6 Reasons Why Your Chihuahuas Are Always Angry And Aggressive (With Tips To Stop It)

Chihuahuas are included in the canine group under the dog category. They are the smallest and one of the cutest breeds of dogs. If you are looking for a dog that can be kept inside your house, then chihuahuas are what I am suggesting you get. 

However, despite the cuteness, chihuahuas can also be scary. People often called them a small but terrible dog. Even if they are small, chihuahuas can be so aggressive, and they often act like an alpha dog to get what they want or to protect themselves from any potential danger. 

If you have a chihuahua, the first attitude you will notice from them is that they are always angry and they are irritable. The anger emotion of chihuahuas can be triggered by different reasons and you should be aware of it because it can be a sign of many illnesses. 

If you are a chihuahua owner and you are tired of dealing with the annoying attitude of your chihuahua, then I suggest you continue reading. 

Because today we are going to talk about different reasons why your chihuahuas are always angry and how you can deal with them.

Why Are Chihuahuas Always Angry?

Why are chihuahuas always angry? Chihuahuas are always angry because of different reasons such as:

  • Lack of training
  • They have period (for women chihuahuas)
  • They are depressed
  • They want attention
  • Lack of social exposure
  • They don’t feel secure

1. Lack Of training

Your chihuahua can be always angry because they lack training or lack discipline. Proper training for dogs is essential especially if you like your dogs to be friendly towards other people and to be more disciplined.

Proper training can make your dogs more obedient to you, and they will be more likely to respect you. They will also love you more because spending time with your dog will build a rapport between you and him/her.

If your chihuahuas act a little bit bitchy, then it means you haven’t trained them regularly. Train them, not every day but often. Create a schedule for your chihuahua’s training session and make sure it will be fun for both of you and your dog. 

2. They Are On A Period (for women chihuahuas)

A female dog can have a period twice per year, which is one time per six months. However, the interval of the menstrual cycle in female dogs depends on its breed. So it means that a giant female dog may have a cycle three times per year.

If you have a female chihuahua, then possibly the reason why she is acting bitchy is that she is in a menstruation cycle. 

Check your female chihuahuas if they are on a period and if they are, then be patient with them because they may be angry throughout their period week.

The best thing you can do if your female chihuahua is on a period is to give them their favorite food and make sure that they drink enough water to keep them hydrated. 

If you also want to avoid bloodstains on your carpet or your floor, make sure to ready a diaper for your female chihuahuas.

3. Depressed

Every dog can get depressed for various reasons like moving into a new house, having a new dog in the house, or having a new pet, or they are feeling abandoned by his/her owner.

Remember that an angry dog is not a happy dog, and an always angry dog is an anxious dog. Your chihuahuas may get easily irritated if they are in periods of depression or sadness, which also can make them angry most of the time.

However, there are things that you can do to help your chihuahuas from getting out into depression. You can spend a little more time with them, talk to them, or pet them. Anything that you can do to relieve their sadness will be essential. 

4. They Want Attention

Chihuahuas are considered a responsible dog, and they can be left alone for long periods. However, too much lonely time might make your chihuahua sad, or they might distance themselves from you.

Despite being independent, sometimes your chihuahua might crave attention as well. Your chihuahuas might be bossy every time they want your attention. Sometimes, they will act angry to command you to pet them or give your attention to them. 

Dogs have feelings too. That is why they know if you are distancing from them. Like humans, dogs will also crave their owner’s attention. Because dogs are dependent on humans, not like cats who are too responsible. 

If you feel that your chihuahua is getting angry every time you hold your laptop or if you are working, then probably your chihuahuas want attention from you.

Give your chihuahuas some attention every day. According to science, chihuahuas might need two or more hours of attention per day to make them stable and happy. 

5. Lack Of Social Exposure

I had a chihuahua a long time ago, and during the years he spent living with me, I noticed some things. I noticed that my chihuahua always gets angry if there are people who visit my house or if he sees other dogs when I take him to the mall or the park. 

I researched the attitude of my chihuahua on the internet, and I learned that chihuahuas might get angry all the time if they lack social exposure. Chihuahuas that have been confined to their homes and don’t have any social life are more likely to be hostile to other people or dogs.

Being socially healthy is essential for every dog. They also need a social life just like humans. Dogs that are domesticated and have healthy social interactions with other dogs or humans are less likely to get anxious or have depression.

If you want your chihuahuas to be friendly towards other people, you have to take them out every weekend. Set a schedule to take your chihuahua out and do this once every week for them to get used to interacting with other people or dogs. 

By doing this regularly, it will indeed be healthy for your chihuahua, and it will make them more sociable and friendly dogs.

6. They Don’t Feel Secure

It is common for every type of dog to be on their defensive stance every time they smell a potential threat or danger that is coming to them or into their owner. However, always being in a defensive stance is not normal.

