12 Animals That Hop To Move (With Pictures)

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There are many animals in the world, and each has a different kind of way to move. Some animals swim to move, animals that use their four legs to move, and animals that hop to move. Also, these animals have different kinds of strategies to defend themselves and survive.

What are the animals that hop to move? Below are the twelve animals that hop so that they can move from place to another:

  • Kangaroos
  • Rabbits
  • Crickets
  • Grasshoppers
  • Frogs
  • Fleas
  • Kangaroo Rats
  • Froghoppers
  • Jumping Spiders
  • Klipspringers
  • Bharals 
  • Hares

Today, we are going to talk about the different animals that hop to move. We are going to feature all of them and unroll various facts about them! Let’s go and see various facts about these hopping animals! 

Below Are The 12 Animals That Hop To Move

Let’s start this article by knowing first the different facts about these animals. Yep, all animals that are listed below are all animals that hop to move. 

When you watch how these animals move, they are like playing or being care-free because of how smooth they hop while moving. It looks like these animals have no problem at all! 

I know that you are excited to learn more about these animals. So, let’s move and check out the different animals that love hopping when they are moving. 


Animals That Hop To Move

Kangaroos are one of the animals that love to hop. They are very active animals that love to engage in social and physical activities. Kangaroos love to fight, hunt, mate, and sleep a lot! Their legs are very strong! That is why kangaroos can hop very high and can release a powerful kick. 

Kangaroos are nocturnal, and they are herbivorous. You will see lots of kangaroos in Australia. These animals come out at night to find food. When night comes, kangaroos start hopping from one place to another to find food, to mate, or to play. 

There are many species of kangaroos. The red kangaroo is the highest leaper among all species of kangaroos. Red kangaroos regularly hop five feet, and their highest recorded jump is around ten feet! 


Animals That Hop To Move

Rabbits are also one of the animals that hop to move. They love hopping like any other animals. There are many species of rabbits, and only selected species are eligible to become house pets. Domesticated rabbits or a bunny, is the kind of rabbit that are usual pets of rabbit lovers. 

Rabbits can also leap high. A rabbit can jump up to four feet high. If they are so energetic or feel like jumping, they might jump up to seven feet high! That is why rabbit owners make the fences of their rabbits as high as possible to prevent their pet rabbit from escaping. 

Rabbits also show their emotions through jumping. When rabbits feel happy or excited, they hop into the air and twist their bodies. Rabbits may thump their legs. They thump their legs to signal their fellow rabbits that there is a threat coming. 


Animals That Hop To Move

Crickets are not only famous because of the sound they make but also because of the way they move. These animals are hopping to move from one place to another. Crickets sing when they make sounds. However, most female crickets don’t love to sing. 

Crickets can jump high, and they hop like grasshoppers. There are different kinds of cricket species. The highest jumpers among other species are the common field and house crickets. These crickets can hop about three to four feet high! 

There are some species of crickets that fly. However, most of them hop or crawl to move. Crickets are house and farm pests. They are a pest in gardens because they destroy the plants. The more population of crickets you have, the more harmful it will be. 


Animals That Hop To Move

Grasshoppers are famous for being the villain in the movie A Bug’s Life made by Pixar. These small animals can also hop, and they hop when they move. All grasshoppers have wings, but they still hop sometimes to move. 

Grasshoppers use their high jumping to boost themselves in the air. They can hop high, and they are also good fliers. However, grasshoppers only use their wings to escape their predators. Crickets and grasshoppers are similar when it comes to hopping. 

A grasshopper can hop 30 inches long. They have powerful legs. That is why they can jump up to 25 feet or 200 times their size! Why do they jump so high? Grasshoppers jump so high because of their big back legs.

Their legs are like miniature catapults. They bend their legs first and then launch themselves high like a rock in the catapult!  


Animals That Hop To Move

Frogs are also one of the animals that hop to move. They can be seen almost anywhere around the world. Frogs live at your house, garden, farm, jungle, ponds, etc. There are many frog species, and all of them can hop, but only a few are high jumpers. 

Frogs jump to escape their predators. Long-legged frogs are the frog species that can jump quick and can jump higher than any other species. Species of frogs that have short legs only walk, crawl, or hop to move. Because they only have short legs, they can only jump at a short distance. 


Animals That Hop To Move

Fleas are also high hoppers. They can jump fifty times their height. Fleas need their ability to accelerate very quickly and to launch themselves from one place to another. Even though fleas have short legs, they can still jump very high. Fleas don’t need lots of time to accelerate themselves to jump high.

