Why Are Animals Scared Of Humans? Answered!

There are animals in the wild that are much bigger than us humans, and you may be thinking that these large animals aren’t afraid of us. Well, some of them are not. However, most animals are scared of humans, even though they are stronger and more dangerous than humans.

Why are animals scared of humans? Animals are scared of humans for various reasons. But the main reason why animals are scared of humans is that animals naturally think that humans are a threat. It’s in the DNA of animals to be instinctively suspicious around humans to protect themselves. 

There is much more to learn about this topic, so keep reading. We are going to dig deeper into this topic so that you can learn more! 

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Are Animals Scared Of Humans?

Animals are strong, and they have supernatural powers that humans don’t have. They have sharp claws, some have big teeth, and some are naturally big, like elephants. However, even though animals have skills that humans don’t possess, it doesn’t mean they aren’t going to be scared. 

Animals can also be scared because they can feel pain. However, other animals that can’t feel pain often are not afraid of anything because they don’t feel pain, but they still fight back if they sense danger. 

Animals are afraid of many things. Preys are scared of their predators, animals are scared to feel pain, and some animals are scared of humans. Animals can also be scared, and if they feel afraid, they will naturally run away or fight against the things they fear. 

Are animals scared of humans? Yes, animals are scared of humans. However, not all animals are afraid of humans, especially the domesticated ones. Animals that live in the wild or have not been domesticated are naturally afraid of humans, and they see humans as predators.

Even the big lions that have not domesticated can be afraid of humans. It’s in the instincts of all animals, including the domesticated animals, to be instinctively suspicious around humans. Animals that are exposed to humans still have this instinct, but because they are used to people, they have more trust in people than wild animals. 

Like I have said, there are many reasons why animals are scared of humans. In the next subheading, we will discuss the different reasons why animals are scared of humans. Let us dive right into it! 

Different Reasons Why Animals Are Scared Of Humans

Animals are scared of humans, especially the animals that are not used to exposed to humans. They are afraid of humans because they are not used to being around humans. But, aside from this reason, what are the other reasons why animals are scared of humans? Let’s find out! 

They Have Not Been Domesticated

One of the reasons why animals are scared of humans is because they have not been domesticated. Animals that are not used to being around humans can act scared if they encounter a human. They feel that humans are a threat because they rarely see a human.

However, domesticated animals are not scared of humans. Dogs and cats, which are the usual pets of humans, have more trust in humans than other animals because they have been domesticated. But there are also animals that we usually see in the wild that have been domesticated, and they grow trusting humans. 

For example, a lion. A lion is naturally living in the wild. However, because lions are endangered, humans keep some lions in a safe shelter to preserve their species. Some humans make lions as pets. 

If a lion cub is exposed to humans until he grows up, he will get used to being around humans and won’t get scared of humans. However, a lion still has a wild instinct, which is natural. So it means that there is a probability a lion that has been raised by humans can attack humans if they feel threatened. 

It’s Their Natural Instincts

One of the reasons animals are scared of humans is because it is their instinct to be scared around humans. Wild animals that are scared of humans normally live longer. Why? Because they are more careful, and they do not immediately trust anyone. 

Like I have said above, even though a lion was raised by a human, it doesn’t mean that the lion won’t attack the humans that raised him. Domesticated lions can still attack humans, especially if they feel threatened. It’s in their instincts to defend themselves and to be instinctively suspicious around humans.

They Have Bad Past Experience With Humans

Animals like dogs and cats are domesticated. Right? So how come they are still scared around humans? Aside from their instincts, animals are scared of humans because of their negative past experiences with humans. 

Stray dogs are afraid of humans because many humans have abused them on the street. That is why when rescuers try to get a stray dog to bring the dog to the shelter, sometimes they run. Animals that have negative past experiences or trauma with humans will be scared when they encounter a human next time. 

Why Do Animals Run Away From Humans?

Animals can be scared of humans. They run to get away immediately from the human that they saw. Sometimes, some animals fight back against humans to defend themselves. If animals sense that there is no way to get away from danger, they fight back. 

But there are animals like deers that often run away from their threat because fighting back is not a good strategy for them.

When you see some stray dogs or other animals getting rescued, these animals that are getting rescued usually run away from humans, and you wonder why they run even though humans have good intentions, right? However, not all animals that are getting rescued run away from the rescuer. 

Why do animals run away from humans? Animals, especially wild animals, run away from humans because it’s their instinct for survival to run away from the things they perceive as dangerous. Animals think that humans are a threat to them, which is why they run away from humans. 

Do Predators Fear Humans?

Before we continue, who are the predators in the animal kingdom? Big cats like lions, bears, carnivore canines, sharks, carnivore birds, etc. The animals that I have mentioned are the predators in the animal kingdom. 

Now, you think that these predators are not afraid of humans. Right? Well, we will find it out later. These animals are strong, and they have strong teeth that can crush their prey into pieces, including humans. But do these animals fear humans?

Do predators fear humans? Yes! A study that has been conducted that demonstrates that large carnivore animals are scared of humans. Why? Because these predators perceive humans as predators, and they fear humans. They think that humans are dangerous, so they run away from humans. 

However, some well-known predators like lions that have been domesticated do not fear humans because they are already used to being around humans. Any animal can be domesticated as long as they have been with humans since birth. 

Wild animals can be domesticated, but don’t be sure about them because they can still attack humans even though they have been domesticated. It is natural for every animal to attack humans if they are being threatened. Even your dogs can be scared. They might bite you if you threatened them.

Why Do Predators Fear Humans?

Some animals are scared of humans, including the predators. They are afraid of humans because animals think that humans are a threat to them and their habitat. Well, it is true that we, humans, destroy animal’s habitats, so we can’t blame them for being scared of us.

Large predators are also scared of humans. Yes, you heard that right. Even though predators have more physical power than humans, predators still fear humans. What are the reasons why?

Why do predators fear humans? Predators fear humans because they see humans as predators too. Humans are adept hunters, even though they are physically smaller than the predators. That is why many predators we see today are very cautious when they see humans. These predators know how skillful hunters humans are.

When we hear the word humans, we first think of this:

Why Are Animals Scared Of Humans?

Yes, the guy in the picture above is not too intimidating, but what if the predators saw a human dress up like this:

Why Are Animals Scared Of Humans?

Do you think the predators will still fight? Probably not. Even me. I will not mess up with a guy that has a bow and arrow, or a gun. 

Thirty thousand years ago, humans were scarier than predators. Humans are equipped with bows and arrows, and swords. So if you think about why predators fear humans, then you already have the answer. 

Final Words

Animals are scared of humans because of the illegal activities humans do in their ecosystem. Humans destroy the habitats of animals, which causes the loss of trust of animals to us. When animals see exactly the illegal activities humans do, face to face, they remember it. Animals have brains and memories. That is why they know, and they remember every harm that humans do. 

When animals see every gruesome thing humans do in their habitat (e.g. deforestation), they will remember it and have a trauma that will lessen their trust in humans. Let’s make our environment safe for every living organism here on our planet. 

We are humans and we are the most intelligent animal on our planet. Like Spiderman said, with great power comes with great responsibility. Humans are more powerful than animals do. So we have bigger responsibilities to keep our planet Earth safe and clean. 

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