do this. Only those dogs that are used to humans and other dogs can execute this kind of act. It really depends on the dog and how it was raised. Wild dogs have a more set response to other dogs. If the puppy is from the same pack, they help the crying puppy. But if not, they kill it. 

Today, we will talk about dogs and puppies. I will answer various questions related to our subject and tell you the different reasons why puppies cry. If you are ready to learn more about dogs, let us move on! 

Do Dogs Know What Puppies Are?

If some dogs react to puppies crying, do these dogs know that they are puppies? Do dogs know what puppies are? Let me answer you.

Do dogs know what puppies are? Yes! Dogs can detect a puppy by its size, shape, and behavior of a puppy. An older dog can discern another dog is a puppy primarily because of the smell of the puppy. The urine of dogs contains hormones cluing a dog into the age of another dog. 

Will Big Dogs Kill A Puppy?

If dogs can detect if another dog is a puppy, will they kill it? Will big dogs kill a puppy?

It really depends on the big dog. If the dog is not used to other dogs, he/she might kill or hurt the new puppy you brought into your house. However, if the dog is used to interacting with other dogs, the dog will be friendly when your new puppy arrives in your house. 

I would highly suggest that if you plan on bringing a new puppy home, it is better if you put your new puppy in a separate area. You can introduce your new puppy to your older dog/s step-by-step. Never let your new puppy interact alone with your dog/s. You need to supervise it to prevent your dog from hurting your new puppy. 

Your dog, whether it is young or old, will not immediately love the new puppy you brought into your house. The older dog of yours has set routines. Your older dog has personal belongings, favorite toys, a personal bed, and their personal human. Dogs do not like the idea of sharing, especially if they have to share you. 

Also, if you have multiple dogs, the same will hold true. These old dogs of yours have set a routine already and do not want to be disturbed by a puppy that has no manners or understanding. Yes! Puppies are very naughty since they are more immature than your older dogs. Your dogs might hate it. 

When your older dog/s get irritated because of the new puppy you brought into your house, your older dog/s might get angry and worse, hurt your new puppy. That is why I highly suggest that you put your new puppy in another area so that your new puppy will not mess up the routine your older dog/s has set. 

Do Dogs Get Annoyed With Puppies?

Puppies are cute creatures that are full of energy and always looking for a playmate. They are still naive, thinking that older dogs will have the same energy as them. 

So, the answer to this question is yes. Older dogs get annoyed with puppies. The reason why is because puppies are still naive and extremely energetic and do not know how to behave properly. 

Usually, in a pack, the older dog or the alpha dog will teach the puppy the rules of social convention. You must expect that the alpha dog in your household will take the puppy in hand. When your alpha dog growls or grumbles on your new puppy, it just means that they are teaching the new puppy how to behave properly. 

When your old dog/s reacts like this when you put the new puppy near them, do not rebuke them. Your old dog/s should interact with your new puppy this way because this is the fastest way for your new puppy to learn the right behavior in the household. 

However, when your old dog/s interact with your new puppy, you must provide proper supervision so that you can interrupt your old dog/s when they start to bite or hurt your new puppy. When your new puppy starts to learn the right behavior, you will see that your old dog/s will spend time and become less hostile to your new puppy.

Why Does Your Dog Cry When Other Dogs Cry?

Dogs that cry together are called howling. This sound can be attributed to wolves out in the wild. There are many reasons for your dogs to howl but the act of crying together goes back to the days when dogs are part of packs that live together in the wild. 

Before, each pack would have to cry to the other member that is hunting outside to tell that dog to return to the den. The crying or howling is the signal where the den is hidden. Yes, dogs hide the location of their den to avoid predators. 

Also, the other reason why your dog cry when other dogs cry is that dogs can show empathy towards other dogs, especially if the dog is their best friend. Dogs that are very close to each other will share emotions. 

Aside from that, dogs can also sense when humans are crying. Many studies have been made and had the same results. All studies concluded that dogs can really show empathy towards other dogs and to their owners. However, if the other dog is not your dog’s close friend, your dog might not feel empathy towards that stranger dog.  

Why Do Puppies Cry?

Like all baby human beings, puppies cry to get their unmet needs and to alert their mother that they are in danger. Crying in puppies is usually a response to a strong physical and emotional need such as pain, hunger, full bladder, fear. 

As your puppy grows, it might learn to cry to get attention from you. Learned crying happens when the cry sound of the puppy has been rewarded often in the past. 

When you sense that your new puppy is crying, you must immediately check on your puppy, especially if the cry is loud and constant. Your puppy might be hurt, their leash is strangled, or your puppy is hungry. 

Final Words

To conclude, dogs react to puppies crying because dogs can have empathy towards other dogs. If it is a mother dog, it will surely react when she hears her puppies crying. That is the instinct of a mother animal. Also, dogs might react to humans and other old dogs crying. 

Welcoming a new puppy into the household is not that easy for your old dog/s. It is not like you can tell your old dog/s to be nice to the new puppy you have brought into your house. It can be hard for your old dog/s to welcome your new puppy at home. However, when the new puppy learns how to behave properly in the household, your old dog/s will love your new puppy.

Jake Willhoite
Jake runs AnimalDome.com and has had cats and dogs his entire life. As a kid his family adopted several dogs from the local shelter which set him down the path of animal rescue.
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