Why Is My Cat Always Sleeping On The Floor?

Do you find your cat sleeping on the floor instead of the bed you bought? Yes, this might be frustrating, especially if the bed you bought cost you a hundred dollars. But what is the reason behind it? Why does your cat always sleep on the floor instead of the bed you bought? Here, let me answer that question.

Why is my cat always sleeping on the floor? Your cat always sleeps on the floor because it makes their temperature lower. If the weather gets too hot or warmer, your cat will start to find colder places to sleep. Your cat might rest on the floor of your restroom or bed. This is normal and nothing to worry about. 

Yes, this is normal. But if you insist your cat sleep on their bed, keep reading because I am giving you some tips on how to stop your cat from sleeping on the floor, which I used personally. But before we proceed to that, let us first check the other reasons why your cat sleeps on the floor. Let’s go! 

6 Reasons Why Your Cat Is Always Sleeping On The Floor

Aside from keeping themselves cool, there are other reasons why they love sleeping on the floor. Below are the different reasons why your cat is always sleeping or lying on the floor:

The Floor Is Cold

The first reason why your cat always sleeps on the floor, which I have mentioned above, is to keep their temperatures low. 

Cats love to sleep or lie down on the floor because the floor is cold. During summer, expect this from your cats. When summer arrives, the temperature will become hot or warm. During this time frame, your cats will start and always look for a cozy place to chill out.

During the hot or warm season, you will find your cat sleeping on the floor of your bathroom, kitchen, under your bed. You can also find your cat lying on the ground or soil if you let your cats go outside your house. They will do everything to keep their temp low.

The Floor Is Much Comfortable

The second reason why your cat always sleeps or lies down on the floor is that they are much comfortable on the floor. 

Whenever you try to put your cats on their bed or your bed and they always try to get out of it, it just means that your bed and their bed are not comfortable for them. This is connected to the first reason. Cats will find it more comfortable lying down on a cold thing, like your floor. 

The Floor Make Them Feel Safe

The other reason why your cat always sleeps or lies down on the floor is that they feel much secured when they are on the floor. 

This happens when your cat had a bad experience on their beds, such as falling from their bed, or if your other cat is bullying your cat to get that certain spot. Cats have strong memories. That is why they remember anything, including bad and good things that happened to them. 

If this is the case, your cat will look for another spot to chill, and most likely it will be your floor. But if they still don’t feel safe on the floor, they will switch their area, and most likely it will be under your bed where there is darkness, and they can hide.

Your Cat Is Not Used To Beds

Another reason your cats are always sleeping on the floor is that they are not used to beds. 

If it is the first time your cat sleeps on a bed that you brought home, expect that they might not like it at first. I know that this might be frustrating for most cat owners. But do not worry. Because over time, your cat will get used to it if you follow my tips, which we will tell you later on.

Because They Don’t Trust You

The other reason why your cat always sleeps or lies down on the floor is that they do not trust you enough. This applies to cats that usually sleep with you on your bed before and suddenly choose not to. 

If your cat was sleeping with you before and then suddenly changed his/her mind to sleep on the floor, this means that your cat lost trust in you. It usually happens accidentally. 

If you are sleeping, you will do lots of movements. Right? The time when your cat slept with you before, and while you are knocked out, you have accidentally rolled over your cat or kicked them accidentally out of the bed.

This is the real reason why your cat lost trust in you in bed, which is why they start to prefer sleeping on the floor. You are hurting them!

Your Cat Loves To Sleep On Hard Places

The other reason why your cat always rests or sleeps on the floor is that your cat loves to sleep on hard surfaces. Actually, most cats love to sleep on hard surfaces. If this is the case for you, you might want to consider removing the cushion of your cat’s bed or adding something that will harden it.

4 Different Ways To Stop Your Cat Sleeping On The Floor

Now that you know the different reasons why your cats always sleep or rest on the floor, let us move on with the tips to stop it. These tips are based on my experience and not scientifically proven.

Put Some Catnip On Their Bed

First, we need to know what catnip is. Catnip is a plant that targets the happy receptors of your cats. Your cat may react to catnip by rolling, flipping, rubbing, and being more playful. Catnip makes your cat more relaxed and happy. 