Fleas are pests that live on the bodies of our pets. Pet owners do everything to remove the fleas on their pet’s body. Yep, fleas are very annoying, especially when their population starts to grow. When their population starts to grow, you will see them jumping everywhere. That is why you need to prevent them from reproducing. 

Kangaroo Rats

kangaroo rats

Kangaroo rats have the same looks like the rats. However, kangaroo rats have different kinds of moving. Unlike other normal rats out there, kangaroo rats hop when they move. They have pouches, but not for carrying babies. Their pouches are used for carrying seeds.

Kangaroo rats are capable of jumping high. They have very rapid take-offs so that they can escape from their predators quickly. Kangaroo rats have strong limbs and strong legs that help them to jump very high!


Animals That Hop To Move

Froghoppers are not frogs. They are little insects that can hop. Froghoppers are herbivore animals that love to eat different kinds of plants. Their name is froghoppers because their head’s shape is like the shape of the head of frogs. 

Froghoppers are also high jumpers. They can hop at a distance of 100 times their body length. Froghoppers are like grasshoppers when jumping. They are like catapults! Froghoppers have short and light hind legs, but this doesn’t hinder them from jumping so high. 

Jumping Spiders

Animals That Hop To Move

Jumping spiders look scary, but they are not dangerous to humans. They do possess some fangs and venom, but their venom is not lethal as the other large spiders. Jumping spiders will most likely run away from people when they see one. 

Jumping spiders are also animals that hop to move. They can move both sideways and backward very fast. Jumping spiders use their jumping ability to escape their predators. They can jump 20 times their body length. When they are scared or feel threatened, they can jump more than 20 times their body length  


Animals That Hop To Move

Klipspringers are also animals that hop to move. They belong in the Bovidae family, which means that they are related to cows. Klipspringers can jump 25-30 feet in the air. They jump higher than humans!

Klipspringers jump high because of their hooves. They walk and jump by using only the very edges of their tiny hooves. Klipspringers have strong grips, which is why they can land on hard rocks and keep their balance. Because of their ability, klipspringers become the highest jumping mammals!


Animals That Hop To Move

Bharals live in the Himalayas, and they are also one of the highest jumpers of all animals. They use their jumping abilities to hop from cliff to cliff or hill to hill. Bharals are well-known as blue sheep because they resemble sheep. 



Hares are similar to rabbits, but they have many differences from rabbits. They are larger rabbits and have long ears. Hares are types of rabbits that are not great pets. They cannot be domesticated, and they stay wild. Hares are not social like rabbits because they are like leopards that hunt or live alone. 

The hare is not only high jumpers, but they are also incredibly fast. They can run up to 45mph/72kph. Because hares are fast, they give their predators a hard time catching them. Hares can jump higher than rabbits. They can jump up to 15 feet high. Hares use their abilities to escape their predators effortlessly. 

What Animal Is The Highest Jumper?

All the animals listed above are the animals that hop to move. However, we can’t talk about them without talking about who’s the highest jumper of them all. I am going to show you the five animals that jump so high! 

The five highest-jumping animals are:

  1. Froghoppers
  2. Fleas
  3. Klipspringers
  4. Hares
  5. Kangaroos

Froghoppers can jump a distance of 100 times their body length. They are insects that act like a catapult and the rock in a catapult. Froghoppers will first bend their legs to give them more power to jump high.

Fleas are also high jumpers. They can jump over fifty times their height, and they can accelerate very quickly! Fleas launch themselves quickly and high even though they have short little legs. 

Klipspringers are high jumper mammals. They can be seen jumping on the hills of Africa. Klipspringers can jump up to 25 feet high. They have a good grip on their hooves makes them capable of landing on hard rocks and maintaining balance when they touch the ground after jumping high.  

Hares are like rabbits, but they jump higher than rabbits. They can jump up to 15 feet high. Hares are not only high jumpers, but they are also fast to run. Because of their skills, their predators are having a hard time catching them. 

Last on the list are the kangaroos. There are many kangaroo species, and the red kangaroo is the type of kangaroo that jumps high among the other species. Kangaroos are well-known animals that hop to move. However, even though they are the popular jumping animals, they are not the highest jumpers. 

Final Verdict

There are many species of animals in this world, and all of them have different ways of moving. What I have shown you today are the animals that hop to move. The animals listed above may not be fast as cheetahs, but they are incredibly high jumpers compared to other animals. 

Yes, all animals can jump. But not all animals use jumping or hopping as their way to move from one place to another. These 12 animals are worth mentioning because of their cool way to move around! 

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