How To Make Your Cat Less Clingy? ( 6 Effective Ways!)

Do you have a cat that is so clingy? If yes, does it annoy you? If your cat shows affection sometimes to you and goes or hides away after, it is normal because it is the natural attitude of cats. Cats are solitary animals and never demand too much attention. 

However, if your cat shows too much affection and becomes more clingy, it is unhealthy and unnatural. If this happens, there could be a problem with your cat.

I know that most cat owners want their cats to become more clingy to them. However, some cat owners, like me, do not want a super needy and clingy cat. 

I love cats so much. But I never want them to act super clingy to me. Because sometimes, it annoys me, especially if I am doing something and demand to be petted or meow too much. You also don’t want your cat to be super clingy because it may be a sign of depression. 

Now, you came here because your cat is super clingy. Right? And you want to know how to make them less needy and clingy to you. Right? Welp, continue reading because today, I will tell you what I did to make my cats less needy and clingy.  

First, let’s check the different signs your cat is clingy.

7 Signs Your Cat Is Clingy

Below are the five signs your cat is clingy. Two or more of these signs must show to be hundred percent sure that your cat is needy and clingy. If only one sign shows, you have nothing to worry about.

Follows You Everywhere You Go

If your cat follows you everywhere you go, this is one sign of neediness and clinginess. 

Your cat will follow you everywhere, even in the restroom. When you sleep and go into your bedroom, your cat will try to enter inside your bedroom. If you don’t allow them inside your room, your cat will wait outside near the door until you come outside the room again. 

This may be so annoying! When you notice this from your cat, make sure to be careful while walking inside your house. Your cat will follow you even while you are walking and you might kick them accidentally. So be careful! 

Bites You

Biting is another sign of clinginess. If your cat is demanding a time for petting from you and you constantly ignore your cat, your cat might bite you at your foot or hand. Don’t worry, because these bites are not painful. These bites are just one of their ways to get your attention. 

Your cat might also bite you after you pet them. It might happen because your cat is not satisfied yet, and wants more. Biting for petting is the result of over-pampering your cat. 

Hearing your cat purr while you pet them may be relaxing for owners and cats. However, when your cat gets used to it, your kitty will always come over at you and will demand to be petted whenever you sit down. 

Meows So Much

If your cat is meowing so much, it is clingy behavior. Cats will meow to get the attention of their owner. It may be tiresome when you are at home, especially if you are watching television or studying. The meow may be more constant if its owner is not around.

Always Jump At You

Another sign your cat is clingy is if he/she is constantly jumping at your lap whenever you watch television or doing something. If your cat can’t jump on your lap, it will jump on your table where you are working.

They will stay there while you are still sitting and doing work at the table. When you leave, they will also evacuate and follow you.

Stay Near You Always

A clingy cat will love to be in your presence all the time. They might not demand to be petted, but will always be there wherever you go. When you go to the bathroom or inside your bedroom, your cat will enter too. But if you don’t allow your cat to enter inside with you, your cat will stay outside the door until you come out.

Always Rubbing At You

If your cat is constantly rubbing at you, this is a sign of clinginess. Rubbing at you sometimes is normal. But if this happens every minute, this is a sign you have a clingy cat.

Not Eating Unless You Are In Their Presence

Another sign that your cat is clingy is not eating or only eats a little when you are not at home. It happens to cats that have separation anxiety. If they do not feel the presence of their owner, they will not eat.

How To Make Your Cat Less Clingy

6 Reasons Why Your Cat Is Clingy

Now that we know the signs your cat is clingy, let’s check next the reason why they act like this.

Your Cat Is Feeling Lonely

The first reason why your cat is clingy is that he/she is feeling alone. 

They will feel lonely if they don’t have any cat friends, toys, or if you don’t interact with them. Interaction with your cat is essential so that they won’t feel lonely. If they feel alone, they might demand time from you and will often try to get your attention. 

Your Cat Is Depressed

Your cat might get depressed for so many reasons, like sickness, injury, loss of loved ones, or if they don’t feel you anymore. 

The other reason why your cat is clingy is that he/she is depressed. They will demand time from you and will constantly ask for your attention. Clinginess is just one of the symptoms of depression in cats. There are other symptoms, like not eating, constantly hiding, and always asleep. 

Your Cat Misses You

If you are always away from the house because you need to go to work or school, your cat will surely miss you, especially if they get so attached to you. 

