Why Do Animals Save Other Animals? This Is The Reason Why!

When you watch some clips about animals saving other animals on Youtube, you become intrigued about why animals protect other animals. You searched google many times about this query, but now I am going to answer you!

Why do animals save other animals? Scientists have found that animals have altruism and compassion towards other animals. Animals save other animals because they see other animals as part of the group not just as an individual, and it is common for animals to help other animals, especially if they are closely related or in the same group. 

There is a lot more to learn about this topic, and you are here to know about it all!

Do Animals Protect Other Animals?

Do you have two pets? If yes, are they protecting each other? Many people have two or more pets. It could be a rabbit, dog, cat, cow, or birds. Whatever it is living inside your house or animals that you love are considered as pets. 

Sometimes our pets become members of our families. A dog, for example, is a great companion for humans, and dogs can also be a good part of the family. Even though pets can be part of your family, they cannot do human activities such as playing Xbox or playing hide and seek with you. 

Pets give us emotions, and mostly they give us happy emotions. Pets have empathy and compassion for us humans, and other animals. If you have two pets at your house, do they protect each other?

Do animals protect each other? The answer to this question is yes! Animals protect each other. Animals or your pets also have feelings and compassion towards other animals. They just don’t eat, reproduce, and sleep. Animals have feelings that are quite the same as human feelings. 

So if we have two or more pets in our house, we expect them to help each other. In my personal experience, I have seen my pets helping each other. How? The first time I brought Max (Shih Tzu) to my house, Leonard (Chihuahua) was so excited! When I gave Leonard food, he was asking me to give max as well. 

Leonard always wants Max to be happy. If Leonard will eat, he also wants Max to eat. They eat together, and sometimes they share the treats I give to one of them to each other. It is so amazing, and it melts my heart to see them both helping each other.

However, both of them are in the pet’s heaven right now, and I hope that they will continue to help each other even at above. 

Why Do Animals Save Other Animals?

Like I have said above, animals save other animals. But what are the reasons why do animals save other animals? Aren’t they supposed to fight to know who is at the top of the food chain? 

Scientists have found that it is common for animals to help other animals or their same species, especially if the animal is related to them, close to them, part of their group, or if they live together. Animals see their fellow animals as part of their family rather than just an individual. 

There are many scenarios recorded where animals save other animals. Sometimes dogs help fishes to get back into the water, or they help birds to get out of the water. Some animals save their fellow species to fight against their predators and many more!

Check the clip below about animals saving other animals.


What Animals Protect Other Animals?

Almost all animals save other animals. However, these animals we listed below are chosen to be listed because they are the animals that are famous for saving other animals. Let’s check them out! 


Donkeys help humans with transportation. They also help other animals and their fellow donkeys, especially if their fellow donkeys are in danger. Donkeys can live up to 50 years old, and they are very strong and intelligent that is why they are a great companion for humans. 

Dogs aren’t the only option for farmers or people because donkeys can also protect a farm and a house. Donkeys are a great option for ranchers because they can protect sheep from harm. They have strong legs to kick the intruder or threat. It is why donkeys are great companions for both humans and other animals.


Dolphins are intelligent animals, and dolphins are friendly to humans. They also help other animals and humans. Dolphins were used by people as guard animals under the sea. There are many scenarios where dolphins save humans and other animals. 

Usually, dolphins save other animals from predators like sharks. Dolphins are also used by the U.S Navy to detect underwater threats including mines. They chose the bottlenose dolphins because of their intelligent minds and advanced sonar systems.


Llamas look vulnerable, but they are tough! There are also many records where llamas save other animals. Llamas are territorial, and they have good fighting instincts that can deter predators from attacking. 

Llamas are also a great companion for sheep, because like I have said above, llamas have good fighting instincts that can deter various predators from attacking. Llamas are good alternatives for guard dogs because they are territorial, which means they don’t like intruders entering their territory. 


Have you ever been chased by a goose at the park? If yes, then you probably know the reason why these birds have been used as guard animals.

Geese save Romans by giving Romans a warning about the sneak attack by the Gauls. Geese are used by China recently as a standing guard at the police stations in rural parts of China. They also save their fellow geese when there are predators.


Geese are birds that can’t take down enemies, but ostriches can. Ostriches can grow up to 6 ft in height, and they weigh between 200 to 300 pounds. They can run more than 40 miles per hour. Ostriches have strong legs that kick hard that can separate the soul and the body of a human.

You don’t want to mess up with these large birds. Ostriches will save their fellow ostriches if you mess up with one of their members, or if other animals try to attack their fellow ostriches. If you make an ostrich mad, prepare for consequences. 

Ostriches also save their chicks. So you never want to approach the chicks of the female ostriches unless you want to get kicked. The intimidation factor of ostriches makes them helpful guard animals for humans and other animals. 


