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Why Are Crocodiles Afraid Of Hippos? Truth Revealed!


by Rob Byron


Are you watching the animal planet on Youtube? If yes, have you ever watched a crocodile trying to attack a hippo? 

It is common in the wild where two ferocious animals go face to face with each other. They kill each other because of territory, food, or water, but mostly because of territory. Crocodiles and hippopotamus are both territorial, and sometimes they fight because of territory.

However, it is only rare to see a crocodile attack a hippo. Even though crocodiles have large mouths and big teeth, did you know that crocodiles are afraid of hippos? Yes, crocodiles are scared of hippos. Do you know why? 

Why crocodile is afraid of hippo? The reason why a crocodile is afraid of hippo is that hippos are big and intimidating. Hippos are very aggressive, and they can kill and chew the crocodile. However, crocodiles are only afraid of adult hippos. They kill the baby and young hippos only. 

There is much more to learn about this topic. Let’s check the other reasons why crocodiles are afraid of hippos. 

4 Other Reasons Why Crocodiles Are Afraid Of Hippos

Crocodiles are afraid of hippos. Not just because they are big but because hippos are also incredibly aggressive. Even though they are big, they can run 30 km/hr on land and 8 km/hr on water. Hippos have 5 cm thick skin, and they weigh over 1,800 kg.

The reason why a crocodile is afraid of a hippo is that they know hippos are much stronger than them. But aside from that, let us check the other reasons why crocodiles are afraid of hippos.

Hippos Are Big And Strong

Hippos are big. They are much bigger than crocodiles. Hippos have 5 cm thick skins, and they can weigh up to 1,800 kg. They can kill a crocodile just by sitting on them or choking the crocodile using their big mouths. 

Hippos are very strong. They have a strong bite force that can kill an elephant, but luckily, hippos are not addicted to meat. Hippos can kill a crocodile using their bite strength and their huge physical body.

That is the main reason why crocodiles are afraid of hippos. Crocodiles know that they don’t have a match with the hippos. They know that hippos are inevitably bigger than them and stronger than them. Crocodiles don’t attack hippos even though hippos enter their territory. 

That is why you will sometimes see in pictures where a crocodile and hippos are sleeping in the same place. Crocodiles have huge respect for hippos because if they try to mess up with the hippos, they might get killed. Hippos are like the bosses of the crocodiles.

Hippos Are Aggressive

Hippos are aggressive. They attack everything that they see as a threat. Hippos are aggressive when it comes to territory. When someone enters their personal space, they will most likely attack the trespasser. 

The other reason why crocodiles are afraid of hippos is that hippos are aggressive. Crocodiles are aggressive too, but hippos are more aggressive than them. When you see a video of crocodiles and hippos fighting, you will see that hippos are very aggressive and faster than crocodiles. Try watching and comparing both of them.

Hippos Are Territorial

The other reason why crocodiles are afraid of hippos is that hippos are territorial. Hippos will mark all of their territories. They live in places in Africa where water is abundant, as they spend their time under the water to keep their skin cool and moist. 

Hippos love to hang out in the river as crocodiles do. That is why they often see each other every day. Hippos and crocodiles fight for territories, which is why they always fight. However, crocodiles are afraid of hippos. That is why they will most likely be the ones to bounce off and let hippos take their territory.

Hippos Can Fight In Water

Even though hippos are big, they can run faster. Hippos can run in water and land. They can run 30 km/hr on the terrain and 8 km/hr on water. Hippos can still fight on the water, and crocodiles have still no match against hippos even underwater. 

This is the other reason why crocodiles are afraid of hippos. Crocodiles know how hippos compete and fight. They know that hippos can still fight ferociously on the water that is why they sometimes swim away if they see a hippo. 

Do Crocodiles Ever Attack Hippos?

Crocodiles are strong. Right? They can kill an antelope and other types of deers in one glimpse, so how come they don’t attack hippos? Is it true that crocodiles don’t attack hippos?

Do crocodiles ever attack hippos? Yes, there are many attempts where a crocodile tries to attack a hippo. However, hippos toy them like a baby. There are many chances a crocodile would attack a hippo but they do not because they know how dangerous hippos are. 

However, crocodiles will eat a baby hippo if they are given a chance. If the mommy hippo leaves her baby hippo, chances are the baby hippo will get eaten by crocodiles or other large predators like lions. 

Crocodiles will never attempt to attack a hippo. Hippos are so powerful and aggressive, which is why crocodiles will never attack a hippo. They know how ferocious hippos are. Modified incisors are the best weapons hippos use to attack a crocodile and defend themselves from other predators.

Why Do Crocodiles Don’t Eat Hippos?