When you go home, your cat will be there to surprise you. Your cat will rub on you, follow you everywhere you go and will demand lots of attention from you! Because you only have limited time in the house, your cat will use all of that limited time to be with you. This is where your cat will act clingy.

cat clingy 3

Your Cat Doesn’t Feel Your Presence

The other reason why your cat acts clingy around you is that they start not to feel your presence. If you don’t give time to your cat, they will act clingy to get your attention. If you can’t promise that you will have a specific time for your cat, don’t get one. The cat might just get depressed and have an awful life.

Your Cat Want Toys

Cats are playful animals. They love toys that will enable their hunting skills. If your cat acts clingy to you, this can mean that your cat wants a toy or your cat wants you to play with him/her. 

Your Cat Was Abandoned Before

The other reason why your cat is clingy and needy is that they were abandoned or orphaned before. Cats that lose their mothers while they are still a kitten will have a hard time to adjust. Your cat will act clingy to you because of a lack of early nurturing.

These Are The Ways To Make Your Cat Less Clingy

Now that you already know the signs of a clingy cat and the reason why they are clingy, let’s now check the things you want to know which is the reason why you are here reading my article. 

Let’s now check the different ways to make your cat less clingy and needy! 

Get A New Friend

The first thing you can do to make your cat less clingy to you is to buy or adopt a new feline for them. If you only have one cat in your house, your cat will demand lots of attention and time from you. Buying or adopting a new friend for them will make them happy and shift their attention to their new buddy!

Buy Them Toys

Your cat is clingy to you because they have no toys that get their attention and that occupy their minds. Buy your cat some toys so that their attention will shift from trying to get your attention to playing with the toys you bought for them. 

The toy should be a toy where they can practice their hunting skills. When your cat starts to act clingy again to you, try distracting them with their toys by throwing them. 

Spend Time With Them

The reason why your cat is clingy to you is that you don’t spend enough time with them. To resolve this, you have to spend enough time with your cat. Not too long and not too short. Enough only.

Why? Because if you spend too much with them, they will get used to it and will always find that. And if it is too short, they might demand constantly. 

How To Make Your Cat Less Clingy

Show Your Cat You Need Space

You need to show your cat that you need space. How? After playing with them for a certain amount of time, go away. And if they follow you, try to ignore them to show that you also need space. Do this regularly so that your cat will get used to it. Do not over-pamper your cat by spending time with them if they demanded to.

Reward Your Cat

If your cat starts biting you to get your attention, ignore that silly behavior. Ignore your cat to show that you don’t like what they are doing. Once you see the good behavior from them, reward them with treats to encourage them to do that again. 

If your cat’s constant meowing and biting to get attention from you seems not effective because you ignore that behavior, there will be a high chance your cat will stop doing it. Just make sure to be consistent.

Be Patient

Do not shout at your cats if they show clingy behavior that may irritate you. No matter how busy you are or how annoying your cats are, always be patient and gentle with your cat. 

Related Questions

Why Do Cats Follow You In The Restroom?

Like I have mentioned, a clingy cat will follow their owner everywhere even in the restroom. Your cat follows you in the restroom to get your attention for an amount of time while you are not working, cooking, reading a book, or watching television. They know that you are doing nothing in the restroom. That is why it is a great time for them to be with you.

Can Cats Get So Much Attached To Their Owners?

Yes! Cats can get so much attached to their owners! We all know the stereotype that cats are grumpy and don’t care about their owners. But in reality, felines can form a bond with humans and they feel secure when they are around their humans the same way dogs do.

How To Make Your Cat Less Clingy

Do Cats Remember Their Owners?

Yes! Cats are intelligent animals and they possess long-term memories. They can remember their owners, their friends, and the things that irritated them. Because cats have good memories, cats can be sad and grieve for their animal friends who died, family members that moved out, and family members that died.

Do Cats Get Depressed?

Yep! Cats can get depressed. However, they don’t have the same feelings and emotions humans feel when depressed. Cats get depressed for so many reasons, like illness, injury, loss of a loved one, or animal friend.

Final Thoughts

Your cat may act clingy to you because of many reasons. When your cat acts clingy, it may be annoying for you. No matter how annoying it is, you have to be patient with your cat and never yell at them. Treat their clingy behavior calmly and gently. I hope the ways that I shared with you above may help you to treat your cat’s clingy behavior like how it helped me. Cheers!


Marian Haaz
Marian is a cat adoption expert. She has rescued and adopted several cats herself and helped find homes for dozens of stray cats and dogs.
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