Your chihuahua is always angry because they always feel that they are in jeopardy. They don’t feel secure, and they think that every new thing for them is a threat. That is why they need to act angry to scare other dogs or people that they think are threats to them. 

This is not healthy for your chihuahua. 

You have to make sure that your chihuahua will always feel safe by building a safe environment for them. Chihuahuas don’t deserve to feel scared and anxious every time. 

If you know at first that you can’t build a safe environment for your dogs, then don’t start getting one. They will just feel anxious every time and might die early. 

How To Train My Chihuahua Not To Be Always Angry Or Aggressive?

Below are the different steps on how you can train your chihuahua not to be always angry:

1. Teach Them How To Be Obedient

Dogs are one of the smartest animals on the planet. They can learn fast and remember things. 

To make your chihuahua less aggressive, you have to teach him/her to be obedient. How? By training some obedient commands like sit, stay, come, and stop. 

To make them follow your commands, you have to make sure to reward your chihuahuas once they have executed some obedient commands you asked. Rewarding them will make them more likely to follow you and more likely to do those things you taught them often. 

However, training them requires a lot of patience because dogs may be smart but not as intelligent as humans. Make sure to be patient with them and just continue to execute your obedient training routine. 

2. Teach Them To Socialize

Let your chihuahua socialize with other dogs or other people. Introduce them to other dogs or to other people in a right and non-threatening way. 

If your chihuahua has socialized well and did not get angry, don’t forget to reward them. However, make sure to watch your chihuahua if they are interacting with others because they might get aggressive or angry anytime. 

If they act aggressively, make sure to take them away quickly to avoid them from biting anybody. Do not give your chihuahuas rewards and do not pet or carry them when they act anxious or aggressive. 

3. Build A Healthy Relationship With Your Chihuahua

Your chihuahua can also be aggressive to you even if you are his/her owner. The common reason why your chihuahua acts aggressively or always gets angry at you is that they are not obedient to you. 

However, the other reason why they act like that is that they don’t feel your love anymore. Your chihuahua can sense that you are distancing yourself from them if you don’t spend enough time with them.

Building a healthy relationship with your chihuahua can help him/her to cope with his/her aggressive behavior. Make sure to spend at least two or more hours with them every day to keep them happy and healthy.

6 Different Types Of Chihuahuas

If you are looking to buy a chihuahua, make sure to consider what type of chihuahua you are going to buy. Below are the different types of chihuahuas that you can buy.

1. Short And Long Haired Chihuahuas

why chihuahuas are always angry?

The only thing a short and long hair chihuahuas differ is the thickness of their coat or their fur. 

Each long-haired chihuahuas have different colors of their coats, and it can take up to two to three years for long-haired chihuahuas to develop their full coat.

It is good to have a long-haired chihuahua. However, if you are a little stubborn pet owner and want to execute less effort to groom your chihuahuas, I suggest you get a short-haired chihuahua. 

2. Apple Head Chihuahuas

Why Chihuahuas Are Always Angry

The first characteristic that you might notice on this type of chihuahua is the shape of their skill, which is like the shape of an apple. That is the reason why they are called apple head chihuahuas.

This type of chihuahua has a shorter muzzle than other chihuahuas and are born with molera. A molera is a tiny hole on the top of the chihuahua’s skull. It is like the bregmatic or anterior fontanelle in human babies.

3. Deer Head Chihuahuas

Why Chihuahuas Are Always Angry

Like the Apple head chihuahuas, deer head chihuahuas can be recognized by the shape of their skulls. 

If you did not notice the slight difference between the deer head chihuahuas and the apple head chihuahuas, then continue reading.  

The two look like a twin, but they have one similarity. The deer head chihuahuas have a slightly longer head shape, and they have no slope on their noses. Also, the deer head chihuahuas are much heavier than the apple head chihuahuas when matured.

4. Teacup Chihuahuas

teacup chihuahua

Do you know the reason behind this chihuahua’s name? Well, the only reason why they are named like that is that they are too small to fit in a teacup.

Teacup chihuahuas are the smallest type of chihuahua, and they also weigh less than five pounds, which means that you can carry them with your pinky finger.

It is so good to see teacup chihuahuas because they are so tiny and cute, but this type of chihuahua doesn’t feel the same way. Why? Because teacup chihuahuas are considered abnormal because of how small they are and they most likely to have painful lives due to their genetic issues. 

Final Words

Even though chihuahuas tend to be angrier than other dogs, we can’t deny that chihuahuas are so cute. For some people, they considered it to be cute when they saw a chihuahua in their angry state. 

However, there are some dangerous benefits if you allow your chihuahuas to be aggressive or angry all the time. Because an angry dog is not a happy dog, and an always angry dog is not an angry dog but an anxious dog. 

If the dog is anxious, he/she might not enjoy his/her life. Dogs that are more anxious most likely to hurt themselves, or worse, kill themselves. That is why you have to make sure that your dog is both physically and mentally healthy. 


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