Crocodiles would love to eat a hippo. Hippos are big, and there is lots of meat a crocodile can get in one hippo. That’s a hell of a meal! So why don’t they try to eat a hippo even though hippos are yummy for them? 

Why do crocodiles don’t eat hippos? Crocodiles love to eat hippos, but they don’t attempt to do so. Why? Because they are afraid of hippos. Crocodiles will only eat dead hippos and baby hippos. They don’t attempt to attack an adult and healthy hippo and try to eat it because it is dangerous. 

Hippos will also don’t eat crocodiles, they chew on them. They use crocodiles as their pacifiers when they catch one. Hippos love to eat grasses, plants, and fruits that is why even though they kill a crocodile, they won’t eat it. But even though they feed on grasses, hippos are still incredibly strong! 

Can A Saltwater Crocodile Kill A Hippo?

There are many species of crocodiles in the world. The crocodile that has a strong bite force and has the strongest bite force against other animals is the saltwater crocodile. Saltwater crocodiles are very strong, and they can crush a full-grown body. 

But, can a saltwater crocodile kill a hippo? Well, I would say there is a chance but not too big. The hippopotamus is inevitably strong, and they have huge bodies and strong bite force. Any adult and healthy hippo can effortlessly kill a saltwater crocodile. 

However, as I have said, crocodiles only kill baby hippos. Saltwater crocodiles can kill a baby hippo or any weak and old hippopotamus. But when you put a full-grown and healthy hippo with a full-grown and healthy saltwater crocodile, my dimes will be on the hippo.

Why Do Hippos Chew On Crocodiles?

Aside from these fights, did you know that sometimes a crocodile and a hippo would play each other? Well, crocodiles will feel irritated when hippos try to play with them. But because hippos are the boss, crocodiles have anything to do about it. 

Sometimes, you will see in videos where crocodiles are getting chased by a hippo. Why? Because like I have said, sometimes hippos will chase a crocodile if they want to play with the crocs. Young hippos are usually the one who loves to play with crocodiles, and sometimes they use the skins of the crocodiles as their pacifiers. 

Why do hippos chew on crocodiles? Sometimes hippos will chew the tails of crocodiles. Usually, young hippos are the ones who do this. The crocs will sometimes let a baby hippo to chew on their scales. Baby hippos are like teething! Young or baby hippos like to do this thing for no reason at all.

However, when a young hippo wants to do this, the mommy hippo is behind the baby hippo to guard the baby hippo because there are still chances that a crocodile will eat the baby hippo. When the mommy hippo is there, the crocodile will allow the baby hippo to chew on them because they are scared of the mommy hippo.

Who Would Win Between A Crocodile And A Hippo?

Crocodiles are one of the scariest animals in the wild. They love to eat little animals and even big animals. However, crocodiles will take down their pride when they saw a hippo. Hippos, on the other side, are strong, huge, and have a strong bite force. 

So, who would win between a crocodile and a hippo in a match? I would say the hippos. Hippos are much stronger than crocodiles. If both crocodile and hippo are healthy and adults, I would say hippos. But crocodiles can still kill a hippo that is old or sick.

Is There Any Chance That A Crocodile Will Win Against A Hippo?

Like I have said above, I put my dimes on the hippos, right? But does it mean that crocodiles have no chance to beat a hippo? 

Is there any chance that a crocodile will win against a hippo? Well, there is a chance actually, but not that big. Hippos are incredibly more aggressive than crocodiles. They are also more violent than crocodiles. That is why I think there is a little chance when a hippopotamus goes one-on-one against a crocodile. 

However, if there are three crocodiles against one hippo, the crocodiles will win. Crocodiles will have a high chance to take down one hippo if they fight in groups. Also, one adult and healthy crocodile can kill one hippo that is sick, too old, or young. They have no match for adult and healthy hippopotamus.

Final Thoughts

Hippopotamuses are peaceful animals. However, they can get aggressive when provoked or threatened. They don’t get angry all the time, and they are not hot-headed animals. It’s just the hippos are very emotional. 

When hippos feel threatened, their anger emotion will turn on. If their anger emotion turns on, hippos will become very dangerous because they will be very aggressive, worse than an angry bull. 

Crocodiles have no match with hippos, that is the truth. However, they don’t fight always because like I have said, crocodiles are afraid of hippos. These two animals will usually play with each other sometimes, and they will both respect the spaces of each other.

Rob Byron
Learning about and helping all kinds of animals has been in my blood as long as I can remember. I've been part of many different animal associations over the years so I decided to create this animal info blog with my family who are all involved with animal rescue in some capacity. Also, Because Animals Matter!
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