When you put it on the bed of your cat and they sniff on it, they will always remember that place makes them happy. If this happens, your cat will spend more time on his/her bed and will reduce their time spending sleeping or resting on the floor. 

Check the video below that explains broadly what catnip is: 

Place Your Scent

The next thing you can do is to place your scent on the bed of your cat. You can do this if you do not have money for catnip. If you are often spending lots of time every day with your cat and your cat likes it, you can place your used t-shirt or shorts on your cat’s bed. 

If you place your scent on your cat’s bed, this will make your cat feel safe. This is very effective if the cat has been with you for many years or since they were kittens. Your cat looks up to you as their fur parents. 

Make Their Bed Comfortable

The other thing you can do to get your cat to sleep on their respective beds is to make their bed comfortable for them. 

If you notice that your cat loves to spend on the floor, put something on the bed of your cat that will make it hard. If your cat loves to lie down on soft things, put a pillow or something that will make their bed soft when they lie down. 

Make sure also that their bed is not near a place where noise is always abundant. Remember, cats love silence. If you put your cat’s bed in a noisy place, they will most likely find another spot where they can find silence and peace. 

Place Their Bed On The Right Spot

The next tip is to place the bed of your cat in the right spot. Place your cat’s bed in your cat’s preferred sleeping areas. If your cat loves to sleep on the floor of your kitchen, put their bed near the kitchen. 

I also believe that cats love to rest in a place where they can see everything. They inherited this kind of behavior from their cousins in the wild. Felines want to see everything to avoid predators.

That is why I would suggest you put your cat’s bed in the place of your house where they can see everything for them to feel safe. 

If your cat also loves the heat of the sun, you can place their bed in a place where the light of the sun passes through. The best way to know the right spot is to experiment with things. First, try putting your cat’s bed into a certain location, and if they do not like it, move it to another place. 

Related Questions

Why Does My Cat Sleep In Different Places?

The reason why your cats change their sleeping locations often is that it is a natural cat’s instinct. They also inherited this trait from their cousins in the wild.

Felines will adjust their preferred sleeping or resting spot depending on the temperature. When it is cold, they sleep in a warm place. If it is summer, they will look for a cozy sleeping area. 

Felines also change their sleeping area if they do not feel safe and avoid predators. I know that in your home no predators are stalking your cat. Your cat is just applying what nature dictates them to do. 

Why Does My Cat Sleep In The Litter Box?

There are many reasons why your cat sleeps in the litter box. The first reason is that they feel anxious or nervous. When your new cat arrives at your house, they will feel anxious.

They will not become comfortable lying on a bed at first, which makes them choose to sleep on a litter box. Sleeping in a litter box makes them comfortable and feel safe.  

When your adult cat starts to sleep or spends most of its time on the litter box, this is maybe because they have kidney disease. This can be a urinary infection or crystal formation that prevents your cat from urinating properly. 

Also, this is because of intestinal discomfort, which makes your cat scared when they are far from his/her litter box. It is just like us humans when we have diarrhea or something else that causes us to poop suddenly.  

Why Does My Cat Sleep On My Clothes?

Your cat sleeps on your clothes because your clothes are comfortable, soft, and handy. This is also because your cat is attached to you so much. If your cat is attached to you so much, they will always find your scent and because your clothes are the ones that have your scent, they will spend their time there mostly.

Final Verdict

The main reason why your cats love to always sleep on the floor is that the floor has a low temperature. Your cat will always sleep on the floor during warmer seasons. But aside from that, there are other reasons listed above.

There are things that you can do to prevent your cat from sleeping on the floor if you hate this kind of act. But have patience with them because it is a difficult process. Why? Because cats are not like dogs that will follow everything you say. They behave in their surroundings, not based on what you prefer. 

That is why the tips above may work and may not. It also depends on how obedient your cat is to you. What I have listed above are the things that worked for me, not scientifically proven. Some of the tips might work for you and not for others. The best way is to test things out always! 

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Marian Haaz
Marian is a cat adoption expert. She has rescued and adopted several cats herself and helped find homes for dozens of stray cats and dogs.
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