There are many footages I have seen on the internet where a hippopotamus saves other animals like deers and antelopes. They save prey animals at risk of getting eaten by other strong predators. However, there is one question that enters my mind because the hippopotamus is a ferocious and wild animal. Why would they save other animals?

Why does the hippopotamus save other animals?
Hippopotamuses don’t usually save other animals. A hippopotamus is territorial, and they are aggressive towards crocodiles and other large predators. So if predators try to catch their prey and accidentally enter the territory of the hippos, it becomes a by-product of the hippo being aggressive to predators. 

Hippos never like crocodiles. That is why it looks like they save the animals that are getting eaten by crocs. But in reality, hippos attack crocs not to save the animal that is getting eaten, but because they hate crocodiles. 


Have you ever seen some bulls being chased by lions, and then suddenly their fellow bulls come to the rescue? Even cows save other animals, especially their young ones. 

Cattles are one of the animals that save other animals from dangers. They save both other animals and their fellow cattle. There are also some instances where cattle save their owners from wolves and foxes. 


There are many footages where dogs save other animals, and some of these videos make me emotional. Dogs are great companions for humans, and they are good guards. They are also a great companion for other animals. 

Dogs save fishes from drowning. They save other animals from various attacks, and they save their owners from intruders. Dogs are aggressive towards other animals or humans that look like a threat to their loved ones, including other pets with whom they grew up. 


Cats are independent animals and it looks like they don’t care around their surroundings unless it affects them. People stereotype cats as selfish pets, but in reality, they are not. Cats love their owners, but they don’t feel obliged to show it. 

There are also instances where cats save other animals. Cats also save their owners from intruders. Female cats save their kittens from dogs and humans that threaten their kittens. Mother Cats are so protective of their kittens.


Even though whales are big they are softer than any other animals. Their compassion for others is as big as they are. Whales save other animals from large predators, especially sharks. There is footage where whales save other animals from sharks. 

Humpback whales are the famous whales who save other animals from sharks and killer whales. They also save divers from sharks and other sea predators. Humpback sharks are known for saving their fellow species, and other species such as seals. 

Do Animals Protect Humans?

If you have a pet dog, then probably you have already experienced how animals protect, right? Dogs are man’s best friends, and they are the common pets that can be seen almost in all houses. Dogs protect their humans from dangers and intruders.

However, dogs aren’t the only animal that is capable of protecting humans. Other animals are capable of protecting humans like cats, cattle, horses, donkeys, and even lions! 

So, do animals protect humans? Yes! Some animals protect humans, not all. It depends on how humans interact with them. If animals think that human is a threat to them, they will most likely attack that human rather than protect it. Animals protect humans in different circumstances. 

There are many instances where animals, and even wild animals, protect humans from dangers. We are going to talk about that later so stay tuned!

Why Do Animals Protect Humans?

Animals do protect humans from dangers. There are many stories we’ve read about how animals save and protect the lives of humans. Animals have feelings too, and they are created by our creator as our companions. 

That is why there is no doubt why animals are helping us. However, some animals don’t decide to help humans if they see that humans are a threat to them. If animals think that it is not worth saving the life of that certain human, then they won’t save it. 

Why do animals protect humans? Animals protect humans because they see us, humans, as part of their group, not just an individual. Pets like dogs are famous animals for protecting humans. Dogs save their humans because they are already attached to their humans, and they feel that their humans are already part of their group.

Five Famous Scenario Where Animals Save Humans

Below are the five famous scenarios where animals save human lives. I will also show you some footage videos. Let’s check them out! 

Whale Protects Researchers From Sharks

Whales are known for saving humans’ lives, especially the humpback whales. They save humans and other animals from sharks. 

Check the video below on how humpback whales try to protect the researcher from sharks:


Dolphins Protect Man From Sharks

Dolphins are smart, and they are one of the most compassionate animals in the world. They are also known for saving the lives of various animals and humans. 

Check the video below on how a dolphin protects man from sharks:


Pig Saves Woman From Heart Attack

When we look at pigs, they seem useless because we only use them for our food. However, we are all wrong about pigs because pigs save the lives of humans and other animals. 

Check the video below where the woman talks about her pig saving her life:


Pit Bull Save Owners From Fire

Pit Bulls look scary because of some cases and news that their bites are so powerful that they can crush a human bone. However, this time it is a piece of good news because a pit bull saves a family from fire.

Check the news below where they feature the pit bull that saves a family from fire:


Sea Lion Saves Man Trying To Suicide

When we think of sea lions, we think of an ocean zoo. Sea lions entertain humans, but they also save humans using their intelligence. 

Check the video below where a sea lion saves a man that tries to suicide:


Final Verdict

Animals are the companions of every human being. We need animals, and they need us as well. Animals have compassion and altruism. That is why they save humans and other animals. To return every good deed animals did to us, let’s preserve and take care of their ecosystems. 

If animals are capable of helping each other, why don’t we humans do it as well? We are a higher form of animals, and we are intelligent ones. We should have more compassion and understanding toward others